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yo yo my groupies!!!

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message 1: by Ray-Ray (new)

Ray-Ray | 5 comments Mod
yo dawgs.. the sky is down, the flo is up, and i sho am loopdy-loopin like this yo.. dig it..

haha.. k seriously guys, lets get some chatting going on here! what do your evil english teachers make you read? what's going on in your life? which boyfriend just dumped you! say whatever you want! but lets go!

message 2: by Sadie (new)

Sadie | 1 comments hey everyone,

I just finished reading A Tree Grows in Brooklyn.
I absolutely adored this book. The way Betty Smith wrote/told/described the life of Francie's world was amazing. I loved the story and everything about this book. I will never forget this story/book.
I hope other people have read this book!

There seems to already be a waiting list on Amazon for Stephenie Meyer's new book...

message 3: by Ray-Ray (new)

Ray-Ray | 5 comments Mod
really? whats the newest one called again? i heard it was from edwards point of view...

message 4: by Hannah (new)

Hannah Ohhhh Midnight Sun?! Thats Twilight from Edwards point of view, and its waaay more interesting than Bella's point of view! You can go on stephanie Meyers website n read the first few draft chapters...

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