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how do feel about love traingles ?
Nabaa Nabil Nabaa Aug 25, 2015 06:54AM
okay so this is my delmma with probably half the books that are popualr now , love traingles , i wanna know why do the writers keep putting them in their stories , its just annoiyng and confusing since either way the third part will get dumped because the other tow are meant to be , but noo the writers now just care about girls going im team edward and im team jacob , and forgetting that it dosent need a third person to make a romantic relashionship entristing ! i get that people can have feeling for more than one person sometimes but it dosent have to be always at the same time and in every frickin book or series !! i had so many problems with the divergent series but at least four and tris were devoted to each other even when they had problems , none of them ran into anothers arm , Unlike ( Covenant Series ,Vampire Academy Seris , Arcana Chronicles , Twilight , The Hunger Games , The Immortal Insturments and god know what else , so do you agree with these love traingles ? or are as upset about them as i am ??

I don't mind love triangles as long as they are well done. I want blood, sweat, tears, and angst as Person A is torn between Person B and C. I want to be kept guessing at who Person A will choose because it's obvious that they love Person B and C so much, just in different ways.

Love triangles nowadays I feel are not real love triangles. Covenant, Vampire Academy, Twilight... did no one else find the outcome for each of these series incredibly obvious? Most of them are about a girl (Alex, Rose, Bella) who can't have her 'true love' (Aiden, Dimitri, Edward) for some reason or another and temporarily settle for some other guy (Seth, Adrian/Mason, Jacob) to keep her occupied. I'm tired of stories like these, they aren't love triangles, they're true love vs. unrequited love (also known as the friendzone), with true love always winning out. What makes it worse is usually the author will incorporate a new love interest (Josie, Sydney, Renesmee) for the friendzoned guy because they usually have a huge fan following and the fans want to see them get a happily ever after, even if a whole new series has to be made to do it (Titan and Bloodlines).

Whew, didn't mean to rant. So yes, I'm a bit tired of love triangles because I feel like they are executed poorly, cliche, and extremely predictable.

I feel like I am cheating on Aiden :c

I hate blue triangles there's always a girl with a guy if I want the random guy comes it messes it all up it frustrates me to no way of actually stop serious because there was a love triangle in it

i think that the biggest reason for a love triangle is to stay true to a teen angst bit. but i think that the biggest benefit of them is that they show our leading character that there are 2 directions in life. to go the safe round since that's always boy a (or maybe girl A), and then the one that challenges you so boy/girl B. i think that the point of a lot of these series and stories is that the main doesn't know that what they've seen their whole life may not be what's right and by involving a love triangle, they have to then question what they want and who they are and that extends into questioning just about everything.

Taryn I think a great author should be able to challenge their characters without defaulting to a love triangle. Too often anymore it seems like a cheap cop ...more
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Quite frankly, I like love triangles a lot. I agree that not every book needs them, but the main reason they are put in is to create the romantic tension that makes people like me keep reading. That said, I like when an author is able to include romantic tension in a book without implementing a love triangle; it shows real skill. So, basically, what I'm trying to say is that though love triangles are overused by young adult authors, they have their time and place.

Taryn I agree! Love triangles definitely do not have to go, they just need to be used effectively and not just because. :)
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