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Children of the Moon

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You know I never thought about "Ghost tails" that much. I always thought that they were fun stories for your imagination. Turns out...I was wrong.

Chapter 1: The meeting

"Alright I know it's the third time we've moved this year," My Dad said as we drove into the small town of Danforth, Oregon. "but I promise you that we will not move until your graduation! They've just wanted me so many places!"

"Humf," I mumbled. My Dad had been saying that we wouldn't move again for 6 years. I doubted this would be any different. My name's Jade, Jade Silverlight. My dad is Tom. We've been moving from nice house to nicer house around the U.S. as he's been promoted so's his place. So now he's here working on something new fir his company.

We got to the small house just inside the city limits. We unloaded the truck and started unpacking. Around 6:30 my Dad up to me from downstairs "Hey how 'bout we call it quits for the day and go grab some grub?!"

"Sure!" I shouted back. I just now realized I was hungry.

We got to the diner. As a walked towards the table I bumped into this stunningly beautiful girl who was walking out. "Oh sorry!" I said

"It's fine." she mumbled taking a sniff. I didn't think about it then. But that moment changed my life forever.

Chapter 2:The First Day

I sat in his biology class waiting for that darn bell to ring. I glanced at the clock. Five...Four...Three...Two...One...RINNNNG! I raced to his locker and had it open and closed and was out the door.

I hoped into my Audi R8 and drove home. At least Dad's job paid well. When i got home i walked into my room and started up my laptop. I messed around until I looked at the clock. I decided to get to work on my home work. i glanced out my window at the moon. Only a little piece left until full moon, maybe 2 days. Then I say something big move I looked around and found nothing. Must have been imagining. I glanced at my clock again, shut down my computer and stretched out on my bed and fell asleep.

When I woke up it had to be at least 2:30 in the morning easy. I blearily made it to the toilet. That's were My dad found me. Lying on the floor, sleeping. he helped me into bed and got me a bucket and told me to stay in bed, and he'd call the school. So I just layed there accationaly trowing up, drinking sprite, eating saltines, and watching movies on my laptop. I didn't get better until late in the afternoon the next day.

Chapter 3:The Night

I woke up around 6:15 in the afternoon, I felt fine! So I walked downstairs to the kitchen and sat down at the table.

"Hey there sleepyhead," my dad said from the stove "I was about to go get you. Feeling any better?" I nodded my head and my stomach growled. "Here have some eggs and toast." he said setting a plate down in front of me. "Thanks," I mumbled scarfing down the food famished "I'm going back to bed" I said going up stairs.

I woke up to excruciating pain. I felt as if every pore in my body was on fire, like i was being pulled apart from several directions, like my skin was being pulled from my skin. I jumped out the window not knowing what I was doing landing on my feet. I heard my close rip as I grew. Then it stopped. I opened my blood red eyes, tilted my head toward the moon and let out a loud howl.

Chapter 4: The Midnight Run

My body screamed at me, my instincts were no help, i thought I'd die with all this pain. I saw movement. I crouched ready to attack. The figure came into the moonlight, it was hideous. It was a huge, furry wolf. Like it was dropped in radio active waste, then given steroids, it's legs were, HUGE. So was it, it had to be at least 10 to 12 feet. It was a scary sight. It didn't seem ready to attack, it seemed curious. I then realized my muscles were flexed, ready to attack or defend. I then got a good view of my arms. They looked like the huge wolf's. I bolted for the forest, I realized i was on all fours. I can upon a pool of water in the forest, I approached it. What i saw scared me more that the steroid hiped wolf did.

I was just like that wolf. Well not exactly, I mean i was a greyish-white and it was black. But other than that i was just like it!

I backed away from the pool. Then i heard the flapping of wings, then all of a sudden this monster crazy bird attacked me! I swated it out of the air with my huge paws, killing it. I got a good look at it, it wasn't a bird, well not fully. It was a Griffin, part Eagle, part Lion. I backed away. A deep gravely voice came from behind me.

"You seem to be a natural killer, after all, most new wolfs can't kill a griffin in one swipe, especially a full grown one."
I spun around, there standing in the shadows was the black super wolf thing.

"What are you?" i asked in a higher, but still deep and gravely, voice.

"You mean, what are we." he said and a line of wolfs appeared on ether side of him farther back. "We. We are Werewolfs."

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This story needs a lot of work. You don't even name the main character.

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