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Adnana | 51 comments This thread is a continuation of our original discussion "Fans of K-dramas... please help," from the Amazon Romance forum [link here].

While the original amazon thread is still active/working, please post your comments there; this thread on goodreads was planned only as a backup and thus is unlikely to get [many] comments.
10/04/2017 Edit: Our amazon thread has been locked. Therefore, we are now [re-]activating this backup thread on goodreads to continue our drama talk.

10/11/2017 Edit: The amazon K-drama thread has been deleted. In case you want to re-visit that content, I've now uploaded it in PDF-form on issuu:
Posts from Year 2012, 2013-14 (part 1), 2013-14 (part 2), 2015, 2016-17

[Intro copied from the original amazon thread:] As I see it, Korean dramas (i.e. K-dramas) are stories like those found in the romance books I love, only brought to life on screen. Regardless of its genre (action/revenge, romantic comedy, melodrama, historical/sageuk etc.), a Korean drama always portrays a(t least one) well-developed romantic relationship: the Hero and heroine meet, fall in love with each other, and are faced with obstacles keeping them apart (past heartbreak, personality clashes, differing social background, disapproving in-laws, opposing missions etc.). Usually, the drama ends with a HEA for the H & h—though there are exceptions, so this is not always guaranteed.

Similar to K-dramas, there are other types of Asian dramas (from China, Taiwan, Japan etc.) that may be built around one (or more) core romance(s) and which fulfill the same conditions listed above.

What dramas are you watching now, and which are your favorites?

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Re Re (azuresaber) | 1 comments I just finished Scholar Who Walks At Night, and honestly feel a bit disappointed. The resolution felt very removed to the build up of the story. The story would have been better condensed to 16 episodes or less rather than 20.

The campy moments were really campy though. I got a kick out of seeing historical Korea being excited over Vampire books.

Other dramas I've been going through are Cunning Single Lady (might drop this one as the heroine hasn't been particularly impressive considering the title), A Witch's Romance, Healer, and King of High School.

I've been waiting to finish Romance of Condor Heroes, but it seems like the subs for that are stuck at 60-70% (on Viki).

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Adnana | 51 comments Unfortunately, it looks like our K-drama thread over at the Amazon romance forums (link in original post) has been locked.
This thread on Goodreads was created long ago for this precise reason, to serve as a backup when needed, and now it looks like that time has come.
So let's keep the drama talk alive here, ok?

Edit: This Goodreads club is now public, so new members don't have to ask for permission to join anymore. Have fun, everyone.

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AnitaLotti | 11 comments Transition complete!

Lost Love in Times is nearly done and I liked it quite a lot. Next in line is the finally fully subbed Memory Lost.

While you were sleeping seems to be quite nice on the k-drama front, let's see how it goes.

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Adnana | 51 comments I'm also really curious about "Memory Lost" (AnitaLotti, please come back to share your impressions after you've watched it. Has anyone else watched this drama already?). Right now, I'm trying to keep my expectations low after the other Ding Mo drama adaptations (When He Comes, Close Your Eyes aka Love Me If You Dare and When A Snail Loves) disappointed me by completely sidelining the romance which was such a major part of the original novels.

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Irene | 185 comments Thank you Adnana for opening this thread back up!

I've watched the first 10 episodes of Memory Lost subbed but have had trouble reconnecting after the loss of Kissasian. I have just found another site and will start to watch again. I did try and watch it without subs which was crazy but I will say that from what i saw there was a definite violent tone towards women - which might turn some people off. I believe the romance does get some highlight around episode 16/17 and going forward. Prior to that there seems to be chemistry/flirting going on.

I've recently started watching It's not Easy Being King and am enjoying it so far. I've heard some buzz around episodes 17 and on and issues that it goes in a different direction with a different tone than from the beginning - which is lighthearted fun - but I'm just on episode 7 and will have to report back.

I am also watching and enjoy Rackshasa Street. It is way over the top and kind of reminds me of manga mixed with the crazy type of action scenes you would see in something like Power Rangers but more modern.

Finished School 2017 which i found quite adorable.

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Melanie♥ (meliaann) | 1 comments As a devoted lurker on the amazon thread, I was glad to find this group when I did a quick search on GR. Thank you for setting this up!

message 8: by Irene (new)

Irene | 185 comments after all the searching and waiting for Memory Lost to get subbed and finding reliable site to watch it in, Dramafever just announces that they will be airing it in four days.

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shms | 3 comments I too am an amazon refugee, I got some great recommendations from the discussion there. So happy to find this discussion reactivated.

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Adnana | 51 comments shms wrote: "I too am an amazon refugee [...]"
So glad people are finding their way to this thread!

I'm sorry I didn't catch up in time with the news about the Amazon forums closing; I should/would have posted the direct link to this Goodreads group on the last page of our Amazon thread. This club isn't new (some old-timers might remember the scare we had a couple of years back, when we thought that the Amazon forums might close down, so we created this Goodreads club as a backup), but I don't know how many people still remember it (or even know about it at all). But yeah, nothing to be done about it now.

We do have Irene's last post on the Amazon thread as our silver lining, because it includes a direct link to a Goodreads club search which lists our "Asian Drama Club" as the first result. So hopefully, the Amazon people will all eventually find their way here. And new people too. We're always happy to welcome new K-drama addicts into the fold. :)

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AnitaLotti | 11 comments Memory Lost finished and comments:
Dramafever picking it up will hopefully generate better subs, though as always a heartfelt thanks to every fan taking on the task of subbing, segmenting, etc. as it is a lot of work.

I have not read the book and can therefore not compare but the story was told a bit uneven. I enjoyed the drama as a whole and it sure held a lot more romance than "Love me if you Dare". The H/h were sweet together. The crimes contained an excessive amount of rape cases and the big secret took a long taking off but kept me glued to the screen by then

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darkice7_12 | 5 comments Glad to see that people are making their way here from Amazon. I've mostly been a lurker at Amazon, since I always watch dramas when they've finished and seem to be a few months behind (for example, just finished watching K-Drama Defendant and am currently watching K-Drama Circle).

I have found some great ideas at the old Fans of Kdramas thread for future watches and hope that everyone will continue to share their drama viewing experiences here moving forward.

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Jennifer Rinehart | 6 comments Thanks for setting this up adnana!

Is anyone watching the weekend drama, My Golden Life? It's been one for a while, not sure if I can commit to such a long drama without knowing more about it.

I just watched the first episode of While you were sleeping and it is so fun.

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TAZ-Mania | 325 comments Thanks Adnana!

I was really surprised by how rapidly Amazon froze then deleted the Customer Discussions postings. I leave town for a week and eeek the Romance Forum is gone! Too bad they didn't at least leave the discussions available for viewing.

I did watch Memory Lost as it was subbed. Overall, I agree that the romance was stronger than in either Love Me If You Dare or When a Snail Falls In Love but I still thought that it was secondary to the crime solving storylines. Also, a substantial portion of Season 3 was spent in flashback on how the H/h met and lost their memories.

I'm currently continuing to watch The King in Love. ETA: I'm primarily watching for the h/OM love line. Unfortunately, the editing is very choppy with the story jumping between timelines making it sometimes hard to follow.

I'm also loosely following Hospital Ship but really wouldn't recommend this one as I'm not finding it to be all that interesting.

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TAZ-Mania | 325 comments I watched the first episode of the American TV series "The Good Doctor" which is a remake of the K-drama "Good Doctor". If I was remaking a k-drama, I don't think Good Doctor would be my first choice but the k-drama did win several Best Drama awards, including a Baeksang, so maybe that played a role in the selection of the drama. I was surprised that the first episode of the American version did substantially follow the k-drama version especially as it related to the H who is autistic (but it did have some differences). Overall, I didn't like the American version as much as the Korean version so I'm not sure that I will continue following.

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AnitaLotti | 11 comments I watched the new drama batch and surprisingly liked all of them, ranking as follows:

1. 20th Century Boy and Girl is breezy and likeable, I could have continued to binge watch the whole drama the night through had it only been available.
2. Witch's Court sneaked up on my as kind of a surprise. I would not have guessed it to be my kind of drama. But seeing Ma Komsa plowing through to the win without looking left and right and enjoying her triumphs so much bearing in mind her backstory and possible future is riveting.
3. Because it is my First Life: Enjoyable but I could have stopped anytime.

The Good Doctor: I did a rewatch of the k-drama before starting the US-version and the similarities of the pilots are clear. I will probably continue watching the US show and think it will do well ratingswise.

My Golden Life: Dramabeans did not like it and has dropped it. But I despite my initial PSH misgivings continue to tune in every week to watch what happens next. Will the twins find out the truth and change? Or will there be fakecest? Dum, dum, dum, dum!!!

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Usagi77777772003 | 50 comments Adnana, thanks so much for reviving this thread! I've been visiting since the beginning and was feeling so depressed that it was gone...already sad that all of our accumulated discussions have been deleted.

By the way, the original Amazon romance forum has moved here: http://romancebooklovers.freeforums.n...

There's also a "fans of K-dramas..." thread there, as somebody attempted to revive it. Was it you, Adnana?

Anyway, this goodreads location is much better as it's way easier to find. Thanks so much again!!

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Adnana | 51 comments Usagi77777772003 wrote: "...There's also a "fans of K-dramas..." thread there, as somebody attempted to revive it. Was it you, Adnana?..."
No, it wasn't me. Thank you so much for letting me know about this thread, though! I'll try to post a comment there, to let them know about this Goodreads club... I don't know, it doesn't much matter where we continue the original Amazon thread, I guess--either Goodreads or romancebooklovers.freeforums is fine--but I'd wish for us to agree on a single location, so that our original members don't scatter in different directions. I'm really attached to the little drama community we've built together over these years, so I hope it doesn't divide going forward, if at all possible. On a personal note, I do prefer the Goodreads location for the continuation thread, because it's more convenient (I also find my book recs here), plus the this club is older, so most old-timers are already members.

Oh, and regarding the original Amazon thread being completely gone now, I should actually have the old posts saved in a document, so maybe I'll try to create some PDFs for you all. Just in case you ever want to go back and check out the old posts.
ETA: I've uploaded the contents of our old Amazon K-drama thread for viewing in PDF form on issuu: [see message 1/original post at the top of the page for the links]

message 19: by Usagi77777772003 (new)

Usagi77777772003 | 50 comments Adnana, OMG, you're amazing for actually downloading all of our old posts!!! Here I was, pained at the thought of losing all of our past comments/recs...I consider all those posts to be a treasure trove of possibilities and would often track down old ones to read. I love you for thinking so far ahead -thank you so so much!!!

Yeah, there's not many people in that other K-drama thread, since the whole forum was mainly created to continue the "crazy jealous/possessive..." thread. I was afraid all of our "fans of Kdrama" members would scatter. Thank you again for reviving it here!

message 20: by TAZ-Mania (new)

TAZ-Mania | 325 comments Wow, thanks Adnana for the PDF files of all the old posts! Great job!

I agree that going forward we should just have one location for our discussions and vote for Goodreads.

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TAZ-Mania | 325 comments The Thai remake of the TW-drama & K-drama "Fated to Love You" has started airing. It's called "You're My Destiny" and so far the first 8 of it's 19 episodes have been subbed. Hopefully it will combine the best of the other 2 versions.

message 22: by Jennifer (new)

Jennifer Rinehart | 6 comments Wow, wow, wow! A download of all the old posts! You are truly amazing. I agree with Usagi, they are a treasure trove of possibilities! Thank you.

Taz - where are you watching the Thai remake of Fated to love you? I am so excited to watch this.

message 23: by TAZ-Mania (new)

TAZ-Mania | 325 comments Jennifer wrote: "Wow, wow, wow! A download of all the old posts! You are truly amazing. I agree with Usagi, they are a treasure trove of possibilities! Thank you.

Taz - where are you watching the Thai remake of Fa..."

Jennifer - Both 4udrama dot com and Fastdrama dot co have You're My Destiny

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Adnana | 51 comments Jennifer wrote: "Wow, wow, wow! A download of all the old posts! You are truly amazing. I agree with Usagi, they are a treasure trove of possibilities! Thank you..."

I only thought that Amazon would delete the threads completely as a worst case scenario, but better safe than sorry and all that, so I decided to save all the comments. But I'm not amazing, lol, just a little bit OCD. I like collecting... lots of stuff, all neat and organized. Including, luckily, drama recs, in their own dedicated little file (which is actually a huge file, as you can see, because, wow, we've been posting our drama impressions since 2012, which adds up to a whole lot of words).
Plus, a whole-thread search using "drama title"-keywords was so much easier in a word document, especially since Amazon discontinued its "forum search" feature a while ago.

Anyway, I'm very glad for building my little file now that our Amazon thread's gone for good, and am happy to share it with y'all.

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TAZ-Mania | 325 comments Spoilers --- Spoilers

I finished watching the k-drama “The King in Love” / "The King Loves" and was surprised by how much I enjoyed it. But then I’m a sucker for those rare dramas where the OM (who really was perfect) ends up with the h. Overall, I thought the ending was bittersweet but unfortunately anytime you have a drama that features a love triangle, someone ends up alone (the H was also a great character so I did feel sorry for him but not enough to ever have wished for him to end up with the h). Despite the love triangle, the core of the story was really about the friendship and loyalty among the H, h and OM.

I will say that I am glad that I didn’t watch this drama as it was airing as I would have suffered from a massive case of second male lead syndrome, especially since I found all of the romantic beats and tension to be between the h/OM and given “normal” k-drama rules I would have expected either the h or the OM to end up dead or for the h to end up with the H (who I will admit was also completely crazy about her - in an extremely obsessive/possessive way). Actually, given how clear it became in the latter episodes that the h was in love with the OM, I don't think I would have ever believed or been satisfied with a happy ending between the H/h. In all of their interactions, I always felt that h only saw the H as a dearly beloved friend and not as someone that she was in love with. (ETA: Recently read an interview with Yoon Ah who indicated that the h belatedly realized that she was in love with the OM when the OM rescued her for the second time on the rooftop (occurring in episode 18 of the 40 episode drama). Which meant that when the h told the H that she didn't want to marry the him as she was in love with someone else, she was telling him the truth.)

On a side note, the screenwriter for this drama also wrote “Healer” and “Faith” and there were a few occasions where I had flashbacks to scenes from those dramas. The best such example was when the wounded OM awakes to see the h and declares that he is dreaming of her. Ah, shades of Healer!

Also, don't go into this drama expecting a lot of kiss scenes as there is only one kiss scene in the entire drama but yay, as it is between the h/OM.

Some h/OM moments

Hong Jong Hyun really was amazing as the OM, hopefully this will be a break-out role for him.

ETA: If you decide to watch this drama make sure you watch the "international" version. Apparently there were 2 different versions and the version that aired on Korean TV excluded some of the h/OM scenes. I read that the Korean audience was upset with how the drama ended and I can understand their confusion if the version they watched didn't include all of the h/OM scenes.

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Jennifer Rinehart | 6 comments Well, I am so happy you saved it adnana and being able to search it will be especially helpful.

Thanks Taz for the site name. Lots of shows on there to watch.

message 27: by Irene (new)

Irene | 185 comments I just meant to watch one episode of 20th Century Boy and Girl but I couldn't stop myself with the 1 episode - i binged all 4 and now there is nothing left! I have to wait for new episodes to air and get subbed - why!!!!! It was like when you were only supposed to have a bite of that chocolate cake but then you blink and it's alllll gonnnne.
Needless to say, I am really liking this show. I really like both leads and the lightness of the show and love seeing the formation/foundation of the women's friendships told in flashbacks. So far, it's just really cute.

Am trying to watch Memory Lost on Dramafever but they've decided to only release 1 episode a day. With something that's been out for a while, there's no need to be stingy with the episodes - they could at least release 2 a day. Oh well, I'm going to start watching on 3 s.

message 28: by AnitaLotti (new)

AnitaLotti | 11 comments Irene wrote: "I just meant to watch one episode of 20th Century Boy and Girl but I couldn't stop myself with the 1 episode - i binged all 4 and now there is nothing left! I have to wait for new episodes to air a..."

Same here! It is just the thing to binge watch after a stressful day (and maybe take care of the aforementioned chocolate cake that can vanish along with the episodes).

message 29: by Irene (new)

Irene | 185 comments Hello,
Quick question. There is a song that i'm trying to find to download but I don't know the name and/or where to look for a download. It's on a MV for Ten Miles of Peach Blossoms. I've included the link to the MV on Youtube. Does anyone have any clue on title or where i could find it?
Thank you!

message 30: by cbela (new)

cbela | 19 comments Irene wrote: "Hello,
Quick question. There is a song that i'm trying to find to download but I don't know the name and/or where to look for a download. It's on a MV for Ten Miles of Peach Blossoms. I've include..."


”I will go to you like the first snow” by ailee
It’s an OST in “Goblin” :)
Here’s the YT link to song title and lyrics

message 31: by Irene (new)

Irene | 185 comments cbela wrote: "Irene wrote: "Hello,
Quick question. There is a song that i'm trying to find to download but I don't know the name and/or where to look for a download. It's on a MV for Ten Miles of Peach Blossoms..."

Thank you so much! this has been haunting me for so long!

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TAZ-Mania | 325 comments Given the high rating received from Dramabeans (A-), I decided to give the k-drama "The Liar and His Lover" a second chance. I had originally starting watching this drama when it was currently airing but got stalled on episode 5. While I certainly wouldn't rate it as high as Dramabeans, I was able to finally finish it.

While the H/h were a cute couple, I actually found myself more interested in the Shi Hyun/Soo Yeon couple. Unfortunately, their entire romance probably only had a total of about 10 minutes of screen time. And I guess that pretty well sums up my thoughts about this drama.

Shi Hyun/Soo Yeon couple

message 33: by Irene (new)

Irene | 185 comments TAZ-Mania wrote: "Given the high rating received from Dramabeans (A-), I decided to give the k-drama "The Liar and His Lover" a second chance. I had originally starting watching this drama when it was currently airi..."

Watched the video and loved it - they are really cute and their obvious interest in each other makes me want to watch it but I'm sad about it only being about 10 minutes.

message 34: by TAZ-Mania (new)

TAZ-Mania | 325 comments Irene wrote: ...........

I actually thought that the Shi Hyun/Soo Yeon couple had a lot more chemistry than the lead couple and could have watched a drama just based on them (or a least a lot more scenes with them).

It kinda reminded me of the teenaged version of the H/h in the k-drama "18 vs 29". I much preferred them to the adult version and wished the entire drama was based just on their romance. Unfortunately, the teenage version of the H/h also only had around 10 or so total minutes of screen time (the drama features a few minutes of flashbacks of them at the end of some of the episodes).

A few of the flashbacks featuring the teen version of the H (very young Siwon) and h.

I actually didn't like the adult version of the h and felt completely sorry for the H as she treated him sooooo badly.

message 35: by cbela (new)

cbela | 19 comments Thanks for the “20th Century Boy and Girl” :) I am really liking this one thus far I need next week to come already. I am all up to date after watching ep 8.

message 36: by Irene (new)

Irene | 185 comments Finished watching The Liar and His Lover aka Lovely Love Lie. I enjoyed it but completely agree with Taz that the secondary love story was more compelling despite it only being a possible sum total of 10 minutes of interactions between those 2 secondary characters. The main characters were ok but seemed a little blah. The h was a weeper- crying here and there. she was a young 19 year old being manipulated by everyone and in her innocence, naivety and lack of cynicism she changed the world - or, at least, all the guys who fell in love with her. It also seemed like everyone had their turn in doing something underhanded to her or her bf- the ex-girlfriend, the sml, the president, the director and they were all redeemed at.the end. the story was interesting. It took the main characters less than 1/2 the show to be official to each other, I loved that it seemed that she wooed him

message 37: by Irene (new)

Irene | 185 comments I also liked how the lead and the band where hiding something that was shameful and that could cost them their careers and the stakes act silly felt real for them. with regards to the romance, the leads were light ikn the chemistry dept - i think it had to do with the h youthful innoncence- the H also felt very youngish despite the mid 20s age.the secondary romance had a more genuine chemistry connection that you could see when they locked eyes which wasn't too often because- again- only 10 min of romance - sigh. Here's hoping those 2 get some cute modern romcom.

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TAZ-Mania | 325 comments Irene - agree completely with your comments on The Liar and His Lover. Lead romance was bland.

Watched season 2 of Age of Youth. Overall, I thought it was as good as season 1. Similar to season 1 the drama is a slice of life coming of age story of the 5 roommates of Belle Epoque, with some secondary romance story lines. I was disappointed in how they left the Song Ji Won/Im Sung Min story line (perhaps leaving it for a possible season 3?). I could also have done without the epilogue showing all of the various roommates death dates (and especially knowing that one dies at a fairly young age) as I prefer to imagine that drama characters are just continuing on with their lives.

I am loosely following several of the new dramas. So far, the only one that I'm thinking about dropping despite liking the lead actors is Revolutionary Love as I'm finding that I don't particularly care for some of the characters or story lines.

message 39: by TAZ-Mania (new)

TAZ-Mania | 325 comments I continue to (loosely) follow several of the currently airing dramas.

I've now watched and enjoyed the first 12 episodes of "20th Century Boy and Girl". I like that the show has a low angst vibe and that, so far, all of it's main (and most of it's side) characters are very likable. Refreshing.

I also watched and enjoyed the first 4 episodes of "Go Back Couple", about a 38 year old newly divorced couple who both go back in time to when they were 20 (freshmen in college). So far the drama hasn't given us any reason to root for the couple to reunite, as they viciously bicker every time they meet and the H is actively pursuing his first love, the OW. (Both the OW and OM are likable and other than the existence of the H/h's son, the drama really hasn't given us any reason to care if the H and h reunite or if they instead end up with the OW and OM.) I do like that the h at least misses her son and is distressed by remaining in the past and potentially changing the future. Unfortunately, so far, it doesn't seem that the H shares these concerns as his focus appears to be on dating the OW. On a side note, one of the many peeves I had about the drama "Marry Him If You Dare"/"Mi Rae's Choice" was that the h was granted the ability to return to the past and used the time to try to dissuade her past self from marrying the H. This always seemed to me to be a massive premise failure on that drama's part as any other mother granted such ability would use it to save her dead child's life (instead of actively trying to keep her child from ever existing). Glad to see they are at least addressing a somewhat but not entirely similar issue in "Go Back Couple".

I'm also enjoying the legal procedural drama "Witch's Court", with it's sweet H and the win at any costs h. However, I could do without the overarching story line about the missing mother and the criminal deviate politician and the new twist about the H's mother's involvement.

I'm finding "Hospital Ship" to be kinda boring, as it's mostly medical procedures with some hospital politics/backstabbing. However, I did like that the drama avoided going fully down the nasty OW path. OW in order to win back H lies that she has leukemia but show kinda drops this story line with OW deciding to give up on her pursuit of the H. Somewhat similar situation with OM. His family offers to make h the heir to the family's hospital if she agrees to marry the OM (given the h's age difference with the OM, I'm not sure I was ever on board with this story line). Again, story line was dropped before things turned ugly.

Also, the current episode of "Revolutionary Love" wasn't too bad so, for now, will probably continue watching this drama. Overall, so far, this drama is just okay, nothing special.

I'm weeks and weeks behind on Temperature of Love and While You Were Sleeping and may wait until both of these series are complete before catching up/finishing.

message 40: by 100sweet (new)

100sweet | 17 comments What happened to Siege in Fog? I heard about it a long time ago and then nothing.

message 41: by TAZ-Mania (last edited Oct 27, 2017 06:54PM) (new)

TAZ-Mania | 325 comments 100sweet wrote: "What happened to Siege in Fog? I heard about it a long time ago and then nothing.">

No date has been established for airing of this drama. The writer sued the production company for copyright violation. The court agreed that her copyrights were violated but allowed the production company to move forward. The writer indicated on her web page that due to the copyright violations the drama will not be airing anytime soon.

message 42: by 100sweet (new)

100sweet | 17 comments TAZ-Mania wrote: "100sweet wrote: "What happened to Siege in Fog? I heard about it a long time ago and then nothing.">

No date has been established for airing of this drama. The writer sued the production company f..."

Wow, I had no idea.

message 43: by Irene (new)

Irene | 185 comments I thought they had changed the release date to Dec 27 or somewhere thereabouts. I had no idea about the lawsuit.

message 44: by Irene (new)

Irene | 185 comments After looking further I found this - sad yo think it will be a long while before we can see this.

message 45: by TAZ-Mania (new)

TAZ-Mania | 325 comments On a positive note, the novel Siege in Fog (Color of Night) is in process of being translated.

Earlier Chapters

Chapters 16 onward

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Usagi77777772003 | 50 comments OMG, I've been watching the Chinese remake of "Jang Bori is here" (makjang Kdrama with the most evil girl) and it's amazing -the leads are gorgeous and have explosive chemistry!!!! It's called "Because of meeting you" and here are two mvs (one with the official drama theme and the other one is my favorite short mv of the OTP): (my favorite short mv) (official theme mv)

I never bothered to watch the original Korean version because the main leads didn't draw me in (also, didn't find the male lead to be attractive), but this Cdrama remake is incredible: Besides the main leads' larger than life chemistry, everyone in the cast fit their roles and gave standout performances. The directing and music were all on point and the entire drama was hugely addictive -has that "IT" factor.

Of course, knowing me, another huge reason I watched it was because of the male lead's unconditional love for our leading lady: He was relentless in his pursuit and never gave up on her once he came to terms with his feelings. It also helps that both the actor and actress are very talented and skilled at acting. Even though the lead girl plays a sort of mary sue-ish character, she incorporated a sassy wit to her character and made me love her portrayal. I love both of the leads and will watch pretty much any drama of theirs in the future.

I first watched them in another youth drama called "15 years of waiting for migratory birds" and was sad that they didn't end up together (though I also loved the male lead, I felt the secondary guy had better romantic chemistry with the girl). This drama fulfilled that wish in spades and gave the pairing so many scenes together. I pretty much died and went to heaven...

Even if you can't stand the evil secondary girl, watch it for the main leads because the central focus is on their love story and it's developed very well with plenty of details. Plus, there's a huge payoff at the end and the evil girl is utterly destroyed. If you've watched parts of the original Korean version, you should know what to expect. Besides her, I didn't hate anyone else in this drama and emphasized with them. You can just FF the evil girl's scenes if she becomes too unbearable. Trust me, the leads make this drama!!! I highly highly recommend this and hope the leads work together again in another drama in the future.

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Usagi77777772003 | 50 comments Finally, you can watch this on viki, viewasian or drama3s

Also, almost forgot this ultra cute mv of our leads:

YunKai and GuoGuo forever!!!

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TAZ-Mania | 325 comments Usagi77777772003 wrote: "OMG, I've been watching the Chinese remake of "Jang Bori is here" (makjang Kdrama with the most evil girl) and it's amazing -the leads are gorgeous and have explosive chemistry!!!! It's called "Bec..."

You were wise to avoid watching "Jang Bori is Here" as it was a horrible over the top makjang mess with a cast of completely unlikable characters (only drama I can think of that didn't have one character that I even remotely cared for). The h was a naive TSTL doormat who cheerfully accepted all of the mental and physical abuse and mistreatment heaped upon her and the romance lacked any chemistry or sizzle. For the most part, I found the H/h interactions to be childish and immature. If the writer was going for cute she missed the mark by a mile. Also, the romance was very much a secondary storyline and seemed to become even less of a focus and less interesting once the H/h became a couple. Overall, I would rate this drama a 3 out of 10. A truly horrible drama that I suggest everyone avoid.

It sounds like the Chinese version "Because of Meeting You" is a vast improvement over the Korean version. The leads do look really cute in the MV. An good romance really can save an otherwise bad drama.

I continue to enjoy several of the currently airing dramas, including Witch's Court (like the role reversal between the H and h), Go Back Couple (drama hasn't yet sold me on the H/h as a couple but I'm also not rooting for either of the second leads) and 20th Century Boy and Girl (looks like this show will wrap up early while keeping the same number of episodes). I'm also loosely following a couple of other dramas that I would rate as just okay.

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Usagi77777772003 | 50 comments TAZ-Mania wrote: "Usagi77777772003 wrote: "OMG, I've been watching the Chinese remake of "Jang Bori is here" (makjang Kdrama with the most evil girl) and it's amazing -the leads are gorgeous and have explosive chemi..."

Lol, I only watched the ending parts of "Jang Bori is here" because the evil girl really did get what she deserved in spades and I enjoyed seeing her get destroyed. Never in a million years would I have watched the entire drama because I knew the romance lacked sizzle and without that, I could never put up with the makjang elements.

Luckily this Chinese version has a kickass romance with leads who are not only ridiculously good-looking, talented at acting, but also have electrifying chemistry. It's worth it to watch this drama only for them as they have plenty of screen time. I loved this drama because of their love story and several loveable secondary characters.

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TAZ-Mania | 325 comments The medical k-drama "Hospital Ship" just completed it's 40 (30 minute) episode run. Overall, the drama was just average, nothing special. I found the medical stories somewhat cheesy and the romance tepid (h was just too cold and at 39 Ha Ji Won seemed too old for her 26 year old leading man and her 20 year old second male lead). Also, wasn't that interest in the cancer story line that they introduced in a final couple of episodes, seems a throwback to k-dramas from years ago.

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