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Standing united and justly for our own cause ,,but the muslim world as a whole as to consider the fact :),,

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mona  | 14 comments dear sina your comment is the point i agree with you....but besides all i hope A.S.A.P the one who brings peace with himself come....

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Siamac (kahroba) | 3 comments hi everey one...
my opinion is:until the time muslims don't gather together and pretend to our enemies, when there many spies among us,and as long as we stay easy and just kind hearted to our enemies, this will be the unchangable situation.

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I think it is education. Most in the west don't have a clue as to what is going on. Many in the West may never know if things do not change & more is not done to get out the truth. Palestinians are dehumanized in the minds of outsiders by Zionists by equating Palestine with terrorism, there needs to be a mass program to change this in the minds of the world. It's pathetically stupid, but that is the situation. Where are the leaders, to show the human face of suffering & capture the attention of the world, like Biko in South Africa & Ghandi in India & Martin Luther King in the USA? There need to be more books, films, things that can reach people (not just muslims) to gain more backing & political power. Maybe more emphasis in America that Christians in Palestine are persecuted, too! I think us muslims in America have a responsibilty to educate as many people as possible about the truth so that things change politically. I think people also need better education about Islam because there is SO much misunderstanding & this only makes things worse. I think keeping the moral high ground is VERY important because even if they do evil, if we do it in return it will be used against us threefold. Not saying we should be weak, just that we should be moral. I think we must look at what we have been doing & why it hasn't been successful. I think we must guard against racism, killing civilians & other such tactics that have back-fired for good reason, they go against what we are taught in the Quran. Also, we should confront the issue of muslims suffering & dying in Sudan.

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Maria (mriakhn) Sorry, but i only read the first two sentences of that. But the second one is completely right. I had no idea why my family had so much hatred for Isreal...i couldn't understand! My other muslims friends have NO IDEA either. I just finally got it when my sis sent me an email of what Isreali's do to the Palestine, that email scared me so much. Now i HATE isreali's too...

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Following Rimsha | 2 comments Sina- I completely agree with you. And also the fact that this has been something that has been going on for so long that some people lose track and decide it's not worth their time or just the fact that we're so far away that it doesn't affect us.. whereas we are all effected as Muslim brothers and sisters.

People being aware of the issue is something we have to work on, and being able to speak up for Palestine and stand up for what we believe in. We have to find a solution sooner or later, and the sooner we find it, the better it will be for everyone.

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Bojadi Younes | 3 comments I'm not agree with u...cos people here understand that people who defend palestine are just actors

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Marieke | 35 comments how do you define your enemies?

message 9: by Bojadi (new)

Bojadi Younes | 3 comments Which one of our enemies if i've one?
Crazy one or Sane

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Marieke | 35 comments dear bojadi,
i was referring to sina's and simiac's comment about not being kind to their enemies. i'm curious to know how they (and anyone else) understands Islam's definition of "enemy" and how a Muslim should properly interact with the enemy. i'm sorry, bojadi, i don't understand your comment in message 14.

and i'd just like to add that the israel-palestine issue is extremely complex. and to the person that said that one email made her hate israelis, i beg her to keep educating herself rather than having an impulsive reaction. there are many israelis that also hate how their government treats palestinians. there are even many israeli soldiers who have worked very hard to correct the problem after they have fulfilled their service requirement and have seen first hand what is going on. it's hard for them to do, since both palestinians and israelis will "hate" them for speaking out about what is wrong with the situation. but they work hard anyway.

one more thing: arab/muslim governments are as much to blame for the problem with palestine as israel, britain, france, and the u.s. are. think about it.

since this is a book group...what books have you all read about the palestinian-israeli issue? which ones did you like and which ones did you not like? which ones made you angry? or made you think really hard, maybe change your ideas a little? what books would you recommend to others to learn more?

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Marieke | 35 comments enemies of humanity. i like this. but i believe it is dangerous to hate enemies because hatred only leads to more hatred AND hating them increases their power. it's better to reduce an enemy's power, yes?

i have not ever heard of "sahyonizm in argentina" in fact, i confess i do not know what "sahyonizm" is. i just googled it and all the pages i found were in languages i don't know (and i know four!)

what was the strongest message you took from it, if you want to share? i will try to find this book (i work in a giant library). i will look at my shelf and see what book was especially illuminating for me.
رمضان مبارك يا سينا
my apologies: i can handle arabic but persian is still in the future for me. :)

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I agree with Marieke. Things ARE complex & the whole "enemies of Islam," line has often been used for actions that go against the Quran & Islam itself. I generally am wary of such over-arching terms of "us and them," especially when they are so oft misused for political reasons. The current situation is too reminescent of papal decrees coming out of Rome about "enemies of christianity," in the middle ages. "Enemies" is too easily plastered in a blank space to fill whatever political agenda anyone has they want to fill. "Enemies" has too often even included other muslims by extremists & fails to take into account the complexity of situations, including Palestine. Look at all the people touting themselves as experts in Islamic shariah who actually have only a mathmatics, medical or engineering degree. There is just too much ignorance in general, it is not just non-muslims who are ignorant of Islam, it is muslims themselves in large part. It is true that a sizable majority of jewish people do not support Zionism. Zionism is a minority movement which happens to hold a lot of political power. There is propaganda in Israel, propaganda in western countries, and yes, propaganda in Islamic countries. A lot of these are political issues that are being given the banner of religion if you really listen to what they are saying. Creating an environment of religious warfare is a lose/lose situation & certainly not based on truth, justice or understanding. If we want success we need to be smarter than to accept propaganda as truth & start to learn the complexities & strive for better understanding. In the US the largest numbers of supporters of Zionism are evangelical christians & when you talk to them 9 times out of 10, they don't even have any idea of what is happening in Palestine. Marieke, there is great documentary called, "Occupation 101," put out by people of several faiths & cultural backgrounds who are mostly journalists & human rights activists that explains all about the Zionist movement & its history concerning Palestine. I think it might be available through Amnesty International. Also, for anyone interested in the general conflict from a human rights viewpoint, the book, "Palestine: Peace not Apartheid," might be a good start. Peace.

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Following Rimsha | 2 comments I don't think either is an ENEMY of Islam.. just the fighting and killing of innocent civilians is what the problem is and I suppose "I" can refer to them as enemies because that is something I am opposed to.

Haha, this isn't a "Book Group" .. it's just a discussion about what's going on. And we all read/watch the news to be able to talk about it.. but, are there any good books out there that anyone has read? I would like to know.. will help me understand more of what is going on besides the stuff I read in the newspapers.

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Marieke | 35 comments exactly, rimsha...i asked what books people had read so that it could be a book discussion as well as a general discussion. i'm happy to find a place where people can talk about's a very sensitive the united states, at least. and it's hard to learn about because it's so complex. jeannie suggested "peace not apartheid" which i haven't had a chance to read yet, but it's on my list. i have read several books that were very informative, like sari nusseibeh's memoir "once upon a country"...amos oz (he is israeli from before the creation of the israeli state) also wrote a memoir recently that might be an excellent companion to sari's book. they are contemporaries and managed to become friends and partners in trying to resolve the deadlocks between the two (or is it more???) sides in the conflict. sari mentions amos in his book and uses their biographies to show the contrast of life as a palestinian versus a jewish israeli. i thought it was extremely well done. it was also frustrating to read the constant failures and missed opportunities of the PLO, which of course made me that much more curious about the role of Hamas in the conflict and their appeal to Palestinians today.

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Bojadi Younes | 3 comments if u want know the truth ,dont watch tv

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Maria (mriakhn) i agree with that-the media does not want you to know anything about this apparantly.Marieke is right, i should get more education, but should i not be mad at those soldiers that DO the crime and not be sensitive over it? I mean, the email had a picture of soldier taking pictures with their friends of their kill. And what was their kill? a human.

And there was an intreview with an Isreali girl (this was somewhere else, not in the email) and she said "i'm not worried walking down the street, cause our soldiers are protecting us." More like killing the original people that lived there, don't u think?

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Hubear | 1 comments salam everyone
i agree the media has it all wrong
they know nothing about islam
so much for those so called "scholars" of Islam...

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