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UNSOLVED: One specific book > high school romance baseball series

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message 1: by Annie (last edited Nov 22, 2015 04:54AM) (new)

Annie  | 3 comments I am not 100% sure, but I think the book was published in 2014. The main girl character is a dancer and takes part of the school talent show or something like that. She is not very popular. The main boy character is a baseball player and comes from a rich family. His father beats his mother. One night he is going home from a party drunk and hits this girl dancer with his car. She is alive, but her leg is broken if i remember correctly. She tells him to leave her there on the road and tells the police that she doesn't know who hit her. After that they fell in love with each other, but in the end he left her. This book is the first book of the series. When I was reading it ( which was like 1 year ago maybe sooner) the 2 book wasn't published yet.

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message 4: by Annie (new)

Annie  | 3 comments Thank you guys for the suggestions, but neither of these books are the one I'm looking for. The book I'm talking about has purple - ish cover with white letters and a car in the background. Also it was published in 2013-2015.

message 5: by Annie (new)

Annie  | 3 comments The author is a female. I thought the book's head line is A Whole world apart, but obviously I'm wrong because I can't find what im looking for. Also, I think it's an ebook.

message 6: by Juels (last edited Dec 03, 2015 03:08PM) (new)

Juels | 2532 comments When Our Worlds Collide by Lindsey Iler

There is an alternate cover that sounds like your description:

The sequel is When Our Worlds Fall Apart.

message 7: by Amanda (new)

Amanda (amanda_redpeach) | 253 comments I second Juels suggestion!

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Kris | 36060 comments Mod
Here is Amazon's "Look Inside" preview of When Our Worlds Collide by Lindsey Iler - Juels and Amanda's suggestion - https://www.amazon.com/When-Our-World...

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Lobstergirl | 40226 comments Mod
Annie, was your book "When Our Worlds Collide" or are you still looking?

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