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So if you wanted, I thought maybe we could hash out a MxM idea based on the first idea I posted? Like maybe, we could have Rockstar A figure out he has a kid, and while in that town, meets Guy B and rants to him about all the stress he's being put through, they become friends/fall for each other while trying to manage Guy A's split custody?

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~ Devine ~ | 1202 comments Sure sounds good to me. Could I be guy B?

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Sure thing. :) Simple characters?

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~ Devine ~ | 1202 comments Yeah. Could you make yours first?

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Of course, just give me a minute.

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{Christopher "Chris" Lange}

Age: 23


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~ Devine ~ | 1202 comments 》Andrew 'Andy' Wright 《


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Damn. We picked ourselves some attractive men.
As for starting, I was thinking we could set it in a coffee shop or something, after Chris finds out he has a kid? They could meet there?

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~ Devine ~ | 1202 comments Yeah that would work. Who's should post first?

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You can, if you want?

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~ Devine ~ | 1202 comments Okay

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~ Devine ~ | 1202 comments Andrew sat at the back of the coffee shop. He had out his lap top trying to get a page page for a class he was taking. With a frustrated sigh he shut the computer and took a sip of his coffee. He looked around the small place, thinking. He had a week to finish it and he has barely started it.

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Christopher walked into the first coffee shop he saw, almost literally shaking with suppressed emotion. Walking up to the barista, he ordered the most heavily caffeinated item on the menu, walking back towards the tables, coffee in hand. He was visibly in turmoil from what he'd just found out, and it was apparently affecting his motor skills too. "Oh, shit!" He yelped, as he stumbled, spilling his hot coffee all over himself and grabbing the nearest table to steady himself.

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~ Devine ~ | 1202 comments Andrew was pulled from his thinking when he saw someone spill their coffee all over themselves. Not thinking about, he jumped up and grabbed some paper towels. "You alright?" He asked, handing the guy the papertowels. "What did you have?" He asked him. "Your coffee I mean." He said as he helped him clean up a little. One of the baristas came over to mop up the the floor.

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"Yeah, I'm okay." Chris murmured, gratefully taking a paper towel from the other man and trying to wipe himself up. "It was a large mocha with a triple shot of expresso." He said without much thought, too distracted by the hot coffee all over him to overthink things like usual.

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~ Devine ~ | 1202 comments "Okay." He went up to the counter and ordered what the guy had. He grabbed it, thanking the girl and taking it back to his table. He set it down before walking back to the guy. "You can come sit with me if you want. I got you another coffee." He said with a smile. He went over to where he was sitting and sat back down.

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Finally processing what this guy had done for him, Chris looked up, seeing how attractive he was. "Wow. Thank you, thank you so much. You didn't have to do that." He said, sitting down and sticking out his hand for him to shake. "I'm Christopher, but it's Chris to guys like you." He smiled, finally feeling himself relax, something he really, really needed to do.

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~ Devine ~ | 1202 comments "Iys no big deal. You see me a little stressed and like you really needed that coffee." Andrew said with a laugh. He shook his hand. "Well. Its nice to meet you Chris. Im Andrew but you can call me Andy." He said and moved his computer out of the way. "What do you me mean? Guys like me?" He asked him. He couldnt help but take in his features and admire how handsome he was.

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Chris laughed, not as tense, and took a sip of his coffee. "Guys like you who are nice enough to help someone out of a mess like that. I owe you one, Andy." He said, shoving his hair out of his blue eyes.

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~ Devine ~ | 1202 comments "Really, Its no big deal." Andrew smiled and took a sip of his coffee, pushing his glasses up on his nose more. "If you dont mind me ask what were you stressing about before?" He said. "You seemed pretty out of it."He set the cup back down and leaned his head on his hands. He neneeds this distraction. Maybe it could help him come up with an idea for his paper.

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Chris laughed humorlessly at Andrew's question. "I don't mind. You probably will, because I'm probably not going to shut up for a while." He took a deep breath and another sip of coffee. "So, my band just started taking off, our first album has almost gone platinum. I had a boyfriend, we weren't really serious or anything, and he dumped me. For some reason, it sparked my interest to see what someone else I used to be with was up to. I mean, I could afford it and all, so I figure, why not? I get back here, where she is, and all of a sudden I see her picking up a kid. A little girl, like four years old, and you know what? She's mine. My kid. I have a freaking child that I never knew about." He closed his eyes and put his head down on the table. "I don't know what to do." He finished, his voice muffled against the table, fully aware of the fact that he'd just ranted all of his problems out to almost a total stranger.

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~ Devine ~ | 1202 comments Andy sat there and listened to every word he had to say. He laughed a tiny bit when he watched him set his head on the table. "So you have a daughter you never knew about and tou dont know what to do?" He thpught for a moment. "Does the mom want you in the girls life or not and do you want to be a part of your daughters life." He asked him. Those were the two main questions that needed to be answered before he could really do anything about it. He looked at him and tilted his head slightly, wait I wait I him to answer.

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Bringing his head back up, Chris nodded. "Yeah, pretty much. And she's fine with me seeing her regularly, plus they need the financial support. She's not a total bitch, thankfully, so I still get to at least try to be a part of my kid's life." He took another sip of coffee before continuing. "I do want to be a part of her life. I want to make up for lost time and I want to be there for her, like an actual responsible adult. Which, by the way, I have no idea how to be a dad, let alone a responsible one."

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~ Devine ~ | 1202 comments Andy rolled his eyes. "Its really not that hard. You said you were in a band right? Do you do tours and stuff because that will have an effect on the whole thing." He said as he tried to figure something out for the guy. "And how long are you staying here for? Maybe you can convince her to let you take care of her do as long as you are going to be here to give her a break or something or maybe just for a week or weekend to see how it goes." He took a sip of his drink and realized he would make a pretty good therapist, to bad he already wanted a job as a police officer. He was real close to finishing the class too.

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"Yeah, the band could make things difficult. We start touring in a month, all over the States. I can be here until then, I wasn't planning on it, but this makes things different. Real different." He tilted the cup all the way back, finishing it off. "I could do a week at first, and then maybe weekends afterward until I have to go again. I don't know what I'll do on the road. I'll probably miss her... and it gets really, really lonely sometimes." He sighed before snapping to reality. "Look, I'm really sorry." He laughed nervously. "I'm probably annoying the hell out of you."

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~ Devine ~ | 1202 comments "No, no. Its fine. Really. Its a really good distraction. Ive been stressing about a paper I have to write for the class Im taking. And I really needed something to gwt my mind off of it for a bit." He said with a shrug and drank the rest of his coffee. "I take the final test next week for it and I hope I pass." He smiled and looked back up at him, fix in his glasses. "Anyways. Whats your band name? Maybe Ive heard a couple songs." He said, leaning back on the table. He was quite enjoying this talk they were having.

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Chris nodded with interest. "That's pretty cool. What's the class for?" He asked, curious. A guy like him could really be anything, especially with looks like those. "It's called DriveShaft... I play bass and do vocals." Chris shrugged, not expecting him to recognize the band. After all, they had started out as a high school garage band.

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~ Devine ~ | 1202 comments "Its a Police Officer course" He told him with a smile. "Once I finish this class I become an official Police Officer. Just have to do the physical exam at the academy on the obstacle course." He thpught about it do a moment. "Yeah i dont if i have ever heard of you guys."

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"Wow. Impressive. If I were you I wouldn't stress too much about the physical exam. Your muscles are quite, ah, noticeable." He said with a smile. "Yeah, you probably haven't. i can get you tickets to an upcoming concert, if you'd like." He chuckled. "Trust me, we have quite a few to spare."

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~ Devine ~ | 1202 comments Andrew blushed a tiny bit when he mentioned how noticable his muscles were. "Yeah. I go to the gym in my free time." He said with a shrug. "Sure. Id lobe to come to a concert. I dont really get out much." He said and sat back, still looking at him.

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"Yeah. I can tell you work out." Chris said with one eyebrow raised. "You don't get out much… which is surprising. You're not, like… seeing anyone?" He asked casually, trying to play it off as if he wasn't that interested in his response.

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~ Devine ~ | 1202 comments "Me? Oh no. Im not seeing anyone. " he said with a shrug. "I haven't really had the time. I honestly dont know very many people here. I moved here a few years ago for school." He looked up at him after he glanced down at his empty cup. "I know my roommate, Ally. Shes a girl though and has a boyfriend so either way I cant date her." He said with a small awkward laugh.

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Chris nodded at his response. "Yeah, I know the feeling. I'm bisexual myself, if you haven't figured that out. Makes things a bit easier, yeah, but things do get tough sometimes." He leaned forward, elbows on the table. "So how about a drink? Tomorrow night. I owe you for the coffee, anyway." He suggest nonchalantly.

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~ Devine ~ | 1202 comments Andy nodded to what he was saying and then looked up surprised. "I said it was no big deal but yeah. Sounds like a date." He froze at what he said. "I ment date as in like... its a plan... not.." he hugged and put a hand over his face, his cheeks turning bright red. He was doing so well too, not making a fool of himself.

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Chris chuckled softly, a tad embarrassed himself. "Don't worry about it.… it can be whatever you want it to be." Reaching into his pocket, he pulled out a blue ballpoint pen and took Andy's hand in his, scrawling a phone number on the back of his hand. "There you go. I saw a nice little pub on the corner street across from the library. What do you say we meet there at, 8-ish?" He asked.

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~ Devine ~ | 1202 comments Andy smiled and watched him as he wrote on his hand. He let out a small giggle because it tickled a little bit. "Thanks and yeah 8 sounds good to me." He said with a bright smile. He was super excited about it because he hasnt gone out and done anything and really long time. He might have just mer Chris but he likes him. He seemed like a nice and fun guy.

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Chris regretfully glanced at his watch and stood up. "I'm really sorry… but I've got a daughter to meet." He laughed nervously. "Thanks again for everything. I'll see you tomorrow." He reached over and used a finger to tilt Andy's face up towards his, leaning in and brushing his lips against his cheek. "See ya." He said with a smirk, making his way out of he coffee shop.

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~ Devine ~ | 1202 comments "Bye." He said with a smile. He froze when he felt the fringe under his chin and he looked up at him. He watched him as he kissed his cheek and blushed a lot. "Bye." He said again and watched him as he walked out of the coffee shop. He sat there for a good ten minutes, staring at the number on his hand. He smiled and got up, taking his sruff and heading out. He walked back to his apartment and made sure to put Chris' number into his phone immediately.

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~ Devine ~ | 1202 comments ((Yeah))

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Chris adjusted his white collar once more in front of the mirror in his room at the inn, before checking his phone once more, just in case Andy had changed his mind or something. He smiled briefly at the background picture of him and Annabella, his daughter, taken yesterday. Instinctively grabbing his guitar and slinging it over his shoulder, he headed out, keys in one hand as he walked the short distance to the pub to meet Andy.

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~ Devine ~ | 1202 comments Andy was having troubles picking out what he was going to wear. It couldn't be too formal because they were going to drink but yet he didntwant to seem too casual either. He eventually through on a red flannel shirt with jeans. He took one last look in the mirror before grabbing his phone and wallet and told , Ally he was going out. It didnt take long for him to reach the place. He went inside and looked around for Chris, checking his phone just incase.

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Chris was already sitting at the bar, two glasses of scotch in front of him. He spotted Andy walking in and raised his hand in a half-wave, letting him know he was there.

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~ Devine ~ | 1202 comments Andy glanced up and saw him wave. He smiled and walked over to qhere he was and sat next to him. "Hey." He said with a bright smile. Honestly he was super nervous right now and he had no idea why. "You look nice." He said with a small nod and did a quick look over his body, so iy wasnt ao obvious.

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~ Devine ~ | 1202 comments ((Sorry for the messed up spelling. Im typing too fast for my phone, so it messes up some of the words ))

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((No problem, I know the feel.))

"Thanks." Chris said with a smile, sliding Andy's glass towards him. "You look…" Somehow the words fucking amazing didn't seem appropriate, so he finished off with a quick "…great in red."

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~ Devine ~ | 1202 comments "Thanks. Its my favorite color besides green." He took the drink and took a sip of it. "So how did yeaterday go?" He asked him curiously. He hopedhim being with his daughter went well because yeaterday it seemed like he genuinely wanted to be in her life

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"Well, she's a really sweet girl. A bit shy, yes, but adorable. Her name's Annabella. I get her for an entire week starting tomorrow… I'll be like, cutting the crusts off of her sandwiches and driving her to school and all that… parenting… stuff." Chris smiled slightly. "So the next time we meet, it might have to be at my place. Because, you know, responsible dad and all." He laughed sarcastically.

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~ Devine ~ | 1202 comments Andy laughed at that. "Yeah. Thats fine with me though." He said with a shrug. "She sounds adorable. My niece is just like thay but she has down syndrome which makes even bettwr. I adore that little girl." Just thinking about his niece put a smile on his face.

((Sao i was thinking? Just to add to the plot later and I think it would be cute. They could get into a fight after they het together so then when Andy goes to the concert, Chris could sing a song for him or something))

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"Hey, we could get them together. For a play date. Your niece and my daughter. That way Annabella won't be too bored at my place and it'll just be another excuse for us to see each other." He raised an eyebrow, downing the rest of his drink.

((Sounds adorable… I'm in. :D))

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