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SuperAmazingSam | 18 comments I made a piece of toast felt it with 2 fingers and yelled out "THIS TOAST HAS NO PULSE!"

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Pigeon (alittlebabypigeon) | 145 comments I had a ponytail wig for a dance performance, before the show began I sat in my dressing room with the wig over my fist dramatically sticking my fingers one by one through the net in the bottom so they appeared in the top of the wig while singing the intro to 2001: A Space Odyssey
That was a crazy day

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I'm not sure if this is classified as funny to people but it was extremely amusing when it happened lol...okay so here goes...
So i was walking along with my mum, sister & her bf along an old town with all the antique shops. And I walked straight into a hanging wrought iron bird cage. That's not the funny bit ;) the funny bit is that even though I walked into and u heard the clunk from the other side of the road. I didn't stop...but just kept walking. Like seriously who does that?? It hurt like hell but I just kept walking lol.... Afterwards Nikita (my sister) told me that a young couple were walking by that saw it happen. Apparently the guy started laughing and his girlfriend hit him and told him to stop laughing. But he said I'm not laughing that she walked into it but the fact that she didn't even stop....ohh gosh how embarrassing. Least I cause amusement for the people around me hahaha

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Haha glad to cause amusement :D

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Stephen Brewer | 4 comments My friend snuck up behind me and pulled my backpack and i flew into his legs and we were on the ground laughing for ten minutes

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Landon The kajiit | 11 comments IN sovit russia spam deletes you. A moscow suicide bomber was set off by a spam text message to eat at mcdonalds

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