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Red Dwarf -- Infinity ... (audiobook)

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message 1: by Hollowman (new)

Hollowman | 40 comments Just got thru Luke's SFBRP of Red Dwarf -- Infinity ... .
Interesting review -- will add to my to-read list. I do like a lot of TV/film - book tie-ins. E.g., Star Trek Logs (james blish, alan dean foster), etc.
About Infinity ...the whole audiobook is on YouTube. Not sure that's level of "freeness" is fair to the art-creator. Brick-and-mortar public libraries are different -- they are free, but travel-time hassle barrier does not de-franchise the artist.

message 2: by Hollowman (new)

Hollowman | 40 comments ... managed to get a free torrent of the audiobook ... I gave it 10 min of my non-infinite life. Definitely not for me. YMMV.

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Hollowman | 40 comments British SciFi (tv) can be great ... e.g., Dr. Who (Tom Baker years, Blake 7, Survivors (awesome!)).
I managed to sit thru a few clips of RD on YouTube ... gawd ... I guess you have to have a certain mindset ... or enjoy (UNDERSTAND) "British comedy". I couldn't even make it thru more than 2min before clicking the BACK button.
Hmmm ... for me, sci-fi with sprinkles of humor SPARSELY thrown in (Dr Who) is an effective formula.
But I know RD has its fans ... and gets good ratings on IMDB and GoodReads.
Which is why I largely stay away from these places ;)

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