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Name: Jessica Goodwin
Gender: female
Age: 16
Sexuality: straight
Faction of Origin: Dauntless
Written Description
Jessica has long black hair that is always in a side braid. She doesn't wear to much makeup just the right amount. She uses heavy eyeliner but wears a light colored eye shadow. Jessica wears to tight clothes and usually it shows off her tattoo. If in her causal outfit she wears Ripped jeans, a to tight top and heels.
hair color: black
eye color: green
height: 5'2
body type: small and lean
skin tone: tan
any distinguishable marking: She has a tattoo of a flaming heart on her collarbone, showing how she cares about her dad who died in a fire.

personality: Jessica is small but feisty. She is very fast and a spit fire of energy. Jessica is caring and very outgoing. She also never gives up. If failing you can find her working her tail off to get it right. She also is funny and athletic. She also is very competitive.

family: fill in the full name, age, and a one sentence personality for each person. atleast one living parent necessary. siblings must be also designated older or younger.
Mother: Mary Goodwin(age 43) Mary is a kind and good mom. She tries to do everything herself without any of the kids help but it's difficult being a single mom.
Father: Steven Goodwin(died in a fire age 40 when died) He was a kind man who had a good heart.
Sister: Amanda Goodwin (older age 19) She acts Like a older sister she teaches Jessica somethings but also bosses her around. They have a close bondm
Brother: Chris Goodwin(younger age 13) It's difficult for Jessica to see anything except a younger brother but she still is close to him. He is more private which isn't what runs in the family.
Sister: Stella Goodwin (Younger age 7) Stella is almost a younger version of Jessica she is very outgoing and competitive.

History: Jessica grew up as a die hard dauntless she fit in perfectly with them. When she was 11 her dad died in a fire. A few
years later she got her tattoo. She grew up helping her mom take care of her brother and sister. Her older sister always been the one to help clean. Jessica had many friends when she was younger.

fears: (at least 3 required here. more will be required for dauntless initiation)
-losing her family
-Being alone
-not being the best.
-Being the best
-her family
-tight clothes
-her friends
-people not taking her seriously
-not working hard
-people not wanting to compute

-fire anything with fire makes her tremble
-her family
-Her friends

-Being kind and funny

Weapon of Choice: shot gun

Faction they want to go to: Dauntless
Aptitude test result: Dauntless
Faction they choose at choosing ceremony: Dauntless
other: Since her whole family is dauntless she chose dauntless. Her sister chose dauntless when it was her turn to chose.

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What do I do now

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Do you want initiation

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So I'll give you a group.

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Group 4

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