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Awesome! I really like this poem. Good job. Anyway, Is this a your own made one or from a song!

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Cool :)

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Sara | 1 comments ~Journal Entry #3~

Hey all,

Sorry for not writing, things have been very busy for me! I also got a new account, (I'm posting this with it, but the profile picture looks the same). I started a new account for many reasons, one of them being that I've written a book, and want my profile to look a little more proffesional (there'll be more on my book here in a later entry). I also felt like a new start would be refreshing! I tend to have a habbit of never changing things, and that's why my profile pic is still the same, lol. I've had the same profile pic for going on four years, so people kinda expect it anyway, and its how everyone recognises me on here. I will be deleting my old profile, so the above comments will say "deleted user" but please know that I'll still be writing here! Anyways, thanks for reading this, and stay tuned!

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