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Clara Ok, we are introduced to Osha in this chapter, who I realy like.

. I'm so happy he is riding. It's so sad all his dreams shattered, but it's nice to see he can ride again.

. I truly like Maester Luwin, he wanted to go in case something happened to Bran. It's so sweet, you can really tell he loved this family.

. People is leaving, one in five houses is occupied. Again, we are reminded the end of summer is near, and winter is coming.

.I forgot Robb seemed to admire Theon. Bran never did, he is wiser in that aspect than his brother.

. So, when they got the first message and Bran heard Tyrion Lannister was with his mother, it is mention: "Bran had sort of liked the little man, yet the name Lannister sent cold fingers creeping up his spine. There was something about the Lannisters, something he ought to remember, but when he tried to think what, he felt dizzy and his stomach clenched hard as a stone." He doesn't remember what happened to him.

.The mention of Jory instantly makes me so sad. I don't know why, but I love him so much, I was devastated when he was murdered. Anyway, Bran remembers the times Jory chased him in the roof, and then asked Robb “Why would anyone kill Jory?” MY HEART.

. Robb promised this would not be forgotten, and tells Bran he listens to everyone for council. I guess Theon is included here.

. I'm sorry, but I am so emotional right now. When Bran hears the water and realises Jory took them there to fish for trout, I lost it. My heart hurts so much.

. I thought this was important: "Only a Stark would be fool enough to threaten where smarter men would beg.”

. So, there are two man from the Wall, and the rest are wildlings. Which is curious, they don't get along, so I wonder how this came to happen. Also, one of the wildlings seems to have seen a white walker, and he's been north of the Wall.

. Robb gets there, and says “Put down your steel now, and I promise you shall have a quick and painless death,” but his voiced cracked. I think this shows he is a still a boy, and of course scared of this people. I think this is the first time he might have to kill a person, and I think that's scary.

. I found this interesting: "The stench of the man filled his nose; he smelled of fear." I don't know about you, but I have smelled fear before, and it's a weird sensation.

. The guards are scared of the direwolfs, and I would be too, the way they are described. Also, I didn't remember Summer practically ate this woman Hali after he killed her. If this happens often and the wolfs eat the people they kill, I forgot all about it.

. "A dead enemy is a thing of beauty,” jackass Theon said. He is so sick! Then Robb gets really angry at him because he may had hurt Bran. I don't know if it was a lucky shot and all those arrows on the dirt were his; but I don't think so, I guess this man would have seen them. Is Theon good with the bow? I don't know how things would have ended if he didn't shot that arrow.

. So, Osha is still alive, and Theon suggest they should give her to the wolves, because that's just Theon. I liked Robb is relief he doesn't have to kill her. It makes me think he doesn't like killing people.

Vicki Kalb | 310 comments About your point with the wildlings and the two men from the Wall, they were deserters, so I guess they aren't like the rest of the men still at the Wall. Makes me wonder how often men abandon their posts on the Wall? A lot of these men in the Night's Watch are criminals, and from what we know about wildlings a good number of them behave like criminals as well, so maybe they had that in common. But it's a good point. Something has made them make common cause to band together and head as far south as they can. We know it's the white walkers, but a lot of people don't believe it.

1. This is Bran's first time outside of Winterfell since his fall, more likely when he witnessed his father beheading Gared from the prologue and meeting the direwolf mother and her puppies for the first time. This was a long time ago, months, perhaps. I can feel his excitement! He named his horse Dancer. :) Kind of a girly name, I think, but that's just me. Though I think the horse is a mare, so maybe that makes sense, come to think of it.

2. I forgot Maester Luwin came along. I guess that's good, in case Bran got hurt they have the maester right there to heal him. But I can understand why Bran is sick of seeing him, lol. Maester Luwin rides a donkey, lol, don't know why but this made me laugh. Did they run out of horses?

3. I like how Winterfell has a village within the outer wall. Only one in five houses are occupied right now, but as the weather gets colder more and more people will move back in. *SPECULATION FOR WINDS OF WINTER, BOOK 6 IN A SONG OF ICE AND FIRE* (view spoiler) It's simply called "winter town." lol

4. Awe, he's enjoying being on a horse again, though it takes some time getting used to the new saddle.

5. I laughed when Theon talks about fucking the alehouse girl and Robb tells him not to talk about it in front of Bran, and Bran pretends not to hear. Theon is such a bad influence, lol. Bran thinks Theon smiles a lot, and though Robb may admire him, "...Bran had never warmed to his father's ward." Him and Jon both. I really do like Robb's warm and trusting personality, but it will get him killed if he doesn't learn to read people better like his two brothers can.

6. I like this: "I can ride!" Bran shouted, grinning. It felt almost as good as flying.

7. Forgot Robb could sense their direwolves know and sense things most animals can't. He starts to tell Bran this, then sighs, saying he never knows how much to tell him, wishing he were older. I think he's old enough to talk about it. I think the fall made Bran grow up a lot faster than the average lordling boy his age, and not very many people own direwolves, so I think he's ready to talk about the big important stuff adults talk about. I wonder if he misses Jon because he's used to having a brother closer to his age to confide in.

8. They know Uncle Benjen is missing, and their mom took Tyrion as prisoner to the Eyrie, and their dad wants them to prepare their bannermen and arm Moat Cailin in case of an attack from the south. Bran liked Tyrion but is scared of the name Lannister. He can't remember why he fell. :( And now Jory, Wyl, and Heward are dead, and dad is injured...Completely understandable they are scared.

9. I'm glad Robb is telling Bran his plans; he's treating him like an adult now and not a child, though they are both children still. They need to be open and honest with each other. I also like that Bran gives his advise, to listen to Maester Luwin's council like their father always did. :)

10. Before, Bran thought it'd be exciting for Robb to call the bannermen and ride to war, but now that it's a real possibility, it only fills Bran with dread. Awe.

11. I wonder why the others fell behind when Robb and Bran are in the wolfswood, looking for their direwolves. Perhaps they could tell the brothers needed some alone time?

12. Jon is mentioned again... Bran asks Robb if they'll ever see him again. Apparently they went fishing together, the three of them and Jory, and Jon gave Bran his fish because Bran didn't catch anything. OMG that is so cute! I want a big brother like Jon! More proof Jon is an awesome big brother! Robb says Benjen visited them when the king came and promises Jon will visit too. :) I bet he will...just not in the way they expect.

13. They hear the direwolves and Robb goes to find them without Bran, which I think is really strange because I thought Bran could gallop with his horse now. Though I suppose it's a lot harder to do in the forest...seems strange to abandon your crippled brother in the woods all by himself just to find the wolves that I'm pretty sure will still be fine if they take a little while longer to find them together. But that's just my opinion.

14. Now Bran has to deal with strangers all by himself. I feel his alarm; he is a sitting duck. He is about to be robbed. He's scared up until one of them calls him a cripple -- then he gets angry and threatens them if they don't leave him alone. You go, Bran!

15. Introduction to Osha. I love this character, but not in this chapter, lol. She suggests they take him to Mance as a hostage. This makes me wonder if the deserters knew of Mance and were his followers or if Osha thought they were. This is interesting because I thought Osha hated Mance Rayder, for some reason, which was why they went south instead of sticking with them. But my memory of this is pretty bad, I won't lie.

16. They mention the white walkers. They are very real to them.

17. One of them slashes at Bran's leg and draws blood but Bran doesn't feel a thing, except a little light-headed at seeing his blood.

18. Robb comes to the rescue, along with Summer and Grey Wind. You don't mess with Stark children, lol. They had caught an elk, explaining what the direwolves were doing earlier. They are still puppies but already they are as large as normal-sized wolves. Interesting it is said there is something gaunt and terrible about them. With the way they tear at these people, I can understand completely, though I don't see how a direwolf would be even more scary than a regular wolf. If a wolf growled at me I would shit my pants just as much as a large wolf, lol. Maybe this is simply stating how Bran had never looked at their direwolves this way until now that they are seriously about to slaughter people. It IS gruesome, but at the same time it's nature.

19. Osha is a badass with that spear! I bet she was a spearwife north of the Wall.

20. Summer's eyes burned when they stared at the wildling who had a knife to Bran's throat.

21. Theon to the rescue, killing the wildling with an arrow to the chest. At first I was impressed, but the things Robb chides him about makes me realize that this was indeed incredibly risky.

22. The direwolves make their father's guardsmen uneasy -- especially when they see the slaughter they did. Understandable, but it sounds as if these men have never been in a battle before. Humans fighting humans is just as gruesome, too, and that's less as natural as a pair of wolves gorging on human flesh. Therefore, the direwolf aura must be the real reason why they are uneasy. There's something supernatural about them.

23. I like how Robb wipes the smile off Theon's face, at all the ways he could have got it wrong.

24. Robb tells Theon Jon always said he was an ass. So he must have said it on more than one occasion. For some reason I thought this was funny.

25. The reason the guards took so long getting to them was because Theon spotted a turkey, gods... Theon says he wasn't the one who left Bran alone in the woods. Everyone's got their own excuses. Bran had never seen Robb so angry, interesting to take note.

26. Apparently two of the six were Night's Watch deserters so this happens more often than they'd like to admit.

27. Did not remember they took their heads to send to the Wall, eww, and left their bodies for the carrion crows. What's the Lord Commander going to do with five severed heads? If their bodies turn into white walkers they'll be sorry to have done this!

28. I like that when Theon suggests they feed Osha to the wolves Robb says she's a woman! And Bran corrects him, saying she's a wildling. They decide to keep her as hostage instead -- the irony, lol, she was going to make him Mance's hostage earlier. I really like that Robb did not want to have to kill a woman. :)

Clara Haha I thought the same about what you said in point 2. Maybe he is scared of horses or doesn't know how to ride.
I do think Jon and Robb talked a lot, so I bet he misses him.
I don't remember if Osha ever says she hated Mance Rayder, but I don't think she did. As far as I remember she scaped because of the Others. I believe she later tells a story.

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