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Lisa (lisamparkin) | 39 comments Mod
I'd love to hear your thoughts about the August Uppercase book - Rebel Mechanics!

- Was this your first steampunk novel? What did you think about the steam-powered gadgets?

- How did you enjoy the setting - the alternate history and magic?

- What did you think of this story overall??

Gina | 1 comments I really enjoyed the Enchanted Inc series, so I was looking forward to this book. Not disappointed. The alternate history and weaving together magic and mechanics was interesting. No major surprises and I'm kinda over putting a love triangle into every story, but still a very enjoyable read. Looking forward to the rest of the series.

Isis Mascaranhas (isismo) It was my first steampunk book and I really enjoyed it
All the characters come to life to me,I loved every one of them
It was very interesting to see how the magic and mechanics came together
I can't wait to read next book

Thank you Lisa for choosing such a fun read :)

Veronica Feliciano Yes, this is my first steampunk novel ad I must say I loved it!! I am a big fan of Howls Moving Castle by Hayao Miyasaki and this book gave me that exact feeling....Henry reminds me of Howl so much!! and not to mention Verity as Sophie! This books gave me book hangover just because it made me soo happy!

message 5: by Holly (last edited Sep 05, 2015 01:10PM) (new) - rated it 5 stars

Holly | 1 comments I have officially joined the Rebellion after reading this book. All the characters really came to life for me and I fell in love with Verity from the second her bag connected with the masked bandit’s head. I loved the alt history in the book and I imagine if you have been to New York City the setting is even more enjoyable. (Even if you haven’t been to New York or only been once like me the setting is still great and you don’t miss out on anything.)

Also the rebel bookmark that was included in the Uppercase was awesome. I felt like I was part of the rebellion while reading the book and looking for my fellow Mechanics’ to see my insignia.

And to answer one of Lisa’s questions this is the second steampunk book I have read, but the first one I liked. The only negative about this book is it's going to be a while for the next one to come out, but I will buy it the second it comes out. That said it was nice that is book wrapped up nicely, but left room for the future.

Raven R. (AvalonReadsBooks) I know this wasn't my first steampunk novel but I can't for the life of me remember which book it was that was steampunk. I also have all the books that were suggested at the end when I finished. So I guess, for these purposes I'll say yes, this is the first steampunk novel that I remember and since it's the first in my collection that I've gotten to. I've always been interested in steampunk and I've always thought their gadgets were super cool. I've even gone so far as to have purchased steampunk jewelry off of etsy before.

I enjoyed the setting, I had no problem envisioning the surroundings and the way everything was split. It seemed logical to have the magic people thinking their better than everyone and in general it was just easy to get into.

I liked the overall story, but I didn't like that Alec had only been using her. That was just soul crushing. Hell if I were her I would have led the magisters straight to them then kicked him in the nuts for being a cad. But that's probably why I'm not a spy. There are obvious holes I want filled up. Like what is Flora's problem? Is Ms. Talbot a spy for the governor? Do Verity and Lizzie make up? Do Verity and Henry get together? (I sure hope so) and Lastly who is Verity's real father? Because I'm pretty sure I know who it is. Other then that I liked it. I can't wait to read the next one.

Brenda (bookishbren) | 13 comments This was also my first steampunk novel like many have mentioned and I absolutely loved it!!! I enjoyed the machines & magic & the alternate history. It made me wish I could experience it with Verity & Henry which I hope becomes something more than just friendship. Overall, I just really enjoyed this book!!!

Brittany (brimae) This was my first steampunk novel and I loved every second of it. The alternate history combined with the blend of magic and all of the steam powered gadgets made for a fun read. Only thing I didn't care for was the hint of a love triangle. Can't wait for the next one to come out.

Veronica (groundedwanderlust) | 9 comments - Was this your first steampunk novel? What did you think about the steam-powered gadgets?
This isn't my first steam punk novel. I have actually been a fan of the genre for some time now. I loved that the gadgets in this book fit into the story and actually moved it along instead of just being there.

- How did you enjoy the setting - the alternate history and magic?
Magic, alternate histories, and steam punk pretty much go hand in hand, so that wasn't a surprise.

- What did you think of this story overall??
I really, really liked the story! It wasn't very suspenseful, but I honestly didn't need it to be because it kept my attention. I am super excited for the next book!

Steph (radiantmoonlight) This was not my first steampunk novel; I like the genre a lot. The gadgets are what actually kept me interested in the story.

I thought the setup was interesting - I'm all for re-imaginings in history. The magic was so so. I don't think I quite understood it.

I thought the story overall was okay, but a bit on the lacking side. Thought parts of it were obvious to guess, but kept dragging on for chapters (i.e, the bandit).

Julie (jrsnider) | 3 comments This was my first steam punk novel. It was really interesting. I've seen a bunch of steam punk costume/jewelry online and always thought it was super creative and intricate. The gadgets were so neat! I hope we get to see more in a second book.

I loved the simple reasoning as to why there was an alternate history with magic. It made sense in my head that the magic side would be in charge. NYC as the setting was also great because modern day NYC has so many machines that the rebels would just adore.

Overall I really loved the story. I thought Verity was kickass. As Raven said above, there are a lot of questions I want answered in a second book. I would love to be transported back into this world again. Oh and 100% for Verity & Henry getting together.

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