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message 1: by Sierra (new)

Sierra (lavender0lilacs) | 19 comments I read this series around 2009-10, I believe. It was a series about a group of friends, all 17, who were magic. I believe there was some sort of big discovery moment. Each girl had a different skill set. When one girl unexpectedly turned 18 (she had been lied to about her birthday) she lost all memory of them trying to protect the city from the evil. I believe it was another realm that the evil stuff came from? There was also the prince of that other realm, and one girl fell in love with him. I believe a lot of the drama scenes happened in a club, and they lived/went to school in California.

There was a spin off series as well. A group of boys, all from different situations, all magic, trying to live in the city together. One was a pioneer who had timetravled to present day, one could talk to animals, one could create things with his thoughts (they frequently turned to a horrible smelling decomposing sludge), and I don't remember what the fourth could do.

If anyone could provide any info on these series' I'd be very grateful.

message 2: by Sierra (new)

Sierra (lavender0lilacs) | 19 comments I have a habit of not being able to leave things alone. I'd really given up finding the book myself when I posted this, but then I kept looking.

Anyway, it's the Daughters of the Moon series, if anyone's curious. I had a few details slightly off, like their ages.

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