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Desirai | 254 comments Mod
Last month I had a student share a John Green video with the class. The assignment involved sharing a video of someone that inspires them who also presents in a public forum.

John Green shares a YouTube channel with his brother Hank Green called vlogbrothers. I believe the channel started out as a project where they ceased all text communication for one year and instead conversed via video blogs every weekday. The channel has evolved since then and now includes a little bit of everything.

John and Hank are also the founders of VidCon. VidCon is a multi-genre online video conference, held annually in Southern California since 2010. Hank Green, described it as "a convention, and a conference, and a celebration, and a discussion".

While grading another student's assignment I was introduced to John Green's TED Talk "The Nerd's Guide To Learning Everything Online". He starts off by talking about paper towns and then dives into learning communities and why they're so important.

Please feel free to share any interesting information or stories you may have about John Green.

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Tom | 263 comments Here's a Q&A with John Green about Paper Towns.

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