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I'm so excited to be part of the Dreamspinner team. ^-^ My first book, Stalked, will be available Wednesday 16th of September, 2015.

You can pre-order it here.

Yori Tanaka lives with crippling anxiety, knowing he carries the “Beast Syndrome” gene yet still unsure what activates it. Thankfully, his boyfriend, Bryce Green, is down to earth and has been more than patient and supportive for the last five years.

But their lives are about to change. When Lance Haney, an old friend, rolls into town, Yori is excited to see him at first—until Yori learns Lance’s motives. Full of malice and bad intentions, Lance plans to activate Yori’s “Beast Syndrome” gene, and Yori’s greatest fear is about to become a reality.

Genre: Mystery/Suspense, Werewolves/Shapeshifters, Paranormal

Formats: E-Book

If you have any questions or just want to talk, please feel free to contact me. ^-^

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Good news! My first novel, Stalked, is now officially released. You can order it here.

There is also a release party on the 17th in the evening at the Dreamspinner blog site where I will answer questions and talk more about the book.

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Project Ordell is now officially available for pre-order. It will be out 5th of February, 2016.

Click here to pre-order in paperback.
Click here to pre-order ebook.

Genre: Romance, Science Fiction


Ordell Rutledge lives in the small town of Blackwick where he helps in his father’s modest automaton shop. While he enjoys interacting with the few people who grace his father’s business, he feels isolated because he can’t relate to them. For ten years, life’s been quaint and peaceful, but Ordell has a secret: he is an automaton, sentient enough to pass as human.

Ordell’s life is upended when the person he trusts most betrays him. Heartbroken, he sets off for Linnesse, a city that accepts automatons as people and is booming with the latest technology. With another sentient automaton, Elias Griffith, at his side, they overcome obstacles and uncover the strange truth behind Ordell’s past. But sometimes the past is best left in the dark.

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