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message 1: by T.A. (new)

T.A. (tahernandez) | 42 comments I have a paranormal short story that I want to start submitting to publishers, but first, I want to get some reader feedback so I can make more revisions if necessary. The story is 5,000 words and I've been told that it kind of reads like a hardboiled detective story, but with ghosts. It does deal with a suicide, so if you're not comfortable reading that, you maybe shouldn't volunteer to beta read.

I am also willing to return the favor and do a beta swap with another writer, if interested. I will read short stories or the first few chapters of novels--anything of similar length, really. Send me a message with your email or post here if you are interested. Thanks!

message 2: by J.R. (new)

J.R. Turner (jrturner) | 12 comments I'd be willing to swap the first 5k of my short story series. There is some ultra sexy romance in it though (I'm thinking it's erotica but I've not written that genre before so that's why I'm here looking for feedback.) If you're uncomfortable with that, I understand. Otherwise, I'd be happy to trade! :)

message 3: by Jaxxon (new)

Jaxxon D'Malamute | 15 comments Hi Tanni! This sounds interesting and I'd love to be a beta reader for your short story.

message 4: by S. (new)

S. Vest (sionan) Hi Tanni,
I'll read it. Message me if you still need some readers.

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