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Author Interviews-what's the best way to do them?

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LaughingLeopardPress | 4 comments Hello everyone!
We are beginning to create some interview questions for our author to answer on our various social media sites. Does anyone have advice on the best questions to ask, topics to cover, length, etc? We were thinking of doing a few different interviews: one more focused on the author, one on the book's topic, and one with more questions pertaining to the author's hometown for use in local papers and school visits. Once the interviews are complete, how did you go about bringing attention to them? Were your local papers, schools, and libraries supportive?

I would love to hear what has worked best for other authors in the past! Thanks!

message 2: by Justin (new)

Justin (justinbienvenue) | 61 comments I have taken part in countless interviews and I even do them myself with other authors. How I generate questions is by looking at their Goodreads Profile and/or website. I usually start the first question by asking the person what they can tell us about their upcoming novel. I then base the questions off several different components such as more about the book(characters, inspiration, how long it took, etc), other books the authors written, their writing style, their thoughts on the writing and publishing industry. I also sometimes try to change it up by asking them a funny or personal question they dont mind answering or ask them something that I happen to come across on their pages such as an accomplishment, reward or an event they took across the world.

I really try to make my questions diverse but at the same time some do tend to come off as the same as others but from what I've listed there's usually plenty to ick from and lots of unique questions you can ask a person that you may not be able to ask someone else.

I do the interviews online as most do and I post them to my Interviews page on BookBlogs called "IAT: Indie Author Tactics". When I post the interview there I then share it to Facebook, Twitter and sometimes even Tumblr. I also ask the person interviewed to do the same so they can get as much views and publicity for their interview as possible.

That's really worked well for me as I used to do interviews on my own personal author website but had a capacity issue with the server so now I use BookBlogs. It's simple and I've yet to have an author complain about not doing a good job or asking a wrong question. I am open to change if an author doesn't like something I've asked and aside from interviews I also do Cover Reveals and Spotlights although I rarely get requests for those.

As an interviewee I've found people asking me questions all about my book, a mix between my book, writing style and inspirations and even some that are funny, random and personal in a way to get to know me better as a person. I would a set of 10 questions is the standard although you can ask as many as you'd like as I've found 10 to be reasonable from being asked and I myself use the 10 question format.

I hope that's some insight and perspective on interviews!


message 3: by Cynthia (new)

Cynthia (cyn_harris) | 2 comments I have an author interview posted on my blog today at www dot blacklilackitty dot wordpress dot com for the author's debut book release party. Come leave a comment and be entered into the gift drawing.

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