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message 1: by Xandra (new)

Xandra (literary-legionnaire) Hi!

message 2: by Xandra (new)

Xandra (literary-legionnaire) What genre(s) do you like to do? I don't have any specific ideas at the moment, but if I have a general idea I can come up with something usually

message 3: by Xandra (new)

Xandra (literary-legionnaire) Okay. I have a few ideas but if you want options I can try to think of some others... But here are two ideas I had:

1) A girl and a guy were paired up to be pen pals (either internationally or domestically, it doesn't really matter) for a school project, and both of them feel an instant connection. Guy thinks he may have deeper feelings for the girl and buys a plane/train/bus/etc. ticket to surprise her in person. Unbeknownst to him, however, is that she has a boyfriend. An abusive one. And he won't be so happy when he finds out she's been talking to this guy, even if it is for a project.

2) Girl is popular and in the "elite" clique in school. She comes across as arrogant and petty, but she only does it to go with the flow and not get bullied herself. She feels alone in a sea of friends, and just wants to be heard. As herself, not just another one of "those girls". Guy in the story is a loner, but he isn't afraid to speak up. He is a bit of a rebel and likes to live on the edge. One day, the girl and the guy's lives cross paths in the halls of the school, and something changes.

message 4: by Xandra (new)

Xandra (literary-legionnaire) Sure!

message 5: by Xandra (new)

Xandra (literary-legionnaire) Do you want it to be an international pen pal thing or just one that takes place all in one country?

message 6: by Xandra (new)

Xandra (literary-legionnaire) Okay. I think maybe domestic then because I think it would be more interesting if my character arrived on a train (I'm not really sure why I think that but anyway...) Do you want to do characters or just start?

message 7: by Xandra (new)

Xandra (literary-legionnaire) Sure. How detailed are you? Is name, age, appearance and personality fine?

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