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message 1: by Jackson (new)

Jackson Thigpen | 6 comments Hello everyone. As we delve into "Rich Dad Poor Dad" and some other investment ideas I thought it would be a good idea to know a little about everyone's background so we know who we are hearing from. I have been in sales for 9 years total and owned a Networking Marketing business for 6 and a half years. I no longer do that, but still work in sales as a corporate business developer for Staples. I have never been involved in any investment opportunities, but have had some stock ideas come on my radar screen as of late. I would love to hear any ideas other people have or things you know about business, money growth or management, ect.... Joey has been primarily the only one comenting on the boards for our group and I think for this group to work we all need to participate. I am excited to learn about each of you and the new members as we grow, so PLEASE respond to this posting!!! Thanks.


message 2: by Joey (new)

Joey (joeyfoto) | 35 comments Mod
Great idea Jackson.. I currently work for an engineering firm, but I was previously in sales for about 10 years...I have done numerous investment ideas/side businesses .. some worked, some didnt, but..I learned alot and I'm wanting to delve back into it...I am interested in Real Estate, Used Mobile Home investing, buying and selling notes, photography, and web based business. I'd love to hear from some of the other people as well..thanks

message 3: by Lynzee (new)

Lynzee (Lynzee43) | 9 comments Well I'm Lynzee...I've worked in the Human Service field on/off for the last 5yrs. Basically, I work with individuals with developmental disabilities and mental illness. I love it! In the long run, it's made it a lot easier to deal with everyone else in society. Prior to that though I worked in retail and breifly did some factory work.
I've never invested in anything, but on/off watch the stock market. In high school I did a pretty indepth project and kept track of 10 stocks over a period of time and graphed and charted and wrote all sorts of stuff about the trends each one displayed.
I am interested in learning a little more about this area for possible future use.

message 4: by skb (new)

skb (skb59475) | 2 comments I'm Sujeeth working for a pharmaceutical firm but in consumer division, I am into Demand Planning (forecasting). Before this i have worked in retail,Logistics and Automobile industries.

I have completed my MBA (Operations / Marketing) in 2003. One cannot be assured of being sucessful in life just by hardwork. One has to ensure that his money work's for him. I have diversified my investment into Real estate, mutual funds and stock market (just started). Not much in Cash, though i know Cash (around 10% to 20%) is also required as an asset to cover any unforeseen.

- Mutual funds through systematic investment plan will ensure to cover me during my retirment days.
- Real Estate as an asset and investment.
- Stocks to see if i can gain expereience and gain some multibaggers. Intention is to beat the returns from mutual funds.

message 5: by Jason (new)

Jason (Gireesh42) I'm a recent graduate from a liberal arts college who is currently working as a commercial real estate broker's assistant. I am a broker as well. My father was a broker, so one might say I have grown up surrounded by real estate and hope to invest in it as soon as I have the opportunity. I have a number of other investments that are all my father's doing, including mutual funds, a few stocks for companies owned by family friends. I also have an IRA which I contribute to regularly--something I highly recommend everyone get in the habit of doing. While I am currently financially independent with my job, I have not yet begun to look at the investments my dad has placed me in with any scrutiny. I hope to learn more about these things in the next few years and take control of my money.

In the long run, I hope to return to school and pursue a less profitable career in the arts or higher education, which hopefully will be supplemented by my future investments. I have access to material and know quite a bit about real estate markets and am happy to share information if anyone is interested.

message 6: by David (new)

David | 3 comments Hey everyone,
I'm probably one of the younger people in the group. I'm currently an undergrad student at a liberal arts college pursuing a degree in business administration with an emphasis in management. Lately, finance and investing have really been primary interests for me. I'm considering a career in this field, possibly even taking the series 7 down the road to become a broker. I have a little previous study in the field of investments and I'm always interested in learning more.

Because of college loans, part-time jobs, books, and housing (I'm sure you all remember), it has been difficult to get enough money together to start an investment fund. However, I have had a little exposure to real estate since it's my father's primary investment interest, and I have a a fascination with stocks, especially IPOs.

I'm looking forward to earning a master's in finance as well as an MBA down the road, but for right now, I am absolutely thrilled for opportunities such as the group to grow and learn.

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