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message 1: by Kim (new)

Kim (kimbobo) I noticed in the general board that there were a bunch of topics related to specific authors. So I created this folder to separate those out for better usability.

message 2: by hamidreza (new)

hamidreza tatar (hamidd) | 1 comments hello. thanks for creating a spessial folder.
I think we can speak about "Matsen" . She was born in England. I have read two books by her.
1)the feather(1926)
2)Morwena of the Green Gown(1929)

message 3: by Billy (new)

Billy Young | 3 comments Hi I'm Billy and I'm new here. Just thought I'd say hello to everyone. Hopefully I'll get chatting with some of you in future though I must warn you I'm not known for my sanity :-D

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