The Ruins of Gorlan (Ranger's Apprentice, #1) The Ruins of Gorlan discussion

How many people read this book? If you don't u r missing out

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Colin M best book ever...(in my opinion)

Judy I love the book too. But there's so many books in the series.

Curtis I read it. It was a really good book.

Nick Mc Amazing book, I think I've reread close to a dozen times, in fact after just seeing the title I'm getting nostalgic, I will definitely give the whole series another go starting with this book. (I read this first when I was twelve, I am now eighteen.) This book is one you experience differently with age. I like different aspects of the book at my current age, that I cared less for when I was younger. Altogether it's a great novel, hope you give it a try.

Dante Gallo *Shrugs* I've read it and I didn't think it was anything special...

Perhaps I've just over-saturated myself with the fantasy genre but I just saw nothing unique about the characters or plot of this book.

Eric I thoroughly enjoyed all the books in this series as well as the BrotherBand Chronicles.

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Feliks Missing out on what? Simplistic baby mush?

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