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Sarbi | 394 comments ;) Hey

message 2: by Morgan (new)

Morgan | 1554 comments Okay so it was definitely a little under an hour XD any plot in particular you'd like to do?

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Sarbi | 394 comments No problem! xD Well you had like three option I liked I think they were the first 3

message 4: by Morgan (new)

Morgan | 1554 comments I'll just repost them =P

(view spoiler)

(view spoiler)

(view spoiler)

message 5: by Sarbi (new)

Sarbi | 394 comments Ah! They`re all good xD Which do you like the most?

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Morgan | 1554 comments The last two XD

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Sarbi | 394 comments xD Tough choice, maybe we could even combine some elements from them. It could work out, which format do you prefer?

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Morgan | 1554 comments That would actually be really interesting to combine both ideas ^^

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Sarbi | 394 comments We could start off with option two. Thinking they`d never meet again is the reason they do it but then they find each other in college thus going into the second plot ;) That`s just a suggestion though :3

message 10: by Morgan (new)

Morgan | 1554 comments That works ^^ and they could've ended up on sort of bad terms which makes the challenge for part two more difficult.
Also MxF, FxF, or MxM?

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Sarbi | 394 comments Yeah! Lots of drama love it ^^ I`m good with either although if it was MxF I would kind of like to be the girl but then i think it`s unfair sometimes which is why I usually do the other two

message 12: by Morgan (new)

Morgan | 1554 comments I haven't done a MxF or FxF in a while so I'm good with either. And I'm okay with the guy ^^ the unromantic pessimist. Also should he be married ^^

message 13: by Sarbi (new)

Sarbi | 394 comments Really? :O Thanks for that, if you really don`t mind then MxF would be fun if you`re up to it ^^ Mm I`m thinking not or maybe he is separated which leads to the whole unromantic pessimist maybe ;)

message 14: by Morgan (new)

Morgan | 1554 comments Maybe married at the time of part 1, but then in a messy divorce by part two?

Also how should they be complete opposites other then the romance thing?

message 15: by Sarbi (new)

Sarbi | 394 comments Sounds good! Well she could be really not into film, be more of a party girl maybe an he more relaxed or something along those lines. We can find more differences as we rp ;)

message 16: by Morgan (new)

Morgan | 1554 comments Ok sounds good ^^ I'm figuring he'll come from a rich family and just be super posh sometimes XD

So charas?

message 17: by Sarbi (new)

Sarbi | 394 comments Awesome xD Haha that`ll be fun and add to the opposites ^^

If you want, I make pretty simple ones

message 18: by Morgan (new)

Morgan | 1554 comments That's good. Mine will be pretty simple

message 19: by Sarbi (new)

Sarbi | 394 comments Let me post it

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Sarbi | 394 comments Name: Esme
Age: 20
Appearacne: description

message 21: by Morgan (new)

Morgan | 1554 comments
name: Sawyer Rowstan
age: 23-26

message 22: by Sarbi (new)

Sarbi | 394 comments Oh him! >o< xD Love it! Sorry for taking so long, mind if you start? ;)

message 23: by Morgan (new)

Morgan | 1554 comments Him ^^ the walking talking god XD
I was just looking at the kissing gif and it totally looked like him from the back- so I couldn't think of anyone else but him ^^
No worries, and sure I'll start maybe he's working on a project for the summer and he's one of his models and they've developped a friendship?? Or maybe he's looking for people to hire for his class project and she comes in? ^^ not sure

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Sarbi | 394 comments ^^ Ah!! In the flesh himself xD It was like the best pick/pic haha I`ve seen in a while rping :3

Awesome! Maybe she have already done a few sesión and these are some of the last, so we don`t dwell too long on getting to know each other :) I like the idea of them having a somewhat frienship/knowing each other for the modeling ^^ I`m work with what you decide to start with though ^^

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Morgan | 1554 comments Yesss haha I prefer his gifs <.< for some reason his actual pictures aren't that great. Idk why considering he's perfect

Yeah that works it'd be a summer project. Also to start off he's twenty three so maybe she's 17 but posing as 18 especially when they get to the nude modeling >.< eeks Works with me. I'll post right now [after this commercial break]

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Sarbi | 394 comments I guess it was too much perfection for camera to capture xD >O< But his gifs just have so much attitude it`s easy to fall ^^

Sounds great, she`ll be 17 then and say she`s 18 hehe xD Alright!

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Morgan | 1554 comments Out of habit Sawyer had to fix the white curtain background before backing up to examine the set. Today's photoshoot would be simple and clean, but have a good amount of elegance. He took a step backwards before he returned to the camera and looked at the area in a different perspective. With the high definition the pictures would certainly look good. This was for his portfolio for art school. Currently he was studying to be a film major, but one of his true passions was taking photographs, and not just pointless- ones with meaning. Sawyer also dabbled in drawing, but that was only on the off chance he got to sit down for more then a few minutes. Minutes passed before he took a moment to realize what time it was. Esme would be here soon enough. He opened the door to his small studio to let her know he was back here for whenever she showed up.

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Sarbi | 394 comments Esme hurried as much as she could to get to her session with Sawyer, always liking to be on time. Once the open door came in view she relaxed something that happened very often when posing for him. At first she had thought if posing nude would create an uncomfortable tension but when she actually did, it was pretty good. Esme had to get used to it at one point since she really did want to become a model someday and this seemed as good an experience as any. "Hi, sorry I`m late." She quickly said looking at him with a half sheepish smile, the good thing is that shepd prepared and only wore her pink silk robe so she wouldn`t have to go through the time consuming issue of undressing. "I`m ready when you are." She said with a smile.

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Morgan | 1554 comments It was only seconds after he'd opened the door that she arrived. Seeing what she was dressed in a look of amusement crossed over Sawyer's face. He could just imagine his parents or fiancé seeing her prance across the yard and wonder what was going on. Luckily none of them were home at the moment, but the gardener had eyes. "It's okay. Just a few minutes." He replied simply with a shrug before closing the door behind her. A small smile made its way towards his lips. In the past a lot of his models were shy or overly confident, but she seemed to be a perfect mixture of both. "I'm just about ready, so you can get comfortable." He told her while returning to his camera to fix the lense.

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Sarbi | 394 comments Giving a nod she walked further inside her eyes glancing over his place and studio. Esme had always wondered who else lived there, if anyone else did for all she knew he was a photographer who prefered to work at home. As he told her to get ready she smiled and too a deep breath, one would think she was used to it by now and she sort of was but each time was still a mesmerizing experience that she couldn`t fully comprehend. "Sure, thanks." Walking on the set she slowly let the robe slide off her slender back and placed it neatly on the side, rubbing her arm she looked at him. "Um..." Clearing her throat she continued. "What idea do you have in mind for me to do. Should I let my hair down?" By then after some shoots with him she knew he always had a vision, a certain way he liked to convey feeling, an essence to his pictures. Her green eyes shimmered, feeling the calmness soothe her body once she was in front of the camera and under his guidance.

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Morgan | 1554 comments Sawyer's eyes slid over her body in an appreciative manner as he focussed the camera on her so it wouldn't be so blurry. He also changed the settings so they'd be black and white. One of his favorite features about her was her hair which was why he almost always took pictures in color. Still the portfolio needed some black and white shots as well. At her question he looked up again before nodding his head. "Hair down." He said before walking towards her. Approaching her he stood behind her for a moment before taking her hair in his hands. Smoothly he ran his fingers through the soft threads before setting it so that it was cascading down her shoulders in the best angle possible.

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Sarbi | 394 comments Esme hid back a smile as his eyes ran over her, she liked to think he admired what she could do enough to keep calling her. The collection of pictures they already had was very good he somehow always managed to capture her in a way that it was hard to think it was her. "Alright..." She would have done it but his hands beat her to it, softly gasping her face immediately blushed a bright pink her heart skipping a beat. It was silly she knew, but alas she couldn`t help the reaction. Trying to act professional she took a breath. "Better?" Smiling at him she moved her shapely, slender limbs into a graceful position so he could get an idea of what exactly he wanted, her eyes looked at him expectantly waiting for his cue.

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Morgan | 1554 comments Sawyer wanted to comment on her beauty, but he was rather assured it was a fact she already well aware of. "Much better." He said before sliding over a chair from the side. Painted white to match the scene he gestured for her to sit down. "Start with whatever position you'd like." Usually he let the models do whatever they pleased at first to make them more comfortable. He always liked to see their vulnerability in the lense too, but very rarely was it captured. Taking a step back he nodded his head before angling the overhead lights just a tad bit more towards the center and returning to his camera.

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Sarbi | 394 comments Looking over at where he gestured she followed taking in the scene. "Got it." Siting down she let her body positioned itself as it pleased almost immediately going into that trance when he shot her, her usually intense Green eyes became more gentle as she looked at the lense her pink lips slightly parted. For a second her mind wandered as he set the lights her expression different for an instant, this reminded her of a film set and in turn was reminded of the extra clases she would ahve to take when going back...Brought back to attention her gaze moved as rested on him then the camera.

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Morgan | 1554 comments Time seemed to pass much too quickly and before Sawyer new it the hour was over. He had a bunch of great shots in all different angles. "Looks like we're done for the day." He announced, rubbing his hands against his pants before he looked over at her. "Can I treat you to lunch?" He paused for a moment before continuing. "Or if you didn't bring an extra set of clothes I could always cook for you?" He proposed with a raised eyebrow. "I make a mean grilled cheese sandwich." Laughing softly he powered off the extra lights before he packed up the camera. He'd print the photos tomorrow and have them added to his small collection after he chose which ones to keep.

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Sarbi | 394 comments Blinking she took in her surrounding again, time had flied like this. "That was pretty quick, honestly Sawyer how do you do it?" Grinning she got up and stretched, it wasn`t a easy as lots of people thought but she enjoyed it. Esme laughed at the realization that`d she`d brought no clothes over and leaned over for her robe. "Oh! Really? I`d love that but aren`t you busy with another model or anything?" She asked before tying the robe. "Grilled cheese, I can`t say no to that." Chuckling she joined him and watched as he put his stuff away. "How`s your collection going?"

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Morgan | 1554 comments "I'm just a man of many talents." He said, rolling his eyes at the ceiling before he closed up the camera sure to lock it. While the studio was all his he didn't want someone randomly walking in her and stumbling over the pictures. Confidentiality was what it was all about. Sure the professor and guy in charge would see them, but she'd just be an anonymous face. "Currently you're my only." Sawyer told her with a quick shake of his head. In way she was sort of his muse. Certainly inspiring and there was a small spark there. He could barely even picture Marrisa -his fiancé- doing what Esme did. Raking his fingers through his hair he turned back to face her as he leaned against the counter. "Yes. It's delicious. If we're lucky I'll manage not to burn it." Making his way towards the door he opened it before pausing. Sawyer went back towards a drawer before pulling out a shirt. "Could you maybe put this on?" He asked. While he was just fine with what she was wearing he wasn't sure when someone would show up. As she asked about the collection he bit his lower lip. "It's coming along nicely. Should be done soon enough. I'll also have your check for you next week." Sawyer told. He could barely believe this whole project would be over in no more then a weeks time.

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Sarbi | 394 comments I`m sure you are. Which talens is the real question." She saw the roll of his eyes and laughed not doubting he really was. At his words she did raise a quizzical brow. "Oh? I assumed you would have a whole variety of girls in your current collection." Thinking about it she hummed. "Is it hard finding models to do this?" She finally asked very curious, it`s not like she went around screaming to the 4 winds what type of modeling she did. She didn`t see it embarrassing at all but many wouldn`t understand. Esme looked at him running his fingers in his hair and blurted out. "Were you a model?" Embarrassment flooded her and she giggled nervously. "I`m sorry I mean totally none of my business...I just wondered." Shrugging she skipped over to the table wanting trying to make nothing of it. "Well fingers crossed on not burning it." Her fingers ran nimbly through her fiercy hair her expression slightly suprised at his request. "Um sure, the robes to much huh?" She began taking of her robe but then thought of it. "Actually maybe some shorts wouldn`t hurt either." She said with a grin and slid the shirt on. Sensing his unease she watched him. "That`s good to hear." Her shoulders slouched slightly at the thought that it`d soon be completed and her participation there over but she smiled anyway. "No worries but thanks."

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Sarbi | 394 comments ?

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Morgan | 1554 comments
"Plenty. You should see me in bed." He told her with a small smirk. Often times he had no boundaries when it came to flirting. It was something his fiancé didn't particularly enjoy, but hey- you can't please everybody. "Well I've already got a few other girls fro earlier in the season." He told her, not really going into details. Sawyer was rather particular about the girls he chose. Most of them had the same features. Pale blonde, blue eyes, a strong jawline and a perfectly feminine body. While Esme had two of those things she certainly wasn't blond, and her sparkling emerald eyes showed she wasn't exactly sporting blue eyes either. At her question he just shook his head. "It's not so difficult when the job offers a lot of money." His parents money. Of course they had no idea either what he did with his time here. Every now and again he'd take horrible pictures of scenery just so they'd get off his back. The pictures he'd presented to them probably only told them that he was going nowhere with photography.
"Uh... no." He said laughing softly with her. Oh god, he would absolutely hate that. Sawyer much preferred his time behind the camera then in front of it. Briefly his eyes flickered over her robe that was much too see-through. "I don't mind, but other's might." He told her simply before wordlessly reaching for a pair of shorts only to realize he didn't have any. "These work?" He asked holding out a pair of boxers. They were big enough to pass as shorts, and currently the only thing he had. Simultaneously he also fought off the urge to be embarrassed. It wouldn't be weird unless they made it that way. He laid them out on the top of the table before shrugging his shoulders and opening the door to head over towards the main house.

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Sarbi | 394 comments Esme blinked in suprise before a burst of laughter escaped her, he`d always seemed so serious before and here he was now joking and maybe even flirting. "Should I now? And here I thought you were so modest." She said teasingly, grinning at him. Her curiousity was piqued at this information. "Do they pose nude as well?" She quipped wondering how his whole portafolio looked like by now, maybe if she ever got the guts she`d ask if she could see some of them but she knew he was very good with privacy since the first thing she asked is where the pictures would be displayed, she didn`t want a call from he outraged parents and brother. "Yeah I guess that`s true, lot of models out there." Hearing his lack of modeling she said with a smile. "Why not, I bet you`d be good at it and you certainly have the look for it." She said honestly only blushing slightly afterwards. " someone else coming? I can go if you like don`t want to cause trouble." Either way she looked down at her robe and decided to do as he requested, as a model many petitions would be made to her. "Uh, sure." Supressing the embarrassment of using another guys boxers. Grabbing the shirt and boxers she discared the robe and dressed as she followed him inside, she chuckled as she thought that wearing this would probably be more scandalous than the robe if anybody walked in. "Are going to need me to come in another time or are you finished with me?" She asked reffereing to any more possible shoots knoing the end of it was near.

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Sarbi | 394 comments ?

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