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I am new to this group, HI! :)

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message 1: by frop84 (new)

frop84 | 2 comments Hi! I just discovered Sasha's channel and I am new here, can anybody tell me how this group works and what books we need to read and stuff? Sorry, I am really bad at using Goodreads cause I just have an account because of my Kindle lol. Thank you very much :)

message 2: by Jia (new)

Jia | 15 comments We are reading Rook by Sharon Cameron this month. The live show will happen on YouTube on the 7th next month. You still have time to join us. Happy reading ;-)

message 3: by Tabby (new)

Tabby (bookbugged) Each month there's a different book chosen by Sasha and Regan for us to read for the whole month. The current one for the month of August is Rook by Sharon Cameron. Read-a-long if you choose to and the live show of the discussion of this book is on the 7th :) Have fun

message 4: by frop84 (new)

frop84 | 2 comments Oh, thanks! I am starting to read Rook now, but I will have less time because of school!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :( Happy reading to you guys too! :)

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