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Møøńšhådöw {Stars are only visible in darkness} (moonshadow16) | 12 comments Oh man, I come up with ideas all the time. Let's see how this goes.

☆ ĄňŊǡƂėƮĦ ☆ ŞŧŎŋė | 177 comments Mod
Sorry to interrupt the brainstorming, but do you mind moving this to the Plot Idea folder? Thanks. I have a thing for organization.

☆ ĄňŊǡƂėƮĦ ☆ ŞŧŎŋė | 177 comments Mod

Møøńšhådöw {Stars are only visible in darkness} (moonshadow16) | 12 comments "I don't understand." I say though, it felt like my voice had turned to sandpaper in my mouth.
"Honey, you're part of The Colors of Justice. Now, you live as Blue, act like Blue, you are Blue. You aren't Sky."

Sky Collins loved heroes, the ones who fought, survived, told no lies. Just like The Colors Of Justice. The Colors Of Justice fight Monsters that spawn from the ground below. As well as keep peace in the country. They are celebrities. You can have action figures of each of the Colors. They go on TV for interviews. There are video games where you can play as them. For Halloween everyone wants to have a Color costume. They are Heroes.

Then, Sky learned the truth.

When one of the Color members, Blue, dies during a fight. They need a replacement. The Federation kidnaps Sky and changes her to look like Blue with Genetic engineering. Turns out... They have been doing this for years with every one of the Color members when they die and erase the chosen person's identity.

Sky is tossed in a world where lies are her world, death is frequent, and she needs to fight at every turn.

Colors of Justice

Møøńšhådöw {Stars are only visible in darkness} (moonshadow16) | 12 comments A world ruled by the powerful, a group of people will come together to bring justice to the accused and mislead.

Crya Crimson is the daughter of a king. Also her sister Varla Crimson is the daughter. Crya is the cast aside at birth, but Crya seemed very adequate to rule. Of course, Varla seemed to take the spot. When the king chooses, a murder comes up in the palace. Suddenly, all signs point to Crya. Now, exiled she must look whoever really committed those crimes.

Brother and sister of a infamous assassin Willam Vail. There lives are surrounded by the shadows of killing and death. When Jezebel's brother, Tristan hears about a murder in a palace, he believes his father who left them was there. Yet, it was someone else. Now, the two must look for clues in hopes they will find their father, so they have one person to except them.

Raised to fulfill the law, Keir Roland won't let anyone out of his sites when he is able to guard the palace. Yet, he was attacked when someone did. Now, people accuse him of helping the killer since his shady past and smart thinking, the general sends him away to the poorest sector. To show his loyalty, he will prove he didn't help killing the murder himself.

Zed Mackmore is a cocky fellow who one joy in life is stealing. To the most precious jewels to the most powerful weapons known. He's got his hands on it either way. When an odd client comes to him asking for a dagger and sword, Zed soon finds out he uses it to kill people in the palace. People now hunt him down to kill him. To get himself out of a firing squad he'll have to meet the man again to kill him off, so no one would even remember of Zed's crime.

Brought together under this odd case, they will form a unlikely team of exiled princesses, descents of assassins, rouge guards, and thiefs for money, they will have to see who really killed all these people... The reason may put the world at danger.

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