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Ghost on Black Mountain
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Jae (glitzwitch) | 56 comments Mod

Nellie Clay married Hobbs Pritchard without even noticing he was a spell conjured into a man, a walking, talking ghost story. But her mama knew. She saw it in her tea leaves: death. Folks told Nellie to get off the mountain while she could, to go back home before it was too late. Hobbs wasn’t nothing but trouble. He’d even killed a man. No telling what else. That mountain was haunted, and soon enough, Nellie would feel it too. One way or another, Hobbs would get what was coming to him. The ghosts would see to that. . . .

Told in the stunning voices of five women whose lives are inextricably bound when a murder takes place in rural Depression-era North Carolina, Ann Hite’s unforgettable debut spans generations and conjures the best of Southern folk-lore—mystery, spirits, hoodoo, and the incomparable beauty of the Appalachian landscape."

message 2: by Amy (new) - added it

Amy | 15 comments I've started into this book, and so far every time Hobbs speaks I get a sick feeling in my stomach. I'm keeping a running tally of the signs of an abusive relationship and even though I'm only 58 pages in the list is long...Wishing for more character and environmental discriptions, though.

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Amy | 15 comments I think Shelly's chapters are my favorite so far. The mom's chapters just made me so sad...

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Amy | 15 comments Ugh, Rose's chapters have me all mixed up. I feel like at the beginning they kept framing Nellie as a bad guy and I was like "wtf her husband was a literal piece of shit I am glad he's dead!" and then she's trying to play it off as if she was acting that way because she was hurt by Hobbs and it's SO FRUSTRATING, they had a common enemy. Rose doesn't strike me as someone so petty, and it's hard to read her chapters....

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Jae (glitzwitch) | 56 comments Mod
Ah, I'm still waiting for this book to arrive, but can't wait to join in the discussion!

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