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Group 4 (dauntless)

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Jessica walked in there already was someone in the room. She sat down on a bed right next to the other girl.

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"Hey" Jessica said smiling back. "I'm Jessica by the way."

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Jessica shook her hand just to be nice. "So what faction did you come from?" Jessica was trying to think of things to say.

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"Dauntless" Jessica definitely had the personality of a dauntless

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"Why did you switch?" Jessica asked mainly curious also trying to sound interested.

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"Oh" Jessica never had to always be truthful that would be difficult. "That must be difficult to always be truthful."

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"Oh that makes sense. I would do that too." Jessica never would survive living in Candor.

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Drew walks in. "Welcome to dauntless. Can I have your names please."

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Drew checks her name off a list. "Go get clothes from that pile. No there is not somewhere else to change."

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"Jessica Goodwin" She told him. Her sister told her about the initiation.

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"Clothes. Get them."

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Jessica grabbed the clothes and headed to the other corner to change. She never changes in front of people.

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"Hurry up girls." Drew says impatiently.

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Jessica took her own sweet time just to make him mad but when she finished she walked back to her bed.

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"You will learn a few things fast. You piss me off then you get a rough life. I don't do sympathy so excuses can go screw themselves."

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Jessica smirked at him. He is trying to be tough.

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"My name is drew Daniels and I will be training you. I am also head of security for all five factions. Nows your time to ask whatever questions you have."

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"Does it look I have any questions." Jessica knew she was making him furious but she didn't care.

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"No it looks like you think you know everything." Drew tells her. "Screw yourself over for all I care."

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"What do we do now?" Jessica asked. She hated standing around.

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"Now you get a sliver of patience." Drew informs her.

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"I'm patient. When I want to be patient." Jessica didn't think before talking. She realized that saying that is a mistake.

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"Well that's stupid. You should want to shut up and listen now so I don't kick you out."

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Jessica shut up.

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"Both of you in the ring. You're starting off with a good old fashion fight."

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Jessica stepped into the ring determined to win

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No one speaks but me. You go until one of you can't go on. I determine when that is. Begin!"

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Jessica dodges the punch and throws her elbow Adelaide.

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((Adelaide will win.))

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Jessica ' s knee trembled she lost balance and fell. She stayed there for a few minutes then got back up. She lunged at Adelaide.

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Jessica fell on her face. She stood up still off balance.

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