Queen of Shadows (Throne of Glass, #4) Queen of Shadows question

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Place where you can rant and rant if you've read the book.

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I am 100% with you. I loved Heir of Fire, because I thought finally, Celaena was getting over her mistakes. I just wanted to see her and Rowan friends. And then I feel like I read the biggest bunch of bull shit in my entire life.

Like the characters weren't even themselves, I feel like I've been punched in the gut. I finished this abomination yesterday and I still feel awful. Chaol was ruined, I loved Chaol.

You want to know why I kept reading this? For Dorian. I needed to know what happened. Oh and did I mention that it was like Celaena - or whatever the fuck she wants to call herself - was never Dorian's friend. It was like she never knew him.

The author sunk all her characters just so Rowan - annoying 300 year old Rowan - and Aelin could rise. I do not even know who Aelin is. She is suppose to be the same person with just a different name, but noooo, she is soooo different becaut it was a llllll an ACT. Wow. AN ACT.

Am I the only one who got annoyed at "Queen this" "Queen that" "She looked at him with old eyes" okay. WE GET IT. STOP IT.

Chaol would never call anyone a monster, especially after he realized he accepted Celaena for who she was in Heir of Fire. People will say the author knows her characters the best, but really it's like she can't even read now.

I actually cried a little when it was over, not because it was so good, but because this series has become absolute shit.

I'm pissed off also at the fact that Perrington turned out to be the bad guy, come one! The king of Adarlan was scary, evil! How the hell am I suppose to fear a little, tiny, possessed duke?

I WAITED A YEAR FOR THIS BOOK. Every day I would die because it wasn't published yet.

Guys I serisouly feel a whole in my heart, every time a read a book, I treasure all characters, but from this... what characters?! Were the other three books I read a waste?

I feel like the author is trying to turn this book to be like a Court of Roses and Thorns, because that book was soft erotica, ALSO involving an old dude who looked young

I was only okay with Mannon, because she was the only one like herself

Bonner All Hale Mannon! Her character rocked.

all else is shit.

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I just want to start by saying I LOVED Throne of Glass and Crown of Midnight. That being said clearly they were their own series and Queen of Shadows has nothing to do with them, aside from stealing the characters names.

Every single character in this series was destroyed in the space of one book. I actually had to stop and wonder if I was even reading the right damn book! I mean, Maas literally tried to make Chaol into a bad guy so Rowan looked good, Dorian was just shoved to the side, and Aelin, omg what happened to Aelin? She was so awesome as Celaena. She was fierce and strong and loyal and now she's just... selfish, horrible. I was sort of rooting for the King of Adarlan to win just because i hated Aelin that much!! Every guy character in this book just pandered to her, would throw their lives down for her, thought she would be the best queen ever, blah blah blah.

I'm actually shocked at how quickly this series was destroyed. It's as if Maas didn't plan it one bit, there is no consistency. And the plot! It seriously felt like half this book was just about shipping Rowan and Aelin together. I'll admit i'm a fan of Chaol and Celaena but I don't care if an author goes with a different ship to what I prefer, my main problem is that Rowan and Aelin just did not work as a couple. I'd put Aelin with Dorian, Chaol or even her own damn cousin before i put her with Rowan. Their relationship as friends/brotherly-sisterly, was really good. Their relationship as anything more was a disaster. Their chapters just consisted of them thinking about how hot the other was.... like seriously guys there's a war going on. Priorities, please.

And Arobynn.... he's supposed to be the King of Assassins and he gets killed in his bed while he's sleeping. That was so... anticlimactic. I honestly kept expecting it to be a ruse and he was just going to pop up again, I couldn't believe he'd actually died, or that that was the way she was going to kill him off.

Also, Duke Perrington is the villain? I completely forget he even existed until he popped up again.
This book has got to be one of the worst I've ever read when compared to how great the series started.

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Glenn Pierce Burn the book Kiran give yourself closure. It wouldn't be fair to pass this turd onto anyone else. Annoying that the ridiculous high ratings will prob ...more
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the whole romance between Aelin and Rowan was creepy, forced and came out of no where. Rowan is Maas' wet dream.

Chaol was belittled by the characters mainly Aelin and the author. Dorian was pretty much forgotten. no one besides Chaol cared about him.

When Chaol and Aelin had their petty argument it was as if Maas had forgotten that everything they brought up was settled in HOF. All in the name of a ship, sad :(

Arobynn the king of assassins, killed by a prostitute, good one. very anti climatic.

Chaol who was awkward around woman in tog had a fuck buddy, just gets better.

I honestly felt so betrayed.

I really, really loved the carranam relationship Aelin/Celaena/wtever had with Rowan in HoF. Finally after so many things gone wrong, comfort was found in companionship, simple, good ole' companionship. I was really happy for Celaena to have found that in Rowan after everything she'd been through. It was a nice break, even. Going in to QoS, I felt so betrayed that her missing him morphed into something more. A hulking, centuries old dude thinking about how hot a nineteen year-old assassin can get in laced nightgowns. WTF. Shouldn't he have gained some maturity over the millenia? There was a war brewing, for heaven's sake!!! I liked Manon x Dorian better than Rowaena.

So many characters seemed unlike themselves.

I'M JUST SO MAD AND ANGRY AND DONE WITH THIS ENTIRE SERIES, LIKE THE FIRST TWO BOOKS DON'T EVEN COUNT NOW AND DORIAN AND CHAOL HAVE BEEN PRETTY MUCH PUSHED TO THE SIDE BECAUSE ZOMG, ROWAN, GUYZ -_- seriously, it's a different series now than it was in Crown of Midnight, and though I stuck through Heir of Fire, I can no longer do so...
It's different. 'Aelin' is different. Everything is wrong, drawn out, and flipped upside down. I don't enjoy it, and I don't enjoy the mass murder of all of the main characters' personalities.
Le sigh.
But hey, if you like it, it's whatever. I just personally am so upset that I've been taking turns between hauling darts at a dartboard like they're daggers and crying/sobbing sporadically.

Seriously Maas needs to go to rehab and learn to form a plot again. this book was a forced mess of crap and more crap. I did not like Aelin by the end. I was unable to sympathize and relate to her anymore.

seriously,,,,,,,,,,is this the end?

will there be any spinoffs.

I'm afraid to read them

The only character I really liked was Mannon Blackbeak. Write a spinoff about her.....or hell, a PREQUEL.

I'm done with Maas

I agree with most of these complaints. I too got sick of Celaena/Aelin/Fire Breathing Bitch Queen/Fireheart having so many titles. I'm so sad about Choal's portrayal and the replacement love interests.

Now Duke Perrington is the end game? I rolled my eyes at the retcon about why a super demon "couldn't scent" her latent magic and she couldn't sense is evil.

I'm so annoyed at how Dorian got treated in this book, especially by Aelin/Celaena - I totally agreed that she's changed for the worst and I hate her as Aelin. I too read this book because I wanted to know what happened to Dorian he made Calaena a much better person, I liked all the chemistry between them in the first two books and was hoping that upon seeing him again Celaena would rekindle that Thing between them but somehow she managed to decide it was best to kill someone she was once extremely close with! grr what happened here? She really needed a witch to tell her he was in there? really!!
Loved what their magic did when they unleashed magic at the end and theirs seemed to explode at the same time. Awesome!
Think i'm the only person rooting for Aelin and Dorian to get together. They're like two sides of the same coin, different in ways but the same in others. Wanted that explosion to mean they were soul mates. Can't believe all that crap going on between Rowan and Aelin. Thought he couldn't move on from his soul mate like ever?

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I hate that Kyle's character is dead. (I am calling Chaol Kyle because I am.) Why did friggin Sarah have to ruin Kyle? Oh and also I thought this was gonna beat friggin COM. BUT GUESS WHAT? It was almost as bad as TOG, which was OK. But Kyle you had to kill Kyle's character? Why Kyle? Innocent Kyle? What about those dudes from TOG competition? Why couldn't one of them come back and Sarah could kill one of them? WHYYYYYYYYYY???????? KYYYYYYYYYYYYYYLLLLLLLLEEEEEEEE????? Can you save Kyle's character Sarah? Because that would be very nice. VERRRRRRRRRRRRRRYYYYYYYYYYYY NIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIICEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!! If Kyle's character isn't saved by book 5, I will be mad you probably agree with me. And trust me SJM you do not want 100 angry fangirls yelling outside your house yelling to save Kyle's friggin character. TRUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUST MEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE. Or even worse emails. For All I know QOS could be called THE KILLING OF CHAOL WESTFALL.
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Ha. I love it.

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