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message 1: by Lynne (new)

Lynne Stringer | 328 comments What's Booktube?

message 2: by Hailey (new)

Hailey | 5 comments Lynne wrote: "What's Booktube?"

Booktubers are people on YouTube that make videos about books like book reviews, discussions, and things like that

message 3: by J (new)

J ^Same here, Luca.

message 4: by Lynne (new)

Lynne Stringer | 328 comments Cool. I didn't even know it existed! Can I have the URL?

message 5: by Cate (new)

Cate | 1369 comments Booktube??

message 6: by Hope (new)

Hope (artdeco) | 37 comments i'd wanna do it. i have a canon t5 so i guess it would record well but i haven't made any youtube videos before.

message 7: by Hailey (new)

Hailey | 5 comments Christine (polandbananasbooks) is my favorite :)

message 8: by Kat (last edited Aug 26, 2015 04:52AM) (new)

Kat | 1553 comments Mod
lol, I just started looking at some today, i.e. abookutopia, because I heard about it and was trying to search for some and now everyone's recommending... it seems really interesting.

message 9: by antoanaxo (new)

antoanaxo | 95 comments I love and am subscribed to all booktubers you said but I am going to suggest smaller ones that deserve more subscribers: Maureenkeavy, MsVeeBooks, Renontheroad and Seriousrereader. I hope you check them out because they're all awesome.

message 10: by Lauren (new)

Lauren Burns (saussage1994) | 42 comments As well as those mentioned (which I adore!) tillyandherbooks, readbyzoe, Sarah Churchill and padfootandprongs are pretty great too. Booktube is the first thing that's had me regularly use YouTube! It was useless to me before.

message 11: by Kylie (new)

Kylie (booksbykylie) I love ReadbyZoe. She is so perfect! Two others I watch frequently are Christine from PolandBananasBooks and Jesse the Reader. Check them out!

message 12: by Grace (new)

Grace (gracielue) | 28 comments Haily: polandbananasbooks is my favorite as well! I've been wanting to start booktubing for a while but just haven't done it yet because I'm kind of scrd to put my self out there lol. I think that will be one thing I plan on starting for a new years resolution next year :)

message 13: by Nina (new)

Nina Knighton-Haynes (ninalicious) | 1 comments Grace I don't think I know to much about booktubing please in lighting me. :)

message 14: by Kerry (new)

Kerry Hunter (kerryelizabeth) | 1 comments Jesse the Reader is my absolute favourite, but I love Regan from Peruse Project as well! Love her.

I've just started my own Booktube channel and I'm really excited for it :)

message 15: by The1selectioner (new)

The1selectioner I've tried quite a few booktubers, but so far the only one I like is LizzieLovesBooks.

message 16: by Zoe (new)

Zoe (Book Hooked) BookTube is great! I started a channel too! My URL is in my description!

message 17: by Beenish (new)

Beenish (beenishamir) I'm gonna start mine soon after my exams end on 17th of September, please subscribe :)

message 18: by Charlotte (new)

Charlotte  | 77 comments My favorite book Booktuber is Jessethereader

message 19: by amia (new)

amia (makevocaloidgreatagain) my favorites are ashleigh from a frolic through fiction, gavin from how to train your gavin, and becca from becca and the books

message 20: by Jin (new)

Jin Ryoo | 208 comments My favorite Booktuber is Call Me Dabz

I am also thinking about doing a BookTube, not confirmed, but stay tuned???

message 21: by Zeal (new)

Zeal (zealmaheshwari2007) | 157 comments I've just started a Booktube channel:
Please subscribe for more updates!!

message 22: by NatCat (new)

NatCat | 36 comments I dont always get this right, but here we go. @Hope just go for it, what have you got to lose. Also if you start thinking about trolls ignore it cause life is way to short to be worried about those people. I started my YouTube channel about a week or so ago, the only challenge I find with YouTube is mainly views and getting subscribers, but all we can do is push through and keep at it. If you do start one, I wish you all the luck :D

message 23: by NatCat (new)

NatCat | 36 comments forgot to add my youtube link, check it out if you can.

message 24: by Elle (new)

Elle Harriet Silver (elleharrietsilver) | 25 comments Here's my friend's Booktube: I hope you subscribe to her :)

message 25: by Beenish (new)

Beenish (beenishamir) here's my first video :)

message 26: by Viki (new)

Viki | 42 comments Beenish wrote: "here's my first video :)"

its really good...except...the audio is really low....but im looking forward for more!

message 27: by Beenish (new)

Beenish (beenishamir) thank you! a friend also said the same .. I'll try talking louder.

message 28: by Sarah (new)

Sarah Neolan (sarahneolan) | 408 comments I saw it too mate. Congrats on your first video. But you gotta talk louder lol :)

message 29: by Sarah (new)

Sarah Neolan (sarahneolan) | 408 comments And my favourite booktubers are abookutopia(by sasha alsberg), Jessthereader(by Jesse? Idk, but he's super funny), Haily in bookland(by haily), The Clockwork reader (by Hannah. She's so cool).

message 30: by Beenish (new)

Beenish (beenishamir) hehe thanks, Averil! I will work on my voice! haha.

and I too love Jesse. And Hannah from a clockwork reader.

message 31: by Sarah (new)

Sarah Neolan (sarahneolan) | 408 comments Wow. And im also thinking about starting a booktube soon. I'll let you guys know as soon as I do :)

message 32: by Jin (new)

Jin Ryoo | 208 comments My favorite Booktuber is Call Me Dabz! You should check her out :D

message 33: by Sarah (new)

Sarah Neolan (sarahneolan) | 408 comments Sure buddy :)

message 34: by bellareads (new)

bellareads I love Jessethereader. He is so funny and amazing. He also edits well and gives good explanations of books.

message 35: by Beenish (new)

Beenish (beenishamir)
Lady Midnight reread vlog.

message 36: by Mayra (new)

Mayra (mayralimeira) Hey guys! I just started mine! Please consider following me! It’s Pink Pills and Paper. And if you go to my profile you can find the link for the page. Thank you!

message 38: by Beenish (new)

Beenish (beenishamir) a court of silver Flames reading vlog

message 39: by Beenish (new)

message 40: by Lynn (new)

Lynn (ftbooklover) | 140 comments There are so many Booktubers. It's all about matching up the kind of book you like with the Booktuber that has the same interests.

message 41: by Beenish (new)

Beenish (beenishamir)

my first non bookish video aka. sharing my new blue hair look :)

message 42: by Beenish (new)

Beenish (beenishamir) how to read GRISHAVERSE + talking about Six of Crows (non spoiler and spoiler)

message 43: by Beenish (new)

Beenish (beenishamir) just posted my Nina and Matthias fan video for grishaverse

message 44: by Jessica (new)

Jessica Kennedy | 4 comments Daniel Green and Merphy Napier focus on Fantasy/Sci-fi and they're pretty great. Ariel Bisset is lovely, she does a whole variety of genres, including poetry I believe, and she's also fixing up her house so that's cool. I haven't found too many that do YA that I like, but I'm getting into the Book Leo and Emmie (she also talks about classics a lot) I think Thoughts on Tomes is probably another good one for YA/mixed genre booktube. She did this great video about Hades/Persephone retellings.

message 45: by joanna (new)

joanna (jjoannaaa) one of my favorite booktubers is ‘withcindy’ she is so funny, and speaks out about so many things ugh i love her !!

message 47: by Beenish (new)

Beenish (beenishamir) my first ever short video of Jude and Cardan from the Wicked King book scene

message 48: by Beenish (new)

Beenish (beenishamir) a new Jude and Cardan fan edit

message 49: by Beenish (new)

Beenish (beenishamir) mid-year book freakout tag (I'm late, I know)

message 50: by Book_Fairy (new)

Book_Fairy (book_confessions_of_a_fangirl) | 51 comments I actually have a new channel just started yesterday

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