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Does anyone know what time the live chat will start at?

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message 1: by Sarah (new)

Sarah Scriver | 5 comments I live in Ottawa, Canada and now that Sasha has moved to Boston, we'll be on the same time zone. (UTC -5) But I'm curious as to what time the live chat will start. She doesn't say a specific time in her video, just the date. Has anyone heard any announcements?

message 2: by Izabel (new)

Izabel (izabel_nilsen) | 4 comments What is the date?

message 3: by Sarah (new)

Sarah Scriver | 5 comments September 7, 2015

message 4: by Aislin (new)

Aislin Brunt I don't believe the time has been announced yet. Unless I missed it to.

message 5: by Caro (new)

Caro Warman | 2 comments I agree with Ashley I have not heard a time at all

message 6: by Aadivah (new)

Aadivah (aadivah-is-awesome) The live chat has been moved to the 25th of September but I don't know what time it will start.

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