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Hello new role-playing friend! :D

The GFHB {HoNk} Hello to you as well :oD

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Haha ^~^ So! Do you have any ideassss? C:

The GFHB {HoNk} As a matter of a Fact I do. Though my question is what kind couple rp do you want? Simple FxM or MxM so and so on?

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I am generally more comfortable with my heterosexual couples >~< I have not role-played Yaoi/Yuri in a long time

The GFHB {HoNk} Alright. I was just wondering. Im pretty Bipolar with that some days I love it other times I hate no big deal. Give me a few moments and I'll get a few of my ideas posted. ^o^

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Okie dokie. Yeah I totally relate to that! Haha c: Take your time dear! ^~^

The GFHB {HoNk} Idea one: Girl is a young beautiful female, she is a senoir in college and just ready to graduate. Her life is adnormal, that is she is actually a female druid witch from a long lines of purebloods, but she doesnt quite realize it yet. She is often found being hit on and sexually harassed by human males, she one day decides to go out and clear her heads in her favourite place the park by campus and to her surprise two men follow her trying to rape her, when she sits down she is quickly attacked, but before the men could completely get started they are attacked by another male, a very handsome male, This male is a perfect muscled guy and more perfect then the ones in magazine. Male kills the men trying to hurt the female and tears their throats out and turns the bodies to ashes. This male is a alpha vampire and the highest in his tribe. When both girl and guy's eye meet they feel a deep connection and before guy leaves he leaves her with a deep passionate kiss before leaving. The next day she is in school and then ass her butt smacked by the perv and male shows up quietly and protects his new female, knowing she is his true mate. Being smart and very very intelligent he joins the college as a senoir saying he transferred. Girl is shy but soon she starts falling quickly but plays hard to get with the guy that had saved her life. Male is very territorial and often is getting infight with other males after his mate. Soon the girl falls into a world she never knew and with guy's help unlocks her true power and begins to ajust and completely embrace guy.

Idea Two: In a the rural areas of The country it a place called Vanderville a lowland area much like New orleans, it is known for its parties and many hidden Secrets. Its most hidden secret is a old slightly rundown manor named Deadman's manor that has been here since the renaissance Era. It's heirs have long gone and passed since the suicide of it last one in the late Victorian era, a rich young man plagued by depression and visions of the devil. The manor is said to be a cursed place and not a place to be by the locals and elders all over Vanderville. People rumor to say it is gaurdered by a dark entity. Many have gone inside and never to come back out if they did they would have their throats torn and almost lost of all their blood, all to weak before paramedics arrived. Such as many paranormal crews of twenty went in and never came out. Though 5 years ago one came out alive but barely, he was screaming and crying the names of a beast comman to be protrayed in modren media "Vampire! He lives in the manor!" The man cried until he later died in the hospital. The attacks are becoming more frequent and bodies are showing up spiked onto gates of the manor with well written notes in the victims blood clearly stating the entity wants every one off and out of his domian. Though soon things calm and people once more aviod the manor as the monthes pass being more then over 500 people have died over the centuries since its glory days to unlock it secrets but then a band of young Parnormal adventurers cross the entity's line and entering to reveal this monster to the world. Angered it strikes smighting down the several young foolish teens casting them to death like the others before him but there are eight a young female only 17 has come face to face with the monstrous entininty. To her surprise he isnt a monster at all It is the manor's last heir but he isnt human, He is a Vampire, gaunt pale and pretty gothic and powerful. The Entity(heir of the manor) smashes her Camera and her equipment and pinns her quickly. He is hesitant to rid of her after having a taste of her blood. With his last decision he keeps her, but never lets her leave. Though she secretly watched him over the days and finds sympathy for him finding he was forced into this hell and sorrowfilled. As time passes he falls and so does the female.

Idea 3: A young man is only 21 and has lived on his family's American ranch all his life. He has never minded the heat and the hard work. Driving the cattle and dealing with the horses once they have had their foals and being stuck with the duty of caring for rejected horses from other stables has never once gotten on his nerves. He is proud of his family and loves them with all his life. He wears his boots with everything and a cowboy hat is never off his head. His farther was a soldier fighting for his country and died when he was just a boy so he is pretty proud to call himself a free man because of his dad and his older brother died of brain cancer. His mom is still alive but she isnt doing to well. Yet he still carries on and finds reasons to smile. Even playing his gitaur at the local horse and riding shows that take place and riding the bucking Broncos as well as entering the barrel racing and cow rangling. Their at the Summer Stawberry Rodeo he meets her. A young Women from the equestrian school, pretty fancy for his taste. She is riding her horse a pretty calicoe paint horse, for barrel racing and show riding leading the festival parades. Running into her guy starts stuttering and they both start falling fast. During the parade leading the Flags of the parade on horse back they go to the festival laughing and talking the whole way and enjoying the night. Day after day they are getting closer and closer and the love bugs bite is getting stronger. Until one unfortunate day The girl has to leave for a equestrian world two for 5 years and when she returns she see's they her love from so long ago is older and pretty famous and had become a famous country singer and a multimillionaire ranch owner. And past repeats itself and love starts all over only stronger.

Idea 4: Forbidden love between a student and Teacher.

The GFHB {HoNk} I can change and change them If you don't see any you like these are just few of many more Ideas I have.

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I love one and two(view spoiler) xD Oh no!! I'm torn! The ideas are just unique and ugh...I wuv em v~v *pouts*

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Oh no (/.\) No more of your lovely ideas...You will only get me addicted to them! xP

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The GFHB {HoNk} I know how you feel XoD. Im in no hurry so take your time in deciding, I'll slowly be playing jeopardy music...........nope just kidding on the last part. I'm glad you like them :o)

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Um! Um!.....I really think idea 2 would be super cool c: Because it has chance for mature themes and gore and just....pure awesomeness....Plus xD I am a paranormal nerd~

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And of course...The rare sweet moments that can happen too xP

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The GFHB {HoNk} Ahhh yes :o) I agree with you. Do you want to be Girl or Guy? ^.^

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Do you mind if I'm the girl? c:

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The GFHB {HoNk} Nope, not at all. So how detailed do you want characters to be? Basic or full on detailed template?

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Um >~< Doesn't matter to me~ What are you comfortable with? c: (view spoiler)

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The GFHB {HoNk} Me either. Im basic Name, date, etc etc. Still keeping structure. I'll get my character up.

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Okie dokie ^~^ Mine will be up momentarily as well~

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{Full Name} Eileen Joy Aherne
First Name: “Eve + Linn”
Middle Name: "Joi"
Last Name: "a + HER+ N"

{Age} Nineteen (19)
{Gender} Female (Girl)


Eileen is a girl who thrives for adventure. Whether it be in taking the perfect picture or getting that chilling whisper from the last house on the left on tape. Despite the danger she thrives for the crisp feeling of grasping the impossible. Getting top in her class in mathematics, calculus, and technology Eileen is very good at gathering her evidence during her paranormal investigation and working around her equipment. Eileen might be an investigator of the dark but the girl still has hidden fears/quirks about herself. She becomes easily queasy and sometimes loses her filter upon getting angry and/or upset. Despite that though she is an important asset to her paranormal team.

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The GFHB {HoNk}
"I HAVE BEEN THIS FOR 4 Centuries. How do you expect me to change Mortal. I have made a deal with the devil. I am the monster people fear"

{Name}: Tempra A. Thornmeyer
{Alias}: N/A

Preference: he really has no preference
{Species}: Vampire

{Rank}: Pureblood vampire{Fornicated with the devil, Made deal} Owner of Manor. Killer.
Age: Appears to be 21 but is about as old from the start of the Victorian era
{Date of birth}: April 25th

>Pretty vain
> keeps a reputation
> scary
> openly says whats on his mind
> stubborn
> Lover of nature
> Intelligent
> bloodthristy
> Persuasive
> independent
> Murderous
> To be rp'ed

° Women
° blood
° pleasure
° hunting
° Cats
° Nature
° killing

- Trespasses
- Being in large crowds
- being touched if its not by someone who isnt in a intimate relationship with him
- being alone
- being underestimated
- bad wine

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I love him! The appearance is really cool too c: ^~^

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The GFHB {HoNk} Thank you. Glad You like him :o) Want me to start or do you wanna?

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Hmmm...Could you start please? c: Perhaps we could start just after he kills the last of her team members? A small hunt/chase scene to catch her in the beginning? Or start even earlier? Haha, It doesn't really matter x) Just an idea to throw out there...

I actually have to be getting off now @~@ I realized that it is almost 2 AM so I should get some sleep. I will certainly be back on later though! :D Goodnight! I am like...super excited to be role-playing and creating ideas with you by the way! Hehe ^~^ Nightie-Night!

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The GFHB {HoNk} Okay :o) sounds good to me. Sleep well.

Tempra smiled deeply, the hunt was on. Sevral teens and one hell of a meal he would have tonight. He had put warning after warning on bodies and notes trying to keep people away from his home. His eyes a bright red in the darkened night. He sped about circling examining his meals and prey. Perfectly age and ripe to perfect for harvesting the very esccense he needed to live. He took them down one by one like herd cattle and wolves. He pinned the first a young male dragging him away into the woods tearing his throat out with razor blade like fangs feeding deeply and licking his lips. The second Tempra snapped her neck with a hardened jerk of his hand, she was a whore nothing more so he blood was horrid to used and blah tasting. He hunted with skill and precision. When he bacame full the chase leads way to his favourite game. He was crouched down low to the ground with a smile blocking the remaining prey's herd of teens. "Run." Is all he said before the dispensed and the hunt was one. He came upon one more hiding. "I can smell you. Your reak with fear mundane." He plucked him from his spot peircing him on the spiked fence. He continued to pick them off one by one. Though soon it was just him and the last Female standing. He approached stopping within 5 meters of her. "As I've said before Mortal Run if you can."

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It wasn't suppose to go like this. It wasn't suppose to go like this! The team, lead by Jeremy, was suppose to do a quick film that lasted a solid four hours and then depart from the hell. Eileen knew it was a bad idea, She heard stories about this place and the research she gathered from gave gruesome details about the manor's past. It was...spine-chilling. Coming all the way from Boston the group thought this would be there big break.
That was until people started dying. Jeremy was first, his sickening screams hitting the team hard and leaving the rest in a panic despite Eileen trying to calm people. It was hard to keep track of everyone when they were desperately trying to find the way out of the manor, The place like a fucking corn maze with how dark it was and the flickering flashlights indicating how low they were on batteries. Slowly everyone was picked off and Eileen was left by herself, tealish green eyes refusing to glance at the monster who had killed her team mates. Camera gripped firmly in her hand the redhead took a step back but then stopped, something clicking in her mind. This...This monster seemed satisfied for a chase. Why would she satisfy him as her last dying wish? Be brave Eileen, Be brave She thought quietly to herself, the paranormal camera geek slowly looking up. All she could make out in the darkness was glowing red eyes and the stench that came from his recent killings of her friends. Well, somewhat friends. "What is the point of running?" The female finally spoke up, tilting her head to the side before lifting her camera up with the intent of catching a glimpse of the creature with the night vision on it. "...Why give you the satisfaction of a chase?..." Eileen questioned, her voice rather strong despite the urge to quiver and crumble under the fear that obviously was bubbling in her stomach.
Clearing her throat Eileen tightened her grip on the camera before stepping back once more, gently feeling around with the back of her foot to see if she was coming anywhere close to a wall so she wouldn't be pinned. "My name is Eileen Aherne and I am part of the Boston Paranormal Team...My team and I have settled in a new place, Not known to most but holds deadly secrets. I am here today in Deadman's manor and am faced with the 'Entity' who appears...human almost. The rest of my team has perished and I fear that I will too, That is why I am recording once more. Deadman's manor is not haunted by an entity but a much...darker and deranged force" Her voice, despite being almost a whisper, was easily picked up on the camera and transmitted to the feed that was hooked into the van outside. No one was there and she knew she would probably never be able to get the information out herself. One thing she could ensure though is someone could stumble upon it in the morning and spread it...The face that she caught on camera and the words which she spoke. Hopefully it would help people and get them to stop coming to this manor. Inhaling shakily Eileen stopped her moving for a moment, trying to calm down her racing heart beat and the twisting feeling in her stomach that was making her quite nauseous.

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The GFHB {HoNk} He circled like a prowling animal, each step light and unheard like a hunting panther. The only indication he was still there was the wuiet laughter and amusement of a rumbling purr deep in his throat. His clothes stained with the blood of his victims. He had managed to herd the last onto his home. He watched her flashlight with satisfaction it would go out soon. He picked at what little nerves she had left. His fangs extended to there full length and his talons posed and ready to strike if she was to run.He saw the Camera and it made him hiss and snarl, he hated them stupid things. His existence based a world that should never be known to the mortal kind. Tempra snatched the infernal device from her crushing it to peices. He would ruin everything of the footage in the van and destrooy it. He stand tall with a smile of pure delight, her beating heart was music to his ears. He corned her in a corner by the window with blood stained curtains. Probably from when another innocent person had fallen victim to him long ago.
Tempra spoke with a amused though devilish tone. This seemed more then just a game to him. The female he corned reaked of free though it was residing under her control. "Your heart beat so panicked. It beats to the point I could dance to it." He mused his red eyes gazing over her. The scared red headed girl. His fangs protruded over his lower lip being so close he felt the warmth agianst his cold body. "It would be quite a shame to ruin such a pretty girl like you. Though dinner seems more appropriate for me." He draws in close, he heard the blood running through he veins and within a spilt second faster then a snake's bite he had bitten into her soft neck flesh and taste the crimson ichor that ran through her veins. He held he tightly to keep her from struggling to get away. The taste of her blood, deep rich and very sweet. He pryed through her head and found himself unable to get through like he had with other victims. He pupils narrowing in frustration and a warm feeling spread over him. He let his fangs detach from her body having his fill over her blood. He had drained her just enough to make her drowsy.

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How could anyone ever explain getting their blood sucked? It wasn't as if it was being sucked out like how a vacuum might suck up blood during surgery. No, It was much different. It seemed as the blood was seemingly called to go to the sharp intruders like a blood sacrificial or something..odd of that sorts. Pain was also expected when any skin was pierced and torn in such a manner but the pain was not the same as if you received a cut. The pain was spicier in the sense, Fresh and exhilarating.
So when the Monster bite into her neck Eileen was completely and utterly shocked to even make a sound. Lips parted in a silent protest and her body tensed up almost instantly, expecting something but receiving almost the complete different thing. During the bite it almost felt like something was trying to force its way into her head, an unbearable headache starting to occur due to the unusual feeling. What the hell was happening? The hands that were trying to push him away on his chest finally stopped, the little physical strength that she did have slowly fading with each suckle on her neck. When he finally broke Eileen had no strength to even hold up her own head, resting her forehead against his chest as heavy but slow breaths escaped her. Why...Why wasn't she dead? Eileen had seen how he killed her team so easily so why wasn't he killing her?

Light-headed and weak Eileen was unable to even think about fleeing now. "Why---Why haven't you killed me yet?" The hoarse and cracked voice of the redhead asked quietly, the strong facade only slipping slightly and revealing how shaken she was inside. Was he playing sick games on her now? The blood of her friends slowly seeped into the simple creme sweatshirt she was wearing and even hints of the blood scraped on her cheek due to having rested her face against his chest. How much more could he do until she was killed? Use her body? Keep her alive and watching as he gathered the body of her friends? Destroyed more of her precious evidence? The panicked thoughts raced through her mind which only led to a stifled groan of pain, closing her eyes as the headache that was there raged in her head.

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The GFHB {HoNk} His bright red eyes resided and shifted to a almost angelic a bright grey blue color. His fangs reseading, his pale complexion hued with slightly more color. Though his appreance still gaunt, well built and his growl and rumbling purring ended. Why had he stopped, it had been instinctive a urge that had ripped through him, he hadnt killed her not yet. It made him more frustrated and more angered with himself. His heart beating slowly to slow for the average person just enough to circulate blood to keep him going. He breathed none and his body stiffended feeling her resting on her chest. What was this feeling, he had never felt so alive like this. Though he eyed the wound upon her still bleeding neck. He dipped her head low and licked over the wound, closing it up healing it so it would be just a few pale marks on her neck in the morning. He tried to urge himself away from his actions and just kill her and be done with her. He picked her up in his arms, holding her in a bridle fashion. He headed for the east wing to which the many rooms were.
He ignored her question, he himself did not why he hadnt killied her. Tempra growled lowly warning her to silence herself or face what he did if she didnt. He was in clear veiw of vision now. A young man, of rituals no man could do to perfect the way his features were. He was a attractive fellow only of looks to be 21 but depression and the lack of proper dieting left him pale and creepy looking. He opened the door of a room and set her in a chair. He tore the white covers of everything and snapped his fingers and a fire sprang to life in the fire place warming the cold room.

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Eileen flinched as his wet tongue grazed along her skin along, gasping softly as she literally felt the skin start healing. What the hell was that?! Before any question could leak out from her the only sound escaping was a small but weak squeak. He was picking her up!? What the hell was he doing?! Eileen, Calm down! He has not killed you yet...Stop panicking. That will only get you into deeper trouble The female thought to herself before flinching as she heard his low growl, her teal orbs unable to pull away from him now. He...He did not look like a monster despite his snake-like fangs and the blood covering him.
Upon being set down in the chair Eileen shifted uncomfortably, staring at him still. The warmth of the flames caressed her bloody cheeks and the dried tears that had once fell down her cheeks without her permission after the leader of the team died. "What...are you doing?" She asked with a small frown, not seeming to make an attempt to try and run but still shifting on the chair. It was obvious she was in discomfort, her head banging uncontrollably and the fact that she was covered in her friends' bloods was not a good combination. "Come on! Answer me...Why? What are you trying to do? This doesn't exactly look like you are trying to kill me here" Eileen stated weakly, her shoulders drooped slightly and physical exhaustion in her eyes from what happened tonight.

(view spoiler)

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The GFHB {HoNk} Tempra opened the closet tossing the white covers in the closet locking it behind him. "Do you intend on me letting you freeze without my permission. The only reason your still here is something that I have never seen or felt in such a victim. For now you'll stay here until I see reason to kill you or figure this unappealing feeling out with you." His voice deep but almost soothing with that key to make any women just melt. The room was a older room but they style and blankets mint condition. He kept his home nice to the best of his abilties, with the additional help of ghostly servants from his past that still had yet refused to move on. He slit his finger open tracing a bloody vampric ruin on the window, it glowed red for a moment before fading. He made it so no mortal could break or open it and try to escape. "For now I will avail to your needs but break my law or escape your punshiment will make you wish you headed your own advice. My servants are dead but will clean your clothes and ready a bath after the bioler room is fixed. The only light allowed is candle light." He said standing.

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"Wait! What the hell? You cannot just keep me! I--I am not some pet" Eileen protested, standing up though she was slightly wobbly on her feet. What did he mean about the unappealing feeling he had? All these questions were building up and she just didn't know what to do. Of course she did not want to upset him with all the questions but holding them in was going to drive her insane.
His...His servants are dead? So the house was also haunted. Oh, The joys. Eileen was stuck in a haunted house run by a lunatic who ate her friends. The redhead felt defeated; She obviously couldn't escape with being this weak. Something was itching at her though and obviously was adding onto the shivering that was gradually increasing in her body despite the warm fireplace in the room. "Are you going to bite me again?" She asked weakly, her lips curved in a small frown still. That bite was something different. It seemed to have stirred something odd inside of her and the thought of his bite made her body react oddly despite how her mind practically refused the idea of being attracted to something that sickening.

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The GFHB {HoNk} "If you defy my words and speak up agianst me agian I'll do more then just biting but the way you ask it seems like you would enjoy it if I did it agian." He of his era, had quite the thing if a woman was to speak up or go agianst the word of a male, but was ajusting slight not to frighten her to much not that he minded her fear. "Clean, go to bed and I will explian in the morning. No harm will come to you if you obey and do not sneak about with out permission. "My servants will tend to you. For now I resign morning is in two hours time and The house must be cleaned preped and the corspes. I will deal with them."
Tempra straightened his poster and left the room to take care of the mess he made outside. He had her window blurred with his ruin as well so she couldn't see. A ghost figure of a elder room passed through the door hardly visible. "Master Tempra told me to cator to you ma' Lady. I will ready you a bath the boiler room is warming up the water. " the ghostly women said to the young girl in the room. "You mustin take my Master for a Monster. He is kind at points but his heart is just in the wrong place" she said softly leading the girl to the bathroom in her bedroom.

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Eileen hated being ordered around and this man was surely not getting her to calm down by the way he was talking. Before she could even protest he had disappeared and she was left alone for a moment or two. Everything was rushing at her again and she was getting dizzy, her own body still trying to replenish what was taken from her.
Once the apparition of the old woman came in Eileen felt sick to her stomach, having seen and heard multiple things in the past but never actually being contacted like that before. She felt like she could faint. Each wobbling step led to the edges of her vision darkening and a bit more sway in motion. "..He...He killed my friends..." She mumbled but the words hardly made it out as everything seemed to black out then. Everything hit her like a freight train. Friends dying, Getting bitten by a creature, becoming captive to the monster, having a ghost guide her along. The young maiden was already weak and by the time she had even come close to the bathroom she was once again on the floor, her mind blackening and her hair sprawled out on the floor which had given her a final and hard blow on her head to ensure she was to remain out.

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The GFHB {HoNk} Tempra disposed of corspes and destroyed the van. He tossed them onto the spiked fence like daises in the wind. He'd let the humans retrieve them. nobody was fully able to investigate do to fright and suspension of more death if people got to close. When he was finished he brushed is hands of and went inside silently. He bathed and cleaned himself to proper fashion of his time. He had a hour till sun down now. His mind wondering over to the girl he left in the care of the oldest ghost servant. His mind wondering over other things such as reasons why to keep her and the feels he had for her so far.
"Miss you need to calm down.....Never mind then." The older ghost servant said to herself. With some ghostly powers she changed Eileen clothes to a night gown and set her day clothes on the chair to be washed. The ghost servant went into the bathroom to get a damp ragg to softly wipe away the dried blood away from the living girl's cheek. She sighed softly and left the room to get her clothes washed and return to put a glass of water on her nightstand. "Poor girl. I'm sure master Tempra will serve her well."

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{But..She did faint xD

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The GFHB {HoNk} {{Opps Sorry. Want me to fix it Xo) }}

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{Haha yes please x) Sorry for the trouble~

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The GFHB {HoNk} ((It's fine. Fixed}}

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{Thank you :D

Eileen couldn't even remember what went on anymore. By the time she woke up Eileen realized that it was already sundown once again, having slept all day now and finally waking up. Her mouth felt dry and face blotchy from the crying that took place during her sleep without her knowledge. Oh how she wished she could just forget what happened and perhaps wind back the clock to the days before even leaving Boston. No, Now she was stuck with a monster who was keeping her captive. Slowly sitting up the redhead was glad to find water on her bedside and began drinking it, not caring about anything right now except curing her incredibly dry mouth and throat. Once she finished the glass Eileen looked around the room, seeming quite weary now. It was almost dark now and she was wondering when she would see the vampire again and how he would act towards her. She was worried about getting another bite and his words still sparked the feisty side in her. So he was going to punish her too? Eileen saw him as some sick monster still despite having a warm bed and being clean. Perhaps he just wanted to ripen her up for eating? The camera nerd had no clue, She never researched Vampires before and hardly knew much about them. She could only guess that was what was happening.

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The GFHB {HoNk} Tempra sat in the chair acroos from her bed, he had watched her and remained watching her. She was an intresting female of her kind. He still hadnt right to kill her yet. Though this warm pleasent feeling doomed his stoic bloodthristy nature he enjoyed it. Over night he had begun lusting over her and wanted her. He was coming down to the conclusion she may be the one for him. The girl he had always wanted in his life. Tempra still had to research more about this principle in his books in the library. A punshiment was only to correct her if she forgot her place or broke the rules. He watched her wake remianing silent for a moment. He rose a brow seeing her in deep thought. She was rested now and maybe to keep down a meal if he offered her food, that is if her pride didnt get in the way to take it. "Mortals are always quite intresting. I see you have been well taken care of by my servant. Though she also told me you fainted. Next time I find myself wanting another taste I mustin take as much." Tempra smiled. "As for you my Dear, What is your name so I may call you by it. I'm Tempra A. Thornmeyer." He grinned. It would shock her realizing who he really was.

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Eileen was shocked as he began talking, not evening knowing that he was actually there. He was a sneaky bastard. Narrowing her eyes Eileen listened to him before closing her eyes, a shiver running up her spine as he talked about taking another sample from her. How dare he talk that way to her. Stifling a smart remark Eileen finally opened her eyes as he asked her for a name. Why did his name sound familiar? She couldn't register it yet. "My name is Eileen Joy Aherne..." She finally mumbled before her stomach rumbled slightly with hungry. She had not eaten anything since yesterday morning so it was obvious that she needed something in her body despite water. "Why won't you just kill me...? I'm sure you can find another victim who gives you what you want. Why does it have to be me?" She asked in a small, defeated tone. Why did she have to be the one stuck alive with a monster? A monster who killed her team and took her blood forcefully and left her utterly confused about what he made her feel inside.

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{Okie dokie!! Enjoy your night. I was about to head off too. Goodnight and sweet dreams c: I'm really excited to be doing this idea with you!

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The GFHB {HoNk} He leaned forward slightlu, his head resting on his hand with a smile. His fangs showed he didnt care if they showed. "What a lovely name Ma'lady. It suits someone of your buety well. I'll have a servant send you breakfast. It isnt something from you times stores or what not but it will do you stomach well." Tempra smiles hearing her question. "That is for only I to know at the moment. You need not concern yourself. You will live for as long as I am here. Though mainly I opening my mind to your blood or pleasure drinking your blood. My reasoning isnt exactly my all knowing but my decisions why is unclear for your use" He spoke. He stands up getting close. He examined her neck from the bite he made last night. "Your wounds are healing well, Normally one die by morning because of the adrenaline in the blood stream rejects it and they bleed out. " He mused moving her hair aside to see the pale scarring he left. He would care to them later so her skin would return to normal. He stood back and looked over her, she still in the nightgown the fit her well. His cane in his left hand. "I am quite surprised with you. Nineteen, no husbands or a child in sight. Or the fact your womb hasnt shriveled up an died. This era changing to quick for me to catch on." He mused once more."

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His words were confusing, A breakfast not of her time? He was really old wasn't he? Watching him carefully through her odd colored orbs, taking a small inhale sharply as he moved closer to examine her neck. Was he going to bite her again? Jesus Eileen! Stop thinking about that! The female scolded herself, a small frown settling on her lips from the thoughts rushing through her.
Once he stepped back though Eileen made a rush of movement to swish her hair back over her neck, hiding the scars that she knew were there. Cheeks flushed slightly as the burning orbs of blue looked over her, Eileen gently clenching her jaw from making a smart remark. The statement he made though left her baffled, a look of confusion in her eyes. "Hey, I am not the typical slut like the one on my team. Nineteen and married? With a kid? I have not even slept with a guy yet. Besides...Getting married this young usually leads to Hell when it comes to this time~ Men are douche bags and usually end up ruining it" Eileen said rather sharply, scuffing a little under her breath. It was obvious that she had a sensitive feeling towards men in general, like she had a bad past with one. Why did she even tell him that though? It kinda just slipped from her. "Do not look so smug either...Like Hell if I even let you touch me again" Mumbled the redhead before crossing her arms, looking down at his cane before glancing off to the side. A vampire needing a cane? That was a sight for sore-eyes. Eileen did idly wonder why the hell he needed it though, Most men didn't even use canes for fashion anymore so perhaps he needed it due to injury? She doubted it but it was a thought that laid with her.

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"Eileen, Calm yourself. It wasnt met to be an insult. It seems your anware of my time setting and my age and resilience to change just yet. I'm over 300 years old and this century is ever changing. I in my time is the ruling class and women tend to be married at younger ages because the death rate was quite high." His can tapped on the floor with a degree in warning. His cane tipped with a silver handle shaped like a dragons his family's emblen. "As I smug is not the best attribute especially when your life is on my hands. Insulting how I may be or luck could change my mood rather quickly." He said with a slight twitch of her brow, he never noticed it but it only showed when something was starting a change in his mood.Though he calmed quickly and leaned on his cane softly both hands resting on it. He saw her eyeing it and sighed. "My cane is my comfort and it was my Farther's Farther's Farther's can so on and so on. It's been passed down through every generation. It is just for fashion and memoirs." He said. "Though as well when I was younger before my transformation it helped me walk do to a sprained ankle but the limp always stayed when I was a human."

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"I did not saying anything personally about you. Men in general are douches~ Luckily, You are a man...Somewhat" She said, giving him a weary look before moving to stand up. Eileen was slightly wobbly on her feet and instantly reached out, her hand actually gripping onto Tempra's arm. The dizziness almost made her kneel over from it so it was not like she had much say on what to grab to except for whatever was near. "S--Shit..." Eileen cursed under her breath as her eyes closed, trying to focus her breathing now. Due to passing out last night Eileen was able to better herself better but nothing was in her system which stunted her healing. "If you ever take that m--much blood again you will end up killing me~ I can't heal like you can" She muttered, using her other hand to press against her temple which felt like it got hit with a sledgehammer.

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