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God? *spoilers*

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Dilla One of my good friends suggested to me that the man at the end of the book might be God or some other higher power. Reread the part featuring him, it really does fit. :)

Adelaide I think it's Markus Zusak himself rather than God. He mentions how he killed Ed's father, but didn't really kill him and how he planned this year of Ed's life and kept it in a folder. That might seem sort of like God, but you have to look at the other hints. He mentions that the man has dark hair (like himself), and how Ed speculates that the man might write a story about his life and get it published.

Sarah It's definitely the author. Ed is the message, and the author, who created Ed, is the messenger. And the message that Ed was is that ordinary people can do extraordinary things if they just open their eyes, look outside of themselves, and take action. This was a very touching and inspiring book.

dirt Further evidence that it is Zusak is the picture of him with a yellow folder in the About the Author section.

I agree with the idea that he was the messenger and the message was you are capable of changing the world for the better.

Lisa I agree, at the end Zusak was sending you a message, so in conclusion he was the messenger?

Kelseyc Markus Zusak was the man at the end and not God. I understand how God might fit but if you read the description of the man and look at Zusak's picture, he describes himself perfectly. Also Ed mentions that he would write a book but that this man would do it before him. Ed mentions that he would start the book with 'The gunman is useless' and that is the first sentence of the book. Not to mention Zusak is trying to send everyone a message, so it was Zusak and not God.

Jennifer Oh..I also thought it was to be God. Interesting. You don't often read books where the author puts himself into the book like that.

Kylie I read this book a few years ago and nearly forgot about it, but recently after rereading The Book Thief and seeing this post I really want to read it again. Library trip...

Amber Thats funny because all through the book I thought maybe it was angels (who god sent) to change Ed's life!

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