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Carry On (Simon Snow, #1)
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Wynonna | 45 comments Mod
So I know there are people still reading the book, there will be some spoilers in here so if you aren't done yet don't read this yet.

Now I need to rant. Why oh why Rainbow Rowell did he have to lose his powers. Like I can't. Also, why not have him find out about the mage being his father and lucy the woman who actually called out to him at the end of the Visitings! Dude I can't why doe he have to keep his tail and wings like is that just for some comic relief. I just am not sure that was necessary. Also, was I the only one who really felt suspicious about the mage the whole time. It seemed as if the author wanted to keep him as a lovable character also but from the beginning he just seemed so suspicious. Simon is also such a dense character. Like Baz apparently has loved him for what 7 years and he hadn't noticed him staring at him in his sleep or fawning over him for years. I get it, it seemed like they hated each other and Baz thought that if Simon was alive that Baz would eventually have to die but dude. Seven years you live together and you never slipped up and showed your infatuation.

Agatha is seriously one of the most annoying characters I have ever encountered. She and Simon both seemed to only stay with each other because of convenience.

Oh also, if all of the holes are supposed to not be able to be healed or filled what was the point of Simon giving up his exponentially amazing powers. And for him to say he was never meant to have it is a bit ridiculous. His mother and father were super powerful so it only makes sense for him to also be just as powerful. DUDE HE'S NOT A NORMAL. But of course he doesn't get to know that.

Other than all of that I actually really liked this book, it probably seems like I don't because there are so many areas of the book that annoyed me but it was gripping and interesting. The book was also light hearted and funny majority of the time which is quite refreshing to what I've been reading lately which is very involved considering most of them are dystopian revolutionary novels.

Priscilla TF (troublesavage) | 23 comments o dragged my feet through the first half of this book... if my updates werent any indication lol. i hated that ot was fanfic because it was so predictable.... but after the middle it totally changed. and it was amazing. i loved it. if i read it again i'll just skip to the middle hahaha. i have no complaints because the only thing i was worried about was if baz and simon didnt make it. but they did and im soooooo happy. :) really excellent.

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