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Jodicey Gonzales

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Alex | 14 comments Name: Jodicey Gonzales
Gender: Female
Faction of Origin: Erudite

Appearance: http://images6.fanpop.com/image/photo...

hair color: Brown
eye color:brown
height: 5'3
body type: skinny but built
Distinguishable marking: scars on her back and A Tattoo on her left shoulder blade

personality: She is funny, Smart,

family: Her mom who used to abuse her. Her best friend Clair who grew up with Jodicey.
partner: Will
daughter: N/a
other living relatives or close friends: Claire who she transferred with.

History: When Joe was 6 years old Her dad left leaving her and her mother. It wasn't until a few months later that her mom started beating her. When Joe turned 13 her mom started getting worse once her mom threw a glass bottle at the wall behind her breaking and going inside of Joe's back. When Jodicey turned 16 she ran off and went to stay with her best friend util the choosing where she left Dauntless and went to Erudite.

Job: She works in the Library

-seeing her mom again
-loosing her best friend
- her best friend Clair
- The Chello

-her mom
- when people want to talk about her back and push further
- Rude teachers

- her past
- Loosing her Best friend Clair
- Emotions

- Fighting
- shooting
- playing the Cello

Weapon of Choice:Gun

Aptitude test result: Dauntless and Erudite
Faction they chose at choosing ceremony:Erudite
other: She transferred from Dauntless.

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