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Sυммer Rαιɴ || Wrιтιɴɢ ιѕ α cαllιɴɢ, ɴoт α cнoιce.  (SummerRain15)

This is the apartment of Markaus Volkrov (Werewolf, Monster History 101 Teacher).

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Grayson Mosley (UtaTheCannibal) | 144 comments Mod
Markaus lumbered up the metal stairs not too gracefully. He was allowed to let the appearances slip a little out of the classroom. Man, that bitch really hurt. He rubbed his forehead in slight pain, wincing. His nose would need time to heal(not like it hadn't been broken before) but he would need a shower definitely. The promise of his warm bed and a hot shower were too much to pass up. With a sigh, he entered his apartment, dropping his keys on the counter. Stripping his jacket, he flung it onto the couch, skulking into the bathroom. The water was hot and ready, crisp and clear against his skin as he washed. Humming an old sea chanty, the Russian lathered and dolled himself up, not minding the blood that ran off of his body and down into the drain. The clothes were definitely ruined: splattered with blood, the deep maroon stains taking a resident. Markaus dried himself, feeling rather refreshed in new loose clothes, clean and fresh. He plopped onto the couch with a sigh, propping his feet up on the end table. With a whistle, a large furry dog came bounding into the living room and into Markaus's lap. He laughed jovially, petting the excited animal. "Easy boy! I missed you too." Smiling contently, he scratched behind the fluffy dog's ear. "I'm not sure what to do, Hakoda. These students don't like me.... You're still in like with me, right boy?" Hakoda, the beautifully colored Native American Companion dog, closed his panting mouth and tilted his head to the side. Markaus grinned. "Thanks buddy."

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Daemon Markaus was let in peace for only five minutes more after his shower, before a pile of dishes came crashing down from their perch in a kitchen cabinet, and a very startled Daemon scrambled out of the kitchen, vaulting over the couch and stumbling to a stop, whirling around and resting his hands on his hips like he'd meant to do that. Which, of course he had. Totally. His hands were cut and bleeding, considering he'd slipped and fallen right into the broken glass that now resided on the floor, and he was panting a bit from the adrenaline, but paused a moment, regarding the dog. "Someone knocked your plates outta your cupboard. What an ass.'

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Grayson Mosley (UtaTheCannibal) | 144 comments Mod
Markaus was peaceful just with Hakoda, smiling at how friendly the dog was being. He knew that even if no one liked him, this dog would love him. The dog jumped as the plates crashed, huddling closer to Markaus for protection. The professor looked confused, staring into the kitchen before he gave a long drawn out sigh. Of course it would be Daemon. Who else? "Look, I've already been punched in my own classroom today and laughed at, I would prefer to leave my students back in the classroom, da?" His eyes flicked to the cuts and he sighed again, knowing that he had to care for the boy now that he was hurt. Pushing the scared dog out of his lap, Markaus stood, flicking Daemon on the nose as if he were a worse animal than the one on his couch. "Bad boy. Don't you know how to take care of yourself? You broke my plates-- you ass by the way --you're bleeding on my floor, and you scared my dog. You're apologizing to him when we get back. Come." He grabbed Daemon by the wrist, forcefully taking him into the bathroom.Sitting Daemon on the floor, he sat beside him, prepped with cotton, a needle and thread, tweezers, and a towel. "Now stay still, I'm going to pull the glass out." The Russian went to work, not being gentle as a sort of payback. "What are you doing in my home anyway? If your Daddy wants to spy on me so badly, tell him he can come down here and kiss my ass himself."

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Daemon He opened his mouth to protest, to argue that he was, technically, not one of Markaus' students, but rather more closely considered unpaid staff. However, before he could even begin to say anything, he was flicked right on the nose, and he wrinkled it, blinking once with his mouth open before quickly shutting it, staring at Markaus with a bit of shock. As a matter of fact, he did not know how to take care of himself, not very well at least. One of the perks of being created and then thrown out to the world. You learn by trial and error. He knew enough to get by, but not much more outside of that. He yelped, stumbling after Markaus as he was dragged to the bathroom, his face flushing a bit. He sat obediently, crossing his legs, and clenched his jaw as Markaus took one of his hands and got to work. He didn't do much more than grunt, but his hands bled freely, rather badly, actually, despite how minor most of the cuts were, both of his hands were soon coated with blood, and it just kept coming. He flinched and hissed as a particularly painful piece was removed, and looked away. "I like you. It's not every day that I like a professor so...yeah. I followed you. The staff left you a pie in the fridge and I was grabbing a plate to help myself to a piece. It all just sort of fell down and scared me...that's when I slipped and fell too." He muttered, frowning slightly.

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Grayson Mosley (UtaTheCannibal) | 144 comments Mod
Markaus listened as he worked, amazed by how much blood could come out of the little boy's body. Sopping it up with the towel, he covered the wounds in alcohol (nearby vodka from a flask) and began stitching up some of the larger cuts. "Well, you should knock. That's number one. Number two, my fridge is for my Russian sodas and my food, so be careful just grabbing what's in there. I'll have to cut your fingers off." He nudged his bloodied hands. "Looks like you beat me to it though." He hummed lightly, finishing by taking a swig of the vodka and wrapping Daemon's hands in firm gauze. "Try not to be clumsy. I could barely afford those plates, much less a lot of food." Standing, he pulled Daemon to his feet as well. "Go apologize to Hakoda for scaring him. And while you're doing that, I'll clean up the kitchen and get you a slice of pie." He patted Daemon hard on the back, heading off into the kitchen. Hakoda sat expectantly on the couch.

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Daemon Ah, the upsides of being a hemophiliac. How ironic that the sin often always involved in fights was the one who had issues with blood clotting. Completely typical. Lucifer always kept several hypodermic needles in his drawer for when Dae got particularly nasty wounds, to help his blood do it's fucking job for once, but often times Daemon wouldn't let the headmaster come near him to use such a thing. He stared down at his gauze wrapped hands in disgust, wrinkling his nose a bit, and sighed, getting to his feet. He shuffled out of the bathroom and quietly apologized to the dog, head down, before he sat down abruptly on the floor, his head beginning to swim. Yeah. Maybe a little too much blood was getting out. He pressed the back of one hand to his forehead and released a breath, rocking himself.

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Grayson Mosley (UtaTheCannibal) | 144 comments Mod
The dog listened intently for the apology, tilting his head with one ear up. As soon as he heard the mumbled sentiment, Hakoda burst with joy, rushing over and giving numerous kisses to Daemon's cheek as a thank you. After a few long minutes, a few sputtered Russian curses, and a clang later, Markaus returned carrying a paper plate, a plastic fork, and a large slice of pumpkin pie with whipped cream. "There. Eat up." He rubbed Hakoda's head adoringly. "Do you like the ass man now that he said sorry?" Hakoda sneezed, panting. Markaus laughed, plopping onto the couch. He looked very natural, in a loose white shirt and baggy brown pants that stopped mid calf. His sleeves were rolled up to his elbows, he was barefoot, and his long white hair was pulled back in a low ponytail. He watched the tv with interest, drumming his fingers.

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Daemon He giggled at the kisses, hugging the dog gently and scrunching up his face as he was licked all over. He eventually was knocked flat on his back with a grunt, and quickly scrambled to his feet, accepting the pie with a smile. His hands shook as he took his first bite, but he quickly sped up, finishing the pie in a matter of no time and setting the fork back down on the plate, wiping his mouth with the back of his arm and watching Markaus for a moment before he laid down on the floor, watching the tv as well, but he didn't dare get on the couch until he was invited to do so, content to stay on the ground until then.

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Grayson Mosley (UtaTheCannibal) | 144 comments Mod
Markaus eyed Daemon levelly, all relaxed and laid back on the couch. His arm was slung over the back, one hand holding an open flask, his leg crossed nonchalantly. His eyes flicked back to the tv. Hakoda curled up at his side, the Russian's fingers curling into the puppy's mixed coloured fur. "You're allowed on the couch, Daemon. If the two dogs in the room can get up on the furniture, you can too. We don't bite."

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Daemon He paused but a moment, crawling up on the couch and wincing when he put a little too much pressure on his bandaged hands, quickly laying down on his side and curling up, resting his head on Hakoda's side. His eyes drooped closed, but he was alert, listening to everything going on, before suddenly sitting up, tilting his head sharply to one side. He got to his feet for just a moment, before pressing the heel of his hand to his head and swaying violently, righting himself. "Can I show you somethin? In the woods?"

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Grayson Mosley (UtaTheCannibal) | 144 comments Mod
He took a long swig of his drink, the smell of it strong and intoxicating, seeming to have no effect on the man. Markaus raised an eyebrow, sitting up quickly as well in case he had to catch Daemon somehow. He sat on the edge of the couch, observing the boy before him. "In the woods? I just got all comfy." With a relenting sigh, he stood, slipping on his coat and boots. "Okay. Lead the way. And make it fast, da?"

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Daemon He rolled his eyes, stuffing his hands in his pockets once he'd caught his balance. "You're a werewolf, yeah? I thought werewolves liked the woods." He murmured, walking over to the window and opening it, popping out the screen and watching it fall three stories to the ground below. He crawled out and perched on the sill, glancing back at him with a grin. "Which way you goin'? I assure you my way is much faster."

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Markaus fixed the hood of his jacket so that it wasn't caught by his hair, straightening his boots. The Russian rolled his eyes, giving a deep sigh. "I am a werewolf, da. But I'm a werewolf who is sane. SO I'll take the stairs." The werewolf eased down the stairs, feeling the healing work in on his nose, rolling his shoulders back. Stuffing his hands in his pockets, he met Daemon three stories down, looking at him skeptically. "So where exactly are you taking me? I know I'm not the best teacher, but give me a chance, yeah? My first day was bad, but you don't have to take me off in the woods to kill me."

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Daemon Dae simply jumped down, waiting rather impatiently for Markaus to appear. When he did, the demon wasted no time taking Markaus' hand and dashing into the woods, slowing to a fast walk when Markaus spoke. He wrinkled his nose, and glanced over his shoulder at the other male, refusing to release his hand. Werewolf or not, there were things in this wood only a demon familiar with their parts would be able to navigate around them. "I'm not going to kill you. Much rather, I'm going to show you my secret fort." He paused, realizing how childish it sounded. "...If that's okay."

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Dae had stolen his cigarettes purely because a, he was curious, and b, Markaus had told him not to smoke, so that had been exactly what he'd been planning to do. He hesitated, but when he was invited in he gladly did so, stumbling inside and shoving his hands into his pockets. "Who you callin' sweetheart!? I'll have you know that I am a demonic killing machine."

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Grayson Mosley (UtaTheCannibal) | 144 comments Mod
Markaus rolled his eyes, ruffling Daemon's hair as he stepped inside, closing the door. "Oh hush up. You could be God, and I'd still call you sweetheart." The Russian popped his fingers, putting some dog food into the bowl for Hakoda. "We only stopped here briefly. Let's go eat in the school cafe. I don't have much food right now until I get time to go shopping. I'm starving. Come along." He marched right back out of the room, heading towards the cafeteria.

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Daemon He scowled as his hair was messed up, rubbing his arms to try and preserve what little body heat he had, grumbling to himself. He didn't protest, following Markaus right out once more, trailing close to him as they went along. Something just didn't feel right, and he wasn't quite sure what. It was as if Yokai was holding her breath, anticipating something. He grabbed Markaus' arm, trying to stop him. "Can we go back to my fort? Please?"

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Grayson Mosley (UtaTheCannibal) | 144 comments Mod
As Daemon woke up, he was on top of Markaus's couch, covered in a blanket with a mass of pillows by his head. The Russian had wrapped most of his injuries and had placed a cool washcloth over Dae's forehead. The professor himself was sitting crosslegged on the floor, the tv on absently in the background. He grumbled, rolling up his shirt sleeves to be able to patch up his shoulder wound, focusing as he tried to stitch up his white coat, already having bleached the blood stains out. "Wakey, wakey, princess."

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Daemon He flinched just a bit, sitting up and immediately regretting it as he pressed his hand to his head. Wincing just a bit, he glanced to Markaus, grunting. "I...didn't realize I fell asleep." He muttered, slowly laying back down and massaging his pounding headache. He shivered a bit, clutching his blanket tight around himself.

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Grayson Mosley (UtaTheCannibal) | 144 comments Mod
"It's okay," Markaus mumbled, lost in concentration. It wasn't everyday the werewolf had to sit down and hunch over a needle and thread to fix his clothing. He cursed silently as he jabbed his thumb again, sucking on the blood that sprang forward. He went back to work, trying to salvage the sleeve as much as he could. "Please, sleep more. Sleep is good when you've been in pain. You had a nasty fight in there. I don't even know where my whip is, quite honestly." He stuck his bottom lip out in a pout. "That guy didn't think I was tough. How dare he?"

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Daemon He shook his head, sighing weakly and rubbing his face, reaching out and taking the project. He pulled the thread out and started anew, furrowing his brows and doing neat, even stitches instead, quickly patching it up. "He doesn't think anyone is tough." He chuckled, glancing to him. "you've never met Romulus before?"

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Grayson Mosley (UtaTheCannibal) | 144 comments Mod
Markaus didn't argue whenever Daemon pulled the coat away, folding his arms over his chest and huffing instead. He screwed up his lips, grumbling out a soft 'no' whilst sulking. Not being taken seriously really took a hit to the wolf's pride, and he would pout about it relentlessly.

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Daemon He pursed his lips and held out the finished coat, shaking his head, and immediately regretting it as he laid back down. "He'll make you second guess yourself...beat yourself down to nothing. He wants you to think about how he acted, to make you wonder. Don't. He's nothing more than a terrorist." He replied, squeezing his eyes shut, shivering once more. "Why is it so cold in here?"

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Grayson Mosley (UtaTheCannibal) | 144 comments Mod
Markaus pressed his lips in a small thin line, slowly relaxing. He supposed that the demon had a point, and there was no reason to be all upset about a coward that ran from a fight. Leaning his head back against the couch as he rested on the floor, he absently flicked through the channels, humming a ditty to himself quietly. He knew that Daemon needed sleep, and he needed relaxation time. Raising an eyebrow, Markaus glanced up at the boy shivering, "Aw, is the poor little princess cold in this easily air conditioned apartment? How sad..." He just watched him for a few minutes before reluctantly standing. The Russian walked away, returning a few minutes later with a few more blankets, deciding the least he could do was tuck Wrath in. He placed the wash cloth back on Daemon's forehead, observing him for a few more moments. "Damn. You're still shivering. You need to get warmed up, boy." Since the couch was big and Markaus was practically a living heater, the Russian gently crawled onto the other side, settling down next to Wrath. He moved the blankets so they encompassed him as well, looking expectantly at Daemon. "Well? You going to come over here and get warm or what?"

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Daemon He continued to shiver, grunting gratefully when Markaus dropped more blankets on him. However, he continued to shiver, ducking his head down a bit more, watching the tv. After a few seconds, he looked up, curling up into a tight ball, furrowing his brows. However, Markaus was so bewitchingly warm, and it took all of his willpower not to just jump on him and curl up in a ball. Instead, he very slowly wormed his way close, turning in to face the other and burying his face in his chest, squeezing his eyes shut. Cold toes were pressed against the other's warm feet, cold hands worming their way up Markaus' shirt to press against his stomach, trying desperately to warm them. However, his cold nose was just barely touching Markaus' collarbone, from where his shirt exposed it. Daemon's breath came out in a lukewarm huff, and he fell still, instantly feeling 10,000 times better.

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Markaus rolled his eyes at how welcoming Daemon dove into his own body. He would've spent a shiver in retaliation to the cold digits now pressed firmly against his warm body, but he didn't. The wolf was unbelievably warm. The type of warm that was almost unachievable for even a mythical creature. He wrapped his arms around Dae's waist, chin atop his mop of white hair as he watched the tv. The Russian's feet were large, enough to balance Wrath's on, and his stomach was toned from working out. His collarbone jutted out far, pronounced and sculpted to fit the rest of his bone structure. "Feeling better?"

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Daemon Slowly, he relaxed, keeping his eyes closed, and his breaths came out in soft, even gushes, a weak smile on his face. Yes, this was indeed very nice. He nodded, expression relaxing to a neutral one, and he huffed a soft sigh, beginning to purr. It was a slight thing, just a little rumble in his chest every time he exhaled, but it was enough to convey his pleasure at this new arrangement.

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Grayson Mosley (UtaTheCannibal) | 144 comments Mod
"Silly," He chuckled, still watching the television show over the Daemon's head. He didn't speak again, letting the demon get the sleep that he needed to heal. Markaus remembered having to huddle up under blankets upon blankets when he was younger. The winters were harsh in his village and this was something that he had to do frequently with- No. Don't think about him. You haven't thought about him in years, don't bring it up now... The Russian shook his head, taking out his flask shakily and taking a few swigs of vodka.

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Daemon Silly my ass. He didn't actually say it, but he did in his head, and that was all that mattered to him. He slept for another good few hours,not once moving from his comfortable position. When he did finally stir, it was quite dark out, almost four in the morning, actually, and he groaned, stretching and yawning softly, curling a bit closer to Markaus for a few seconds before pulling away, sitting up slowly.

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Grayson Mosley (UtaTheCannibal) | 144 comments Mod
Markaus was out cold, snoring softly. He was now criminally warm, having sweat from all the blankets and igniting heat from emptying his flask of vodka. His black cased flask hung limp in his arms as he snoozed, face pressed into the texture of the couch.

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Daemon He frowned, pulling the blankets off of Markaus an himself, cuddling up against him and yawning. He plucked Markaus' flask out of his grasp, chucking it out the window with a growl. He rubbed his eyes, staring a the professor for a few minutes before gettin to his feet, looking for his shoes so he could leave.

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Grayson Mosley (UtaTheCannibal) | 144 comments Mod
He released a loud yawn, rubbing his eyes as he sat up, stretching out his arms. Smacking his lips, Markaus rolled over like a fussy baby, whining as he moved to put his hair back in a ponytail. He rubbed the stubble on his chin, groaning with the realization he'd have to shave before going to class. With sleepy eyes, he glanced up at Daemon. "Why don't you just stay? We can have breakfast and you can help me plan today's lesson."

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Daemon He paused, frowning, and glanced back at Markaus. "...You sure?" He glanced to the clock, which now read 4:30 am. "It's a little early, don't you think? Just...go back to bed." He sighed. "I'll make breakfast." With that, he abandoned his shoe search and headed into the kitchen, switching the lights on and wincing at their artificial brilliance before getting to work.

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Grayson Mosley (UtaTheCannibal) | 144 comments Mod
Markaus shrugged, stretching out his shoulders. He removed the bandage from around his arm, the wound gone completely and healed over. He yawned, sitting at the bar by the counter. "No, it's alright. Once I'm up, I can't go back to sleep." He looked around groggily. "Do you know where my flask went? I'm thirsty."

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Daemon He shrugged, grabbing a carton of eggs, along with a sack of potatoes, onions, a block of cheese, and bacon, setting to work. He glanced up at Markaus and set his mouth into a thin line, shrugging. "You were drinking it last night..perhaps it went under the couch?" He glanced over to the fridge. "Howabout water instead? Or even better, some milk? Vodka's gonna destroy your liver."

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Grayson Mosley (UtaTheCannibal) | 144 comments Mod
He rubbed his temples, "Was I drinking it last night? Oh yeah..." He shook his head, sighing slightly. "Who knows... But drinking won't kill my liver." Markaus scratched behind his ear, making a face. "Maybe for someone else, but my liver is kind of indestructible. Same with all of my other organs. Except for my heart, but, eh."

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Daemon He scowled. "Regardless, drinking just because you can isn't a reason to drink. It's a treat, not a substance you need to live." He chided, beginning to chop up onions and potatoes at a pace just a little too fast to be safe, even for a demon.

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Grayson Mosley (UtaTheCannibal) | 144 comments Mod
Markaus shrugged, "It tastes good. And I like it. You can't have me stop drinking. Yesh, you're not my mother." The Russian watched his friend chop the vegetables, shaking his head. He whistled. "Slow down there. We're not in a hurry."

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Daemon He just scowled, setting the knife down with a sharp metallic clang, nearly hitting one of his own fingers. "Listen, Markaus. When I ask you to do something, I fucking mean it. You got hurt yesterday, and I'm going to get in trouble for it as soon as I leave this goddamn apartment. I don't spew shit just to hear myself talk, ok!? You're not being a fucking hero, you're just giving Daddy more reasons to beat the shit outta me later." He turned around, throwing the chopped potatoes in a pan with some oil, and throwing the bacon on a tray right into the oven to slow cook.

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Grayson Mosley (UtaTheCannibal) | 144 comments Mod
He scowled himself, crossing his arms over his chest. It was enough to feel helpless all day yesterday. To feel helpless under the vampire's fist. To feel helpless under Romulus and Cheshire's attack. But what was worse was to be patronized and told not to try and do good things by the person he considered a friend. "Look. I'm not trying to be a hero. If someone's in trouble, I'm going to try and help them, no questions asked. I'm not trying to be a good guy, I'm just trying to do the right thing."

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Daemon He faced him once more, hands clenched into fists at his sides. He took a few short breaths, struggling to calm himself, and finally just sighed. "I know. I know what it's like to feel completely useless...l-like there's nothing I can do. It makes me wanna do something when I can. But Markaus..." he paused, looking up at him. "This here...it's different. It's hard to explain I just...it's my job. If I fail to protect the students and teachers in this school worthy of my protection, I get punished. It's a sort of pay back for the shit I do when I get in my moods." He shook his head, grabbing a wooden spoon and stirring the frying potatoes around, back now to the russian. "It sounds reverse I know...but it's actually safer for me to have no one come to my rescue. Last time someone tried to help me, they ended up dying. In return, Luce nearly killed me. I just...it's not worth it."

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Grayson Mosley (UtaTheCannibal) | 144 comments Mod
"Nearly," Markaus mused, leaning on his elbows on the counter. It was obvious that he was trying to lighten the mood. "Well, if that's the case, I'll save you die, you can almost die and all will be right with the world! Eh?" He let out a boisterous laugh, slapping his stomach. "Oh,it would be funny to see the world that holds my death. It would be very boring, no?"

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Daemon His grip tightened on the spoon, the wood creaking. This was just getting him angrier. His hand shook, and he struggled to try and remain calm. "Your death isn't funny to me, Markaus." he mumbled, his gaze on the knife on the cutting board instead of on the other.

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Grayson Mosley (UtaTheCannibal) | 144 comments Mod
The Russian sighed. He really wished he had that vodka right about now. He was always a smoother talker when drunk. He pinched the bridge of his nose, "Oi, you're going to break the spoon. Be careful."

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Daemon He merely growled, turning back and stirring the potatoes once again, adding the onions. "How do you like your eggs?" He murmured, just loud enough for Markaus to hear.

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Grayson Mosley (UtaTheCannibal) | 144 comments Mod
"Sunny side up," Markaus said aloofly, leaning back on the stool and observing Daemon. "What? Have I made you mad at me already? Could've sworn that would've taken longer."

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Daemon He scowled. "I am the embodiment of one of the seven deadly sins, and for anger no less. It's no surprise that I'd get angry at some point."

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