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Lena Carter | 721 comments Name: Lucy Marina Zalani
Age: 9
Gender: female
Faction: dauntless


Written description: (fill in everything below)
Hair color: Brown
Eye color: light blue
Skin tone: slightly tan
Height: 4'5"
Weight: 61 lbs
Distinguishable marking: NA

Lucy was born on May 17th. She loved her older brothers, especially William, and used to follow them around. Lucy loved to play with William. Lucy was afraid of her dad and when she was little, when ever he got mad, William would hide in her room with her. Lucy's dad just kept getting worse and worse, and when Warren moved out and into his own place, he started beating her. When Warren came back and caught their dad doing it, he took her to live with him.

Lucy is very smiley and always happy. She is very sweet and caring. She cares more about other people than she does herself. Lucy loves helping people in need, especially the factionless. She is also very trusting, and trusts anyone who is nice to her. Even though she's only 9, she knows that she doesn't belong in Dauntless.

Warren Elliot Zalani; older brother, age 19
Warren likes to portray himself as fearless. He hates showing weakness and doesn't like to admit when he's wrong.

William Arron Zalani; older brother, age 19
Will is very caring and kind. He's extremely smart, but tends to over analyze things.

Jacob Zalani; dad, age 39
Jacob is very strict and mean. He yells a lot and is physically abusive.

Isabelle Zalani; mom, age 37
Isabelle is caring, but also strict. She is willing to discipline if needed, but is never too harsh.

- her dad
- not being able to help

- helping people in need
- being with her brothers

- being with her dad
- fighting

- not very strong
- too trusting

Other: Lucy goes out to the factionless people to help them all the time.

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Lena Carter | 721 comments cool thanks

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