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The Great and Powerful Matt Addision~ Spy; Liberty Valence~ Gunslinger; Speed Racer~ Driver; Project Alice and Leon S. Kennedy~ Zombie Slayers  (polishchicken) | 193 comments Mod
In 1968, The Umbrella Corporation was founded by Doctor William Birkin. It started off like any normal corporation, but then they created the t-virus. The t-viruus is a bioterrorism attack that was first used in Harvardville Airport, resulting in a mass infection of zombies. This was not Umbrella's fault, Frederic Downing had stolen the t and G virus from Umbrella Corporation and sold them to a company known as Wilpharma. Umbrella Corporation, however, went on locked down killing all of their employees in the Hive under Raccoon City. Meanwhile, another Umbrella facility was field testing the t-virus. Seeing that the tests conducted were successful, they sold the t-virus to every country as a bioweapon. The whole world got infected in 2003...but small groups of people survived. Seventeen years later (2015), the Umbrella Corporation rose again and began testing to make the zombies stronger and faster.

message 2: by LP, Ada Wong: "I'll leave that to your imagination." (new)

LP (kirinchick) | 292 comments Mod
A new virus was released: the C-Virus (a combination of the Veronica Virus, G-Virus, and Sherry Birkin's blood). In 2012, the C-Virus was released creating mutations like J'avo (( J'avo killed many of the survivals and will not stop until human race has become a extinct species; it had the power and will to do so. This was not enough to for the Umbrella Corporation though...they wanted a mutant stronger and more powerful. Scientist soon created an enhanced version of the C-Virus. Luckily, only three syringes containing the enhanced C-Virus are known to be created. If more were created, how would the world survive? Wait! What if more were created?

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