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Where are you headed next?

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message 1: by Kim (new)

Kim (kimbobo) I'm off to Montreal in May then Maui for Thanksgiving! Anyone have an suggestions for what I should do in those places?

message 2: by Anne (new)

Anne (awarf) Maui is one of my favorites, although the traffic is getting bad in some areas. We LOVED Haleakala (the volcano). It is amazing being at the top and above the clouds. You can see all of the other islands on a clear day. We didn't go all the way to Hana, but we started the trip and saw some great scenery. We stopped at an amazing beach, just past a small town called Paia (spelling?). Paia is billed as an old "hippie" town... kind of fun to stop in for lunch. Lahaina is a fun town, although it has gotten pretty "touristy". You can rent some great little cruises... we did a sunset sail on a smaller boat... very scenic... rainbows, mountains, sunset... fantastic! North of Lahaina is a bit wetter, but everything is beautifully green and the rain generally does not last long. A lot of very expensive developments are going in around Kapalua, but it is worth driving around... very scenic. Keep going north and the developments stop... the road gets curvier and more mountainous... with fantastic cliff-side views of the ocean. Drive as long as you dare to keep driving. In our opinion, it was an easier way to get the forest type of scenery than going all the way to Hana. You can probably tell that I could go on and on about Maui... I just love it and could go back over and over! Anne

message 3: by Anne (new)

Anne (awarf) ... While counting the places I had been to, I remembered the name of the beach near Paia. It is Hookipa beach and it is in the book. It is worth seeing, if you find yourself in the area.

message 4: by Tamela (last edited Mar 31, 2008 12:06PM) (new)

Tamela I want to go back to Hawaii. I've only been to Honolulu. I've never been to Maui but my husband spent about a month there many years ago. I want to see the beautiful green and hike in the mountains. Kim can do that for me.

message 5: by Kim (new)

Kim (kimbobo) Thanks Anne for all the suggestions on Maui! I'm going to highlight them and make sure I put them on my itinerary!

I'm really looking forward to this trip even though it's soooooo far away. It's been way too long since I had a beach vacation where I can just chill out.

I will post a link to pictures when I get back for you Tamela!

message 6: by Abbeville (new)

Abbeville Press (abbevillepress) One of the Abbevilleans will be traveling to Melbourne, Australia in mid-July!

And another is embarking on a trip to Brazil.

Earlier in the spring, our resident blogger took Italy by storm.

message 7: by Leslie (new)

Leslie Hickman (bkread2) I have a friend, Taylor, in Rio with the US Navy. I am supposed to be going in the mid-to-end of January. Right now I am saving all my pennies to pay for it in cash. I prefer paying in cash...I get half of the fun doing all the research on the places I see.

message 8: by Lee (new)

Lee Bullitt (leebullitt) at the end of Octobre I am headed to Morocco. I've been wanting to go there for some time and now I can handle it (financially).

message 9: by [deleted user] (new)

Hi everyone. I'm headed for central Mexico in a couple of weeks. I'll try to get to the National Museum of Anthropology. I'll miss the Saturday market in Oaxaca, but I might get into some jails and social service facilities, which is not picturesque but does give a view of a different part of people's lives.

message 10: by Babette (new)

Babette I am leaving for Italy in 10 days. I will spend 8 nights in Florence and then 2 in Milan (flying in and out of Milan). Am trying to finish The Stones of Florence and The House of Medicci before I leave.

message 11: by Kim (new)

Kim (kimbobo) I'm headed to London and Paris! Anyone have any suggestions of where I MUST go?

message 12: by Babette (new)

Babette Go to the open air food market on the Rue Saxe on Saturday. Try the grilled pistachios from the man selling nuts and dried fruits. Then walk over to the Eiffel Tower. Cross the River to Chaillot and find a cafe for lunch or a drink.

message 13: by Kim (new)

Kim (kimbobo) Nice! thanks for the tip!

message 14: by Babette (new)

Babette One more suggestion - go to the Eiffel Tower at night. The lines to the top may be long, but just to stand at the base and see it lit is astounding! Also, once night falls and the lights come on, those on the Eiffel Tower "twinkle" for the first ten minutes of every hour. One nice vantage point is to stand on the north (right bank) side of the Pont Neuf and see it from a distance.
Also, take a bottle of wine and go to the Pont des Arts any time of the day or night. It is a pedestrian-only bridge and there are always people there having a picnic, playing guitars and enjoying just sitting and watching the boats go by. I think it is most fun in the evening.

message 15: by Leslie (new)

Leslie Hickman (bkread2) IN LONDON:
If you like Winston Churchill and WWII stuff I recommend the Underground Bunker exhibit. Be prepared to stand a long time on concrete floors though. I went and it was well worth the visit. Also I recommend getting an OYSTER card for the transit system in London if you are staying for more than a day. Its good for the tube and buses alike. Its cheaper in the long run. If you have a balance it keeps for quite some time. I have been using the same refillable card now for 3 years! Love it!! Also if you take a double decker bus tour get one with a live guide MUCH BETTER!!!! Be sure to sit on top next to them they tell you a tons more that does not get on the overhead!

Also go to the Hard Rock Cafe...if you love rock memorabilia go to their store across the street if you "inquire" about their valut they typically will open it up and you can see cook stuff and even get to pick up and take your picture with Jimmi Hendrix's white guitar and sit on his sofa he was always photographed sitting on...etc. Its not advertised its just word of mouth tour PLUS BONUS its free!

message 16: by Michelle (new)

Michelle Nevius Aloha, Kim.

You are probably in Europe as I write this, but when your thoughts turn back to Maui, consider joining the Yahoo Group called "Maui Active Club." Free to join, free to participate. Activities range from hikes to places you wouldn't find on your own or even in the guidebooks, beach volleyball, yoga on the beach as the sun is setting, full-moon hikes, etc. It's a mellow group, a range of ages. (Most activities draw a handful to a dozen people, so it's not as though you are going hiking with a group of 30 others.)

message 17: by [deleted user] (new)

Mexico update: I was able to visit Teotihuacan and the National Museum of Anthropology (these are a single entry, though they're not at all in the same place), as well as the colonial architecture of Queretaro, the ruins at Monte Alban and Templo Mayor, and schools in several small villages with bilingual (indigenous/Spanish) students. I ate grasshoppers and participated in a political rally. I did not get tourista but did get strep from a van driver.

message 18: by Stef (new)

Stef (buch_ratte) Next place to vist wil be Florida in Ocotber. My husband and I will spend one week in Lauderdale-at-the-sea and two weeks in Naples. Maybe then I get the chance to visit all those places in Florida mentioned in the book, except for Walt Disney World.

message 19: by Cesting (new)

Cesting Next destination Karimun Java north of Java island Indonesia

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