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Here we go, Darling. I'll repost the idea in just a second. :)

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Gillian (Demigodboookluver) | 775 comments Ok cool

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MxM-- Popular jock A and shy nerd B want nothing to do with each other at school... until their parents get married. Forced to live with each other, the tension between these guys is high, resulting in fistfights, arguing, and... make out sessions?!

-PLEASE NO ONE LINERS. At the bare minimum, two sentences please, but I'd prefer a small paragraph.
-Grammar, spelling, no text talk.
-Understand that I have school starting in like a week and won't be online as much. I just need you to be cool with waiting a couple days sometimes.
-Feel free to spring your own contributions on me, set your own requirements, etc. Show me who you are. You don't have to be all, "Whatever you want, it's your idea." alll the time. I don't bite, I promise. XD

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Gillian (Demigodboookluver) | 775 comments Can be the nerd?

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Sure thing. Wanna do simple characters?

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Gillian (Demigodboookluver) | 775 comments Ya

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{Dominic “Dom” Russo}
Age: 17

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Gillian (Demigodboookluver) | 775 comments {Samuel "Sam" Anderson}
Age: 17

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Awesome. Just fixed my pics, by the way. Want to just jump right in?

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Gillian (Demigodboookluver) | 775 comments Sure. How are we going to start?

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Hmm... maybe with their parents telling them they're getting married and the two of them freaking out?

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Gillian (Demigodboookluver) | 775 comments Ok sure. Sam's dad and Dom's mom? Maybe they go out for dinner all together or something?

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That works. :)

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Gillian (Demigodboookluver) | 775 comments Cool can you post first?

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"Come on, Mom." Dominic whined in the passenger's seat of his mother's car. "Just tell me!"
"It's a surprise." She said firmly, a smile on her face. Dom sighed in response and raked a hand through his dark hair as they arrived at the restaurant.
"Are you gonna tell me now?" He asked hopefully, hating to be kept in suspense.
"No. Shush. We're meeting someone inside." She responded. Rolling his eyes, Dom followed his mom into the restaurant.

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Gillian (Demigodboookluver) | 775 comments Sam was sitting across the table from his dad reading a book. They were apparently meeting someone here and his dad had a surprise for him. "Sam, they're here. Please put your book away now." His dad reached over and closed his book. "But dad, I'm almost done." Sam re-opened the book to the page he was on and continued reading. "Sam please." Sam groaned and marked the page he was on before closing it and setting it on the table.

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As they walked up to the table and sat down, Dom wasn't paying much attention, as he had his phone out and was shooting off a few quick texts. He looked up when his mom nudged his arm, and immediately gave a look of distaste. "What's he doing here?" He hissed.

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Gillian (Demigodboookluver) | 775 comments Sam looked up when his dad reached across the table and tapped his arm. When he saw Dom, he looked back at his dad. "Dad? What is going on?" His dad gestured for Dom and his mom to sit. "I told you I had a surprise for you."

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His mom shot him a "be-nice-or-else" glare and Dom shut up, sulking as he sat down in his chair, giving a look to the nerd that sat across from him. He had no idea why this guy could possibly be here or how he was going to be civil through dinner with him there. He'd known Sam from school and the two of them did NOT get along.

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Gillian (Demigodboookluver) | 775 comments ((We should think of names for their parents))

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((That would make sense. XD I'll come up with something and put it in my next post.))

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Gillian (Demigodboookluver) | 775 comments "This is not the kind of surprise I was thinking when you said you had a surprise..." Sam mumbled. He was trying his best to ignore Dom and pay attention to his dad. "So dad, I'm guessing this isn't some normal get together..."

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"Wow, would you look at that, emergency football practice right this very second!" Dom said loudly, standing up and making a point of staring at his phone as if he'd just been texted that. Michelle rolled her eyes and put her hand on his forearm, getting him to sit back down. "Be decent, Dominic." She said firmly. "This is Christopher, the man I've been seeing." She smiled tenderly at Sam's dad.
Dom laughed, leaning forward. "Haha. Real funny, mom. Seriously, why are we here?"

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Gillian (Demigodboookluver) | 775 comments Sam looked between Michelle and his dad. "Dad..this is a joke right? Please tell me this is a joke." Sam said to Christopher, basically pleading. "Sam please don't be rude." Christopher said.

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"We're here to ask the two of you to be groomsmen in our wedding." Michelle said calmly. Dom was nearly in hysterics at her words. "MOM! You can't be serious. This can't be happening. Of all people, why him? I swear, if anyone from school hears about this I'm screwed, I'm so screwed--"
"We're moving in next week." Michelle interrupted. "So if I were you, I'd stop being a brat, and deal with your issues calmly because this is happening whether you like it or not."

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Gillian (Demigodboookluver) | 775 comments Sam didn't know what to stay. He just kept looking between his dad and Michelle. "You're getting married?! But dad--"
"Sam it's been 9 years since your mother's death, and I love Michelle just as much as I loved your mother." Christopher smiled at Michelle and then looked back at Sam. "Please just be happy for me."
"I am happy for you." Sam said. "But I'm not wearing a tux..."

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Michelle put her hand on Christopher's lovingly and glanced at Sam. "Sam, I know I won't even come close to a replacement to your mother, but I just want you to know that I'm going to try my best to be there for you as much as I can. You'd be my son, just like Dominic."
"Brothers." Dom sighed loudly, staring straight at Sam.
"Yeah. Brothers." Michelle confirmed.
Dom put his head in his hands and shook his head, unable to believe this was happening.

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Gillian (Demigodboookluver) | 775 comments Sam shook his head. "No. Not brothers. I will never call him my brother." He said. "Michelle can be my step mom or whatever. I don't care, but Dom isn't my brother." Christopher sighed. "Sam you're going to have to get used to this because this is happening."
"Yeah I know." Sam pushed his glasses back up because they had started to fall down the bridge of his nose. "But I'm not sharing a room with him so we better be moving out of our two bedroom house."

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"Sharing a-- oh hell no. I am not sharing a room with him, Mom, please don't let this happen to me." Dom begged.
"Dominic." Michelle put a hand on her son's forearm, speaking quietly so only he could hear. "You need this. You need structure in your life, you need a father figure. After your dad got arrested, after he hurt you like that, you need someone like Christopher to help you out, to guide you through. I can't have you running wild all the time."
"Mom, please..." Dom sighed.
"Be decent. Please. Do this for me."
Dominic sighed. "Fine. Whatever. I'll… live with you guys, I'll go to your wedding, whatever. I just don't promise to be any different to Sam. Okay?" He said the last part loudly.

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Gillian (Demigodboookluver) | 775 comments "Ok if we have to share a room then I'm turning your basement man-cave or whatever it is into a science lab, dad." Sam said crossing his arms. "It needs to be moved out of my room anyway if there's going to be enough room for another bed." Christopher glanced at Michelle talking to Dom before looking at Sam. "I already told you that you can't do that, Sam."
"Then where is my science equipment going to go? Because it's not staying in my room"

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"And my football stuff isn't going anywhere near that room if we're sharing." Dom interrupted the conversation going on at the other end of the table. "Especially that sciencey nerdy stuff. I don't want chemical explosions or whatever blowing up my trophies." Dom rolled his eyes, ignoring the be-nice glare from his mom.

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Gillian (Demigodboookluver) | 775 comments "Dad this isn't going to work. I cannot share a room with him." Sam said.
"Well you're going to have to. You two need to learn to get along with each other." Christopher looked at both of them. Sam groaned. "I can't get along with him. It's not going to happen."

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"Christopher's right, you two need to learn to tolerate each other." Michelle sighed. "It needs to happen, too, because this is happening. We're getting married. You're going to live together. You're going to share a room. Whether you like it or not."
"Like I said, whatever." Dom rolled his eyes. "Now it was sch a pleasure meeting you all--" his voice dripped with sarcasm. "But may I please be excused from the rest of tonight? Coach needs me."

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Gillian (Demigodboookluver) | 775 comments Christopher nodded. "Yes you may Dominic." "Dad can I leave too? I need to go home and work on my hover craft." Sam said, just ready to be done with this 'family' dinner. "Please."
"Yes you may go Sam." Christopher nodded again.

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Dom rolled his eyes at the word "hovercraft", walking out with hands shoved in his pockets. Sam, of all people, it had to be Sam, the biggest nerd he knew. He was the type of guy that spent lunches in the library, while half of the time Dom had already skipped out on school by then. His gait was brisk, angry, as he jogged the mile and a half from the restaurant to the football field, knowing that practice was going to brutal bcz of this. He had the tendency to punish himself to relieve anger, choosing to run the extra mile and take more hits. Anything to get his mind off of this disaster.

((Wanna time skip?))

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Gillian (Demigodboookluver) | 775 comments ((Yeah.))

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((Okay, your post.))

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Gillian (Demigodboookluver) | 775 comments ((Wanna skip to the wedding?))

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((Sounds good to me))

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Gillian (Demigodboookluver) | 775 comments Sam adjusted his bow tie that was around his neck then turned to face his dad. "Do I really have to wear a tux? And I still don't understand why I have to do this." Sam hated tuxes. He always felt they were way too formal for anything, but his dad was basically forcing him to wear it.
"Because it looks nice, Sam, and it's my wedding." Christopher said, fixing his tie.

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Dom didn't even bother looking in a mirror, knowing he looked perfectly handsome in his tux. He hadn't shaved in a couple of days despite his mom's protests, leaving him with a rugged look. "You look beautiful, Mom." He said honestly. He was going to be the one walking her down the isle.
"Thanks, honey." She replied with a nervous smile. Dom couldn't see why she was nervous-- Chris was a great guy. Sam, on the other hand, still never failed to piss Dominic off just by breathing.

((I was thinking that the parents could go on a honeymoon, leaving Sam and Dom alone together, where they'd have a bunch of problems?))

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Gillian (Demigodboookluver) | 775 comments ((Yeah ok. Wanna skip to that??))

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((Sure, your post))

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Gillian (Demigodboookluver) | 775 comments Sam had changed into sweats and a t-shirt. He sat down on the couch in the living room and turned on the tv, changing it to the discovery channel. Sam watched a science program while eating some pizza he'd grabbed from the kitchen.

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Swinging the door open with a bang, Dom walked into the house, sweaty and still in football uniform. He went to the kitchen and grabbed on of his new step-dad's beers; after all, it wasn't like anyone was here to tell him otherwise. Cracking it open, he went into the living room, only to find Sam sitting in there. "Give me the remote." He demanded, sitting on the couch, half on top of him in effort to get him to move. The boy was small, easily crushable under him. While squishing him, Dom plucked the slice of pizza out of his hand and took a bite. "Hurry up. Game's on."

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Gillian (Demigodboookluver) | 775 comments Sam heard the door bang open and groaned. He had been enjoying the peacefulness without Dom here, but of course football practice had ended and that peacefulness was gone. "No I'm obviously watching something."Sam tried to push him, with no luck. "Go watch your game somewhere else."

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"Don' 'ell me whatta do." Dom said, his speech impaired by the pizza in his mouth. He swallowed quickly, snatching the remote from his stepbrother's hand. "See? That wasn't so hard, was it?" He smirked, switching the channel over.

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Gillian (Demigodboookluver) | 775 comments Sam rolled his eyes. "Fine whatever." He said. "Get off of me." He tried pushing him off again. "I'll go somewhere else."

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"Make me." Dom said, shoving his mouth full of pizza again. He quirked an eyebrow up, bored and wanting a response from Sam, just for kicks.

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Gillian (Demigodboookluver) | 775 comments Sam tried pushing him again, still with no luck. "Why won't you get off?" He was getting really annoyed with Dom.

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