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Alright that's cool with me!! Did you just want to do simple character templates or detailed ones?

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Nah I'll just do a simple one!

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Name: Jen Colloui

Age: 18

Gender: Female

Appearence: Five-foot-four, blonde, brown eyes, curvy

((Sorry it took so long))

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((Okay sounds great!! Does that mean I'm starting? Or do you want to start to set up what your characters are doing?))

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((So sorry this took long, I couldn't find the thread.))

Jen walked in the room and froze. She saw Jayden laying unmoving on the bed. At first glance, it seemed like he was sleeping, but his chest wasn't rising. She tried to ask what happened to Jayden, but her lips weren't moving. She couldn't take her eyes from his lifeless body, it was so unlike him. He was always moving, always going somewhere. She couldn't move, her legs like stone were glued to the ground.

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Jen wasn't listening to the boy on the bed talk. She could only think about Jayden. She almost screamed when Jayden jumped from the bed and into the boy. She heard him call her name and turned to look at him. His eyes weren't they way she remembered them, they used to be the prettiest of green. Now they are a deep purple that she can't seem to look away from. She tentatively took a step toward him and raised her hand to touch his arm. His pale skin made his eyes seem to glow more than they already were.

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Jen was at a loss for words. She had just seen her friend die and come back to life. She had no idea how she was supposed to react to something like that. Before she had time to get a grip on her emotions, Jayden pulled her into a hug. She tried to hug him back before he pulled away but she was too late. He was already going for the other boy still grasping for breath. She couldn't think to pull him back from the boy. She was still trying to figure out how he could come back from being dead. She finally got a hold of her words and muttered a question. "How did that just happen?" She didn't think either of them could hear her.

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"You can't undo it? Why the hell did you do it then? And why did he have to be the one to die?" She yelled, finally finding her voice. Her mind was racing trying to figure out a way to get Jayden out of this. She looked at him, "did you offer to do this?" She couldn't tell if this was his stupidity that led him to this date or not. She was still trying to figure out how this could all happen. Bringing back the dead? It's not possible. Or it wasn't supposed to be. But Jayden's purple eyes and gray skin would say otherwise, she couldn't begin to understand how this could happen. It wasn't supposed to happen like this. Instead of being sad at the possibility of losing her best friend though, anger seeped through her every pore.

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