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Warren Elliot Zalani

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Lena Carter | 721 comments Name: Warren Elliot Zalani
Gender: Male
Age: 19
Sexuality: Straight
Faction of origin: Dauntless

Written description:
Hair color: chestnut brown
Eye color: bright green
Height: 5'9"
Weight: 130 lbs (he's really muscular though)
Distinguishable marking(s): He has scars from initiation, and scars from his dad's beatings. He has 3 tattoos. (view spoiler)

Personality: Warren portrays himself as fearless. He hates admitting when he's wrong and hates showing when he's afraid. Warren is mostly kind, but can also be an ass, especially if he doesn't like someone. Warren is strong, not just physically but also emotionally and mentally.

Isabelle Zalani; mom age 37
Isabelle is caring, but also strict. She is willing to discipline if needs, but nothing to harsh.

Jacob Zalani; dad age 39
Jacob is very strict and mean. He yells a lot and performs "physical discipline".

William Arron Zalani; twin brother age 19
Will is very caring and kind. He's extremely smart, but tends to over analyze things.

Lucy Zalani; younger sister age 9
Lucy is very smiley. She's always happy and loves to help others.

Partner: NA
Daughter: NA
Son: NA
Other relatives or close friends: NA

History: Warren was born in dauntless on June 14th ten minutes before his twin brother, William. His parent were 18 and 20 when they were born. Lucy, Warren's younger sister was born with he was 10. Both Warren and William were protective of her, but William was definitely more so. When Warren was 14, his dad was starting to get really angry with him all the time. Warren had a habit of breaking rules and disobeying his parents. His dad was starting to stress out over keeping all of his kids in check, but mostly Warren. He started beating him, a lot. It became worse after William left Dauntless. Warren was really happy when he got his own place to live because he was finally away from his dad, but he felt bad leaving Lucy. One day he went back home to visit her and found his dad hitting her, so Warren took Lucy back to his place to live with him.

Job: NA

- his dad
- being "too weak"
- spiders

- heights
- being "fearless"
- being away from his dad

- admitting when he's wrong
- showing when he's afraid
- being weak

- hated being weak (tries to be strong even when he knows he can't)
- won't admit when he's wrong
- hates being afraid

- hand to hand combat
- knife throwing

Aptitude test result: dauntless
Faction they chose: dauntless

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Either has to be straight or asexual

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Lena Carter | 721 comments Oh. Ok then straight.

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Lena Carter | 721 comments I'm on the app so I can't edit it at the moment but I will later.

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Alright. Then approved

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Lena Carter | 721 comments i edited.

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