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Frost pranced through the fresh snow. Frozen air puffed out of his delicate nostrils. He glanced over at his herd. They were all contently stripping the bitter-sweet bark of the willow sapplings. Since there was no grass around.

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The lead stallion walked over to the river. He pawed at the ice to break it. Frost dipped his head down and took a long sip of the icey water. He whinced as the coldness pierced his throat.

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Tundra lifted her thin neck to watch her leader move toward the river. she tossed her mane and nickered gently.

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Frost glanced towards Tundra. He walked over to her and returned her nicker.
"Are you okay?" he asked. The filly looked quite thin. Of course it was winter time. But he thought he might ask.

((Does tundra want to be the lead mare or something?))

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((i was going to leave that for someone else in casethey wanted it))

"I'm fine."She smiled."At last I'll be better when the thaw comes."

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((okay!! Good idea!))

Frost smiled and nodded. He moved off through the herd; making sure everyone else was okay.

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Tundra dipped her head and chewed the sparse grass.

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Finally Frost found a clump of willow trees that were not almost cheweed to death. He raked his teeth up and down the tree until he caught a strip of bark. He yanked the strip off and began to chew it slowly. Frost made a face at the bitter taste.

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Frost peered around at the other clumps of willow trees. Pretty soon they would be stripped bare and they would have to move on.

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Tundra sighed.

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((I'll take lead mare))

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((actually Tundra can be lead mare of this herd. Can my horse be the lead mare of a different winter-sounding named herd??))

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Rachel (= (book-horse-girl101) ((is it ok if my characters lead mare :D PLEASE :) ))

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(( don't ask me! Ask PonyGal or Pudding!!!))

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Rachel (= (book-horse-girl101) ((maybe i was jess :P :P :P lol))

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((Sure Tay!! Your character can be the lead mare. Oh and Ragnarok, you can create a winter sounding named herd if you want. My mind is kinda going blank right

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((yay! is Jagged Pass alright???))

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Kalo awoke to find that she was covered in a thin layer of frost. Great she thought to herself. I knew that rain was going to cause some troulble.

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Rachel (= (book-horse-girl101) ((yay :D thanks, gtg tho bye :) ))

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((Yeppy! That sound great!))

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Tundra trotted to Frost. She smiled and dipped her head to graze near him.

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Frost returned her smile and dipped his head down to graze at the few pieces of dry grass that was left.

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Tundra whinnied happily.

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((um...this is going nowhere. what should happen??))

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((Kalo could come over and meet them???
Also, anyone wanna be in the Jagged Pass Herd? The only one there is Kalo!!!))

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(( sure there can be an avalanche.))
The ground started to shake gently. Ceaser glanced up at the hillside.
"Avalanche!" he shouted.

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Kalo could feel the tremors through her hooves.
"Get evryone to safety!" she yelled at a wizened mare. "I'm going to see what;s happening!" Soon, she say. An entire avalanche of snow was coming through Jagged Pass!

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Frost whinned after Kalo, but concentrated on hic panicing herd. He galloped around the herd in tight circles, bunching them together.

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Kalo whinnied in fear. It was coming through the Jagged Pass, right into her herd!

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PonyGal wrote: "Ceaser whinned after Kalo, but concentrated on hic panicing herd. He galloped around the herd in tight circles, bunching them together."

((you mean Frost???))

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Frost urged the herd in the opposite direction of the avalanche. The herd moved slowly because of the deep snow. Frost looked sround for Tundra. He hoped the mare was in the bunch. He whinnied for her.

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Tundra shot from the trees and joined the group.

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Kalo drove her herd into the ravine. It was tough goings, but panic drove them on.

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Frost looked around for the lead mare. He couldn't seem to find her.

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tundra laid her ears flat on her head."I can't see or hear anything!"

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Madhins  milky ran quickly along helping any who got stuck in the deep snow...

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thunder asked for help. he sune came back with stormy.

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(hi guys I just joined your group. my ch name is snowflake and she is a 2 year old filly.)

Snowflake bursted out from a pile of snow. Once she got her front legs out she squirmed to release her hind legs. She was gasping for air and was weak from hunger and thirst.

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Frost paused. He saw a strange filly struggling in the snow. He whinnied for the herd to keep going and spun around. He galloped toawards the filly.

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Snowflake's eyes widened. Oh no! the Lead Stallion was running towards her! She ducked her head in fear of getting hurt.

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Frost whinnied gently towards the filly.
"I'm not going to hurt you, don't worry." he said calmly. The filly was pretty stuck. The avalanche was barreling down towards them.

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Snowflake whinnied and bobbed her head. Finally her back legs were free from the snow and she could run with the herd, maybe.

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Frost nudged her towards the herd.

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Snowflake smiled at Frost and then darted towards the herd.

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snowfrost laughed in softer!

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snowflaked cocked her head.

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Kalo's herd was safe and she was just about to gallop towards them when she was hit by the avalanche.

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