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The Shadow Club (Shadow Club, #1)
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SOLVED: Children's/YA > SOLVED. YA-Fiction - Second best club [s]

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Patnel | 140 comments YA - Fiction, English-language, read it sometime in the 1980's and I think it was published then as well. A group of friends (junior high/high school) are all second best at something. The protagonist (male)is the second fastest on the track team, his friend (female) is not as pretty as her younger cousin, etc. The meet to complain about it and pull pranks on their rivals. Things take a dark turn when an anonymous person starts pulling vicious, harmful pranks, and the members of the club try to figure out who. SPOILER*** Turns out, it was still members of the club pulling harmful pranks, just as lone wolves, without the rest of the club.

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Pretty sure this is The Shadow Club

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Patnel | 140 comments That is definitely it. Thank you very much. Solved.

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