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Val (theangryturtle) | 153 comments Here

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Ruth | 500 comments Danke :) ready to make characters, or do you have any questions/ tips?

Girl A is your typical good girl. She made great grades all through school, and had dreams of going to college. But when tragedy struck, everything changed. Suddenly she didn't care about anything like that anymore, and just wanted to get away. The opportunity came when an up and coming rock band had a concert in the small town where she lived, and she began to tour with them.

Guy A always dreamed of fame, and his dream was coming true when the band he was drummer in got an album on the charts. They started to tour, and soon they had screaming, adoring fans, and girls throwing themselves at them. It was all he'd ever wanted. When they get a new roadie from a small town, he feelt like she's hiding something. Slowly he started to be more and more attracted to her, and wantex to find out her secret.

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Val (theangryturtle) | 153 comments Mmm, I'm good. I know what tradegy I'm gonna choose but I want it to be revealed to you as the same time as your character. :P They're gonna be on the same bus right? Also how entitled is he going to feel about things?

I'm ready if you are!

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Ruth | 500 comments Haha yeah sounds good :D
And yeah she's on the same bus as all the band members, and any other roadies they pick up along the way. As far as entitlement, well he's not gonna be abusive or rapist or anything like that- I figured the girl would be having sex with the band members here and there, maybe even including him, but that's all up to you really. If she encourages him he's definitely not gonna restrain himself lol

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Ruth | 500 comments But idk, what were you meaning by "entitled?"

message 6: by Val (last edited Aug 25, 2015 08:46AM) (new)

Val (theangryturtle) | 153 comments No no I didn't mean like abuse wise I just mean like some band members get so many girls that theyre like confused and persistent when a girl doesnt immediately want them back and thinks he just has to try differently/harder. Maybe bending morality a little, but nothing too dark ahha. Regular teenage guy stuff. And good she's gonna be throwing out some mixed signal ahha.

Not saying that's how he has to be it will just work better for the plot for me.

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Ruth | 500 comments Ooooooh, okay XD yeah I just don't like doing abusive relationships lol
But yeah, pretty much I figured he's obviously gonna expect most girls to throw themselves at him, but we'll have to just rp that out I guess. Cause how he acts depends a lot on how she acts lol

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Val (theangryturtle) | 153 comments True, okay ready for charries!

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Ruth | 500 comments Awesome! I'll have to wait to get to my PC to make mine, but you can go ahead with yours if you'd like. I'll have him as soon as I can

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Val (theangryturtle) | 153 comments Awesome. I won't be able to respond too much today becasue I have Nutrition Class/Work.

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Ruth | 500 comments Okay that's fine. I'm rearranging the house, so same here XD

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Ruth | 500 comments Name: Frank Lucas Greyson Jr.
Nicknames: He only answers to Luke or Smokey

Age: 21
Date of Birth: May 11, 1994

Gender: Male
Sexuality: Heterosexual


Distinguishing features: Hazel eyes, blondish-brown hair, stud earrings in each ear, the word "Smokey" tattooed on his right forearm.

Smokey likes to do what he calls "living life to the fullest." Often he doesn't think through the consequences of his actions, and sometimes it's gotten him into trouble, but he always has a flirty move, or just the right comment to get him right out again. After all, no one can resist his charms. When you get down beneath the whole carefree, fun attitude, however, he's really a caring, deep thinking person. And he'll give you a broken nose if you even think about calling him Frank.

Music/Playing the drums
The beach

Pickup Trucks

Luke grew up in a family of talent, although all in different areas. His brother, Clint, was studying nuclear physics at age sixteen, his mom was a bestselling romance novelist, and his dad owned his own law firm. And Luke was the one in his bedroom banging on his drums. His whole family was very supportive of his love for music, and at thirteen he started up his first band. It quickly fell apart, and after four other attempts at starting one up, he finally joined the band, _______ , as the drummer. Things actually started to pick up with that band, and before too long they were going on tour. At age eleven he accidentally set his hair on fire with his dad's cigarette lighter. He freaked out and went running down the street screaming, until finally a neighbor pinned him to the ground and put it out. That antic earned him the nickname, "Smokey." At first he was embarrassed by it, but soon he began to embrace it, and now it's the only other name he answers to other than Luke.

Father: Frank Lucas Greyson (55)
Mother: Christina Caroline Greyson (54)
Brother: Clinton James Greyson (29)

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Val (theangryturtle) | 153 comments Ah okay writing mine now!

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Ruth | 500 comments Okay- and oh, I just wanted to let you know, I went a little A&B the C of D
I don't care if all you give me is name age appearance

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Ruth | 500 comments Okay- and oh, I just wanted to let you know, I went a little A&B the C of D
I don't care if all you give me is name age appearance

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Val (theangryturtle) | 153 comments Haha okay cool.

Name: Lacy
Age: 18
Personality: She's very sweet and naive, but is haunted by the events of when ________, making her normally extroverted bubbly attitude shy and withdrawn at times.

message 17: by Ruth (new)

Ruth | 500 comments Awesome! Ready to start? I was thinking we'd begin the rp when she starts going on tour with them? What do you think?

message 18: by Val (new)

Val (theangryturtle) | 153 comments Yeah, do you want to start us off?

message 19: by Ruth (new)

Ruth | 500 comments ((Sure, do you have any ideas for the band name?))

Luke woke up the morning after the show in the arms of a blonde. Jessie, maybe? She was still sound asleep, so he quietly slipped out of bed so as not to wake her. He pulled on his jeans before climbing out of the bus and sitting in one of the lawn chairs set up outside.

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Val (theangryturtle) | 153 comments Lacy was nervously looking out the window, watching the passing cars as her mom drove her towards her new life. It was an awkward car ride; she had been distancing herself for months and this was the first time they had to spend more than a few minutes together.

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Val (theangryturtle) | 153 comments ((Mmm, it's a rock band right?))

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Ruth | 500 comments The whole ground outside was littered in beer bottles and cigarette butts, and Luke had a hangover. He opened one of the coolers and pulled out an ice pack, placing it on his forehead. The rest of the band were probably sleeping in- he always woke up earlier than anyone else.

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Ruth | 500 comments ((Yeah kind of like the killers))

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Val (theangryturtle) | 153 comments ((The Others? idk ahah))

After what felt like years, they pulled up into the parking lot where the bus was parked. She tried not too get out too quickly, but it was pretty obvious to her mom how much she wanted to leave. She had packed everything she owned that meant anything to her, just in case. She spotted the drummer in front (she had studied up a bit.

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Ruth | 500 comments ((Works XD ))

Luke cracked open an eye as he saw a car drive up and a girl get out. Sitting the ice pack to the side he stood up and grabbed a shirt from the ground. It wasn't his, but he slipped it on over his head anyway.

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Val (theangryturtle) | 153 comments Lacy giggled a little when she saw the shirt he had on. It obviously wasn't his, that was for sure, but she definitely didn't want him to take it off. Mustering up the straightest face she could, she walked closer. Not even bothering to say goodbye after she grabbed her stuff. "Hi!" She smiled.

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Ruth | 500 comments Luke squinted into the sunlight but he managed a partial grin. "Morning. I'm Smokey. What brings you here?"

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Val (theangryturtle) | 153 comments "I'm, uh," she got a little nervous once she got a good look at him, "I'm the new person on tour?" She shook her head slightly. "I'm Lacy. I sing emotional stuff.." She blushed.

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Ruth | 500 comments "Oh, right," Luke nodded. "I remember now. Things are just a little hazy, what with-" he waved his hand indicating that they'd partied the night before. "But yeah, good to meet you. Lacy, right?" His eyes wee starting to adjust to the sunlight better, so he was able to look at her straight on.

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Val (theangryturtle) | 153 comments Lacy looked down quickly, he was definitely attractive but she felt uneasy for a reason she couldn't place. "Yeah, that's me. My stuff?" She asked hastily.

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Ruth | 500 comments "Oh yeah right," Luke said. "Um..." He glanced back at the bus remembering that Jessie was still asleep in there. "Let's put it underneath for now. That's where the rest of us keep our stuff." The headache was slowly starting to wear off and he was getting some of his regular personality back. He grinned at her. She was pretty, for sure.

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Val (theangryturtle) | 153 comments Lacy frowned slightly, confused about the reasoning for that but he has been doing this for a much longer time. Following him to the bus, tried to figure out why she felt so bad.

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Ruth | 500 comments Luke opened the hatch so she could put it in the storage compartment under the bus. Trying to make conversation, he asked, "so, have you ever toured with a band before?" He heard movement inside the bus, Jessie had woken up apparently.

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Val (theangryturtle) | 153 comments Lacy shook her head, looking up at the noise as well. "Is that the rest of the band waking up?" She was eager to get meeting them out of the way.

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Ruth | 500 comments "Oh, no, I got the bus last night. The rest are in various and sundry hotels around but they'll be showing up soon." Luke replied as the door swung open and Jessie came out wearing only one of his t shirts.

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Val (theangryturtle) | 153 comments It took all she had not to squeak in surprise when she saw his one night stand. She wasn't confident in her sexuality, never even having a proper boyfriend during high school. "Hi," she tried to break her own awkwardness by blurting out the greeting.

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Ruth | 500 comments Luke wasn't particularly embarrassed by it, but he saw that it was making the new girl uneasy.
"Um, Lacy, this is Jessie. Jessie, that's Lacy." He made quick introductions only to get a glare from the other girl.
"It's Jackie!"
"Shit," Luke said. "Hey it's nothing personal, I'm just crap at remembering names. You need a ride home?"

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Val (theangryturtle) | 153 comments Lacy just blushed, nearly laughing at how he forgot her name. Trying not to judge due to her small town upbringing. she just smiled at her. "He probably doesn't even remember mine and we're touring together," she joked. She wasn't sure if it was for the girl's or Smokey's sake.

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Ruth | 500 comments "Yeah see, listen to what she said!" Luke mouthed a silent thanks to Lacy.
It didn't do any good, the girl huffed and stormed off to her car.
When she was gone Luke turned back to Lacy with a grin. "Hey sorry about that."

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Val (theangryturtle) | 153 comments "Does that happen often?" She teased, out of her shell for the time being.

message 41: by Ruth (new)

Ruth | 500 comments "What?" Luke asked stupidly. "Me forgetting girls names? Oh yeah, I do it all the time. Hell, I'm literally the worst person at remembering names. I called my own brother Clint Chris once." He laughed.

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Val (theangryturtle) | 153 comments Lacy just smiled, "So do we meet up with the rest of the band or?"

message 43: by Ruth (new)

Ruth | 500 comments Luke nodded and glanced back toward the road where he saw a jeep approaching. "Ah, here they are."

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Val (theangryturtle) | 153 comments She seemed a little relieved to not be alone with him. "Are they nice?" She said, her voice suddenly a little juvenile and nervous.

message 45: by Ruth (new)

Ruth | 500 comments ((Sorry I was out of town))

Luke shrugged. "They're guys. They can be a little rough around the edges, but they won't go out of their way to be mean."

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Val (theangryturtle) | 153 comments ((No worries!))

Lacy just nodded. "I'm gonna go to the restroom, where is it?" Shifting from foot to foot, she glanced from him to the bus.

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Ruth | 500 comments "Um, well we don't have one actually on the bus," Luke said hesitantly. "We typically stop at rest stops along the way and stuff."

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Val (theangryturtle) | 153 comments Her eyes widened and she let out a low grown but tried to play it cool. "Ooooh that's cool. That's okay," she tried to smile and shifted to the other foot.

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Ruth | 500 comments Luke could tell she didn't like the idea. "It's not too late to back out," he shrugged. Right then the jeep pulled out and the rest of the guys approached, obviously nursing awful hangovers.

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Val (theangryturtle) | 153 comments "No no I just really need to pee right now," she said quietly. She glanced up in the direction he looked in, running her eyes over the guys.

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