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Boba Made

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Sia (slayqueen) | 2836 comments Cool

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Boba Well GUess just the posting of looks then and name and age then start.

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Sia (slayqueen) | 2836 comments Ok

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Boba ((Ill do it first then))

Name:Tyler Durden
Apperance: description

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Sia (slayqueen) | 2836 comments ((Hey how do u add the pics))

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Boba ((the little some Html top right of when your typing. just paste a link in this <.img src="http://www.goodreads.com/image..." width="" height="" alt="description"/> just take out the period I added))

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Sia (slayqueen) | 2836 comments ((Ok))

Appearance:<.img src=."https://wwwgooglecompk/?client=safari..."

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Sia (slayqueen) | 2836 comments (Wat was the actress name))

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Boba ((Yea just take out the period before Img though and Salma Hayek and Penelope Cruz though they are 48 and 41 unless you want to do them mid twenties?))

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Sia (slayqueen) | 2836 comments ((Ok.mid twenties it is))

Appearance:[image error]

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Sia (slayqueen) | 2836 comments ((And sasha is 24))

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Boba You can use the edit button that is under the comments and still no pictures. DO this without the period <.img src="link here" width="" height="" alt="description"/>

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Sia (slayqueen) | 2836 comments Let me see

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Sia (slayqueen) | 2836 comments [image error]

I seriously hope this works

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Sia (slayqueen) | 2836 comments Did it come

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Sia (slayqueen) | 2836 comments Like what

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Sia (slayqueen) | 2836 comments Oh ok

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Sia (slayqueen) | 2836 comments There's something wrong then,cuz I do everything yet it still doesn't come

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Sia (slayqueen) | 2836 comments Could I just post the link

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Boba You can just put links if you need

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Sia (slayqueen) | 2836 comments I'm tired of it now
Can we start please

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Boba ((Yes Ill start I suppose and remember to link what they have on http://cdnb.lystit.com/photos/351c-20...))

TYler laid back on his towel, feeling much better than the course and hot sand on the sunny beach. He had sunglasses on to tint the sun as well some rather plain blue trunks with no shirt, showing he was lean but not skinny. The beach was rather empty for the afternoon since this was a popular spot in LA but he figured it was just his luck and enjoyed the sound of the waves and sparse noise of fun from everyone else.

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Sia (slayqueen) | 2836 comments ((Ok,prim: https://img0.etsystatic.com/011/0/760... ))

Prim was relaxing on the chair,reading a magazine,she saw lots of guys staring at her.

Sasha was drinking lemonade,playing in the water,she knew she was getting s lot of stares and that just made her more happy.after all she is pretty.

((Sasha: http://www.highsnobiety.com/news/wp-c... ))

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Boba ((If you could elaborate be nice, One lines be why I stopped in CHB))

Tyler Heard splashing which had him check the water, seeing a latin women who had the body to be envied and a gorgeous face splashing about the water, wearing a very small yellow bikin which had an effect on him and had him sit up. He smiled as he could go for a swim now, heading out near her but not right next to her at first.

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Sia (slayqueen) | 2836 comments ((Ok sure))

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Boba ((After all not that bad to wait a minute to have better RP right?))

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Sia (slayqueen) | 2836 comments ((Ok who should I play with first,sasha?))

Sasha saw a boy coming towards her.She winked at him and then looked the other way,smirking.she dove in the water and when she came to the surface she lay back and relaxed.she knew her swimsuit was tiny and had caught the attention of many boys.Thats why she chose it.

((Maybe prim could come in after a while,or do u want her right now?))

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Sia (slayqueen) | 2836 comments ((Yeah))

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Boba ((They are best friends so however you feel they would act))

Tyler had gotten about ten feet away from her before she winked, having him grin as she already knew she had caught his attention and now was just teasing him. He moved closer, now standing next to her with a smirk on his face with the water up to his chest. "Hello, enjoying yourself?" he asked, being friendly as always.

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Sia (slayqueen) | 2836 comments Sasha opened her eyes to see a handsome man standing next to her.'hmm yes I am.I'm enjoying myself a lot.'she smiled.then she stood in the water,her skin shining in the sun.she looked straight at him.'and you?'

Prim was watching her best friend show off her body.she smirked.leave it to her and her flirty ways.she was about to read again when she caught sight of a young man making his way towards Sasha.He caught her eye.She looked at him and got up from her seat,walking towards him.

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Boba ((Sorry to say I be getting off, probably sleeping soon))

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Sia (slayqueen) | 2836 comments ((Ok,we'll rp later the ,bye))

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Boba Tyler smiled as she noticed his question, opening her gorgeous brown eyes, colored the same as dark chocolate which he enjoyed as much as he might her. He looked her over in a second, seeing as she floated her hair webbed out and was a deep brown similar to her eyes and her skin shined nicely as well. "So far its a good day though things can always get better" he said with a shrug, running his hands in circles as they talked. He noticed another woman that looked very similar to this one coming in, wearing an interesting one piece that with her complexion looked like a piece of a chess board.

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Sia (slayqueen) | 2836 comments Sasha smiled.'yeah,things can always get better'

Prim walked over and spoke in a loud voice.'hey there's he looked at Tyler and then at Sasha.

Sasha saw prim and smiled.'hi prim,what brought you here,I thought you were reading some very important things'

She looked at Tyler and smiled.'actually someone caught my eye'

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Boba ((Tired, cause remembers the detail))

"Yep, after all the cup is half full" he said, showing he was an optimist with that turn of phrase, starting to do what she did with floating on ones back. He caught the tone of another beautiful lady when she spoke, seeing another that could be this one's sister as she was near the same except a thinner and more angled face and a lighter brown eye color as well a smaller bust but not by much. "Oh name's Tyer by the way, yours?" he asked them, smiling at the catching her eye.

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Sia (slayqueen) | 2836 comments 'I'm sasha'sasha smiled.then she started swimming to the shore.'I'll be right back'she said before leaving.She then walked on the shore to the drinks counter.

'I'm prim'prim smiled sweetly.'and you have an amazing name.'She then sat at the edge of the shore,just dipping her toes in the water.'so Tyler,someone as handsome as yourself must have a pretty lady too,right?'she asked,hoping the answer was no.

((I'm sorry about not being very detailed,I'm at the airport and I'm tired))

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Boba ((Oh its fine, just longer then one line and I am happy))

"Nice to meet you both" he said, making a curt nod with a salute motion as Sasha moved toward shore, showing off a very well shaped rear and great back too. "Thanks though its a bit average and no, do youtube stuff so don't have time to find one really" he said with a shake of his head, smiling she would ask that as she laid down, showing a nice profile of her at his angle.

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Sia (slayqueen) | 2836 comments ((Ok,cool))

'Oh,so you're still single?'she asked,feeling happy.she smiled and stretched in the sand.She had as good of a body as Sasha did.She closed her eyes and just relaxed.

Sasha kept eyeing prim from the bar stand.She loved her like a sister but right now she had to find a way to get rid of her.she smiled at the bartender.'I'll have two glasses'

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Boba ((Where you flying?))

"Yep, that's what I meant by no time" he said with a shrug, eying her a little more as she stretched, with her not saying anything that meant she was alright with it. He glanced over at the drink counter, still able to spot Sasha from here, the color of her bikini and other things easy to spot.

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Sia (slayqueen) | 2836 comments ((I'm going to Pakistan))

'Mmhm'prim said,still relaxed.'so tell me what type of girls do you prefer?'she opened her eyes and looked straight at him.

Sasha came back carrying two glasses of beer.She smiled at Tyler.'drink?'she asked,not bothering for an answer as she pushed it in his hand.She glanced at prim who was lying there perfectly calm.

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Boba ((Hmm, what for?))

"Is that a body or mind question?" he asked back, thinking that could mean different things. He was about to say not really to Sasha until she shoved the drink into his hand, chuckling a little at her determination

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Sia (slayqueen) | 2836 comments 'Both'prim laughed.she sat up and looked at Sasha.'Umm Sasha dear,you forgot mines'
Sasha looked at her.'I thought you didn't drink'she said bluntly.
'Well I do'she said right back.
'I'm not gonna go again,it's too far'Sasha complained.'why don't you go?'
'I'll just leave it for today'she smiled and laid back down.She stared across the sea,ignoring the look Sasha gave her.

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Sia (slayqueen) | 2836 comments ((I live there))

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Boba ((Wow that interesting, where you coming from to go there then?))

"Oh well Guess a good balance of curvy and thin with curves being where all men and some women like them, face tend to lean to soft with a mix of sexy and beautiful and then mind smart, quick witted and humor is a must" he said, scratching his chin as he had just described their bodies mostly. He chuckled as it was obvious they were trying to get him alone to talk as he sipped the beer.

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Sia (slayqueen) | 2836 comments ((I'm going from Malaysia to pak))

'I'm all that'prim mumbled.
'Hey,you just described me!'Sasha clapped her hands eagerly and bounced up and down,making her boobs jiggle.
'Yeah,in your dreams'prim smirked.
'Excuse me'Sasha raised an eyebrow.
'Nothing'Prim closed her eyes again.

((I'm more like prim,lol))

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Boba ((Interesting))

I chuckled at their different reactions, Prim's muttering which he heard and Sasha who said it loudly and reacted joyfully. "Well I see half that, some to be seen" he said, addressing both of them with a smirk and a wink each. He meant they had of yet to show all their personality so he wasn't sure if they met all he had said though bodies, yes they definitely were world class sexy.

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Sia (slayqueen) | 2836 comments Prim smiled and sat up.She walked to Tyler and sat besides him.'tyler are you free this weekend?'she asked running her fingers up his arm.Then she smiled widely at him.
Sasha saw prim do her little trick and thought she'd let her play.Afterall,Tyler would choose her,he couldn't resist her body,could he?She smirked and thought she'd invite Tyler to her house today.

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Sia (slayqueen) | 2836 comments ((I gtg,boarding time))

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