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Alright, so I read this book in about 2009-2011.

The book was about a girl, she's living in modern day UK I'm pretty sure, I might be wrong. So point is, she figures a way to travel back in time. She has to take two steps, one to the front of her and then one to left/right. Once she has travelled back in time she ends up being in the exact same spot (geographically) where she was standing in the future. And at one point in the novel the girl ends up going back in time to a ruined tower, where there's holes in the stony floor so she nearly falls. So she remembers for future time-traveling to be more careful.

Another thing I remember is that the only reason she has the capability to time travel is because she is a princess that is part of some magical kingdom in old England or something. So she obviously does not know she's a princess, she's really startled to have time travelled to begin with, so once she comes to the castle - she is surrounded by 5-6 other princesses, who claim to be her sisters. She meets her father, the great King. Once she starts to feel welcome in this new home, she figures out that something horrible happened in the past (some evil man, or woman, had tried to take over the kingdom, and then this main character, the princess, had ended up time traveling). After this daughter had vanished, the mother (the queen) had jumped into some portal too, resulting in her going to our world - she wanted to try find her missing daughter.

I also remember, that the main characters best friend, some guy had turned out to be a person who was watching over her. Turns out he was the Kings servant or helper or something, and when the princess went missing the boy was sent after her too. (!!! now that I'm writing all this, a lot of info is coming back to me, but trust me I've tried researching this book, and nothing came up, funny - I can't remember the title, but I remember the whole book pretty much !!!) Anyway, I'm thinking now that the reason the girl found out she has these time traveling abilities is probably the guy friend who told her on her 16th birthday, I'm pretty sure that's what the book starts with - the girls birthday and then this life-changing info from her best friend.

Other vague information that I'm remembering is all of the sisters/princesses had powers of their own - there was one whose name was Cordelia/Cornelia. And then my favorite character of them all was the sister with blonde, curly hair who had the power to communicate with/heal animals or something. I also remember, that I was super sad when this blonde sister died in the end, she was saving the main characters life.

Other info: the mom (the queen) was found by the main character, once she had returned to the future. I remember the mom working in some expensive office. The girl eventually got through to her and the queen returned to the kingdom.

Other info: the whole point of this main character returning was for her to reach either her 16th/18th birthday. Hmm, I'm trying to type this as clear and non-confusing as possible. So, once the princess had been sucked into time travel, let's say it was the 1600's - the princess had lived many lives before reaching the life I read about her living in like let's say the 2000's right... So, in each of her lives her best friend, the guy, he was meant to tell her on her birthday that she had magical powers. But each time she'd die earlier than her 16th/18th. So like, ahhhh Im confusing myself.

I really hope someone will be able to help me find this book!!!!!

Thank you!

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Heara-Marie (heara92) | 6 comments I think I know this one I love this series. The Faerie Path I hope this is it

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SparksofEmber | 943 comments Definitely sounds like The Faerie Path to me, too.

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