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Chantel Seabrook (chantelseabrook) | 56 comments Mod
Have you received or given a recent 5 star review? Here's the place to brag and share the review.

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Chantel Seabrook (chantelseabrook) | 56 comments Mod
I'm going to start this thread :)

Just received a new 5 star review on Amazon

"Cara’s life is about to change forever. Living a simple existence far away from the royal family, Cara is unexpectedly thrust into the spotlight. Her cousin and heir to the throne has fallen ill and into disfavor by the royal council, and Cara has been dubbed to take her cousin’s place. The shifting parameters of her life awakens this intelligent young woman into an inescapable nightmare. She will be crowned Queen of Elbia, handed a suffering empire in tenuous peace, and saddled with “the twelve” councilmen who’s intentions are apparently not either royal or pure. Adding further insult, she must leave behind her beloved Crownthorne and love interest Callion forever. Author Chantel Seabrook has constructed a classic trapdoor opening wrapped inside a unique if not mythical landscape. Chantel has dropped Cara into a veritable shark tank. Cara is an inexperienced and emotional girl, who is called upon to rapidly mature and learn, perhaps for her very survival. The setting is similar to ancient Greece, and the writing is clear and concise with tours of interiority that flesh out Cara’s skeptical mind. This is a compelling and furious read."

Cara's Twelve by Chantel Seabrook
Cara's Twelve

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J.B. (goodreadscomjbmorrisauthor) Congratulations Chantel. The review obviously reflects your talent.

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Chantel Seabrook (chantelseabrook) | 56 comments Mod
J.B. wrote: "Congratulations Chantel. The review obviously reflects your talent." Thanks JB!

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E.M. Denning (emdenning) | 14 comments My book hasn't released yet, but one of the people who received an ARC (whom I don't know from a hole in the ground) left this review a few days ago.

Lydia Cothran rated it 5 of 5 stars
I have read alot of stepbrother books...I guess you could say I am almost jaded when it comes to the genre. When I was asked to read this book and with it being a ARC, I admit I got a little excited, hoping this book might be different. I am so glad I took the chance! This book left me with that warm happy feeling....I loved the heroine in this book, she was such a sweet girl dealing with a bad breakup with her jerk of a ex-boyfriend. Our hero Hunter *sigh* who wouldn't love this guy....He swept in when she needed help and the chemistry between the two exploded into a night they would not forget. Then when it all blows up and they find out they are steps, the real struggle begins. I can definitely say I cheered for these two throughout the book. Yes they get their HEA which always makes me a happy reader ;) but I connected with these two and that just makes the storyline so much better! E.M. Is a new author, but this lady tells a story like she is a seasoned pro....I am so happy that she shared this story with me and I will be impatiently waiting for her next book ;) ♥

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Belle Ami | 7 comments The One and More (The Only One, #2) by Belle Ami
New 5***** Review
A very awesome book cover
By Tony Parsons on August 18, 2015
Format: Kindle Edition
Adelia Bremen (ex-wife, mother, equestrian rider), & Miles Bremen (twin brother, father, green way capital) are now divorced & pursuing their lives in a now different manner.
They have 2 children together: Fallyn Bremen (daughter), & Liam Bremen (son).
They have joint custody but the children stay with mom the most. They are attended by Gwyneth (nanny).

What kind of devious plan did Karolin Bremen (twin sister) concoct up?

Who are Dmitri Volvakov (Russian billionaire, geophysics), Varushka (Dmitri’s GF) & Sasha (Varushka’s son)?
How will all the Bremen family members end up?

Warning: This book is for adults only & contains extreme violent or graphic adult content or profanity &/or sexually explicit scenarios. It may be offensive to some readers.

I did not receive any type of compensation for reading & reviewing this book. While I receive free books from publishers & authors, I am under no obligation to write a positive review. Only an honest one.

A very awesome book cover, great font & writing style. A very well written erotic suspense book. It was very easy for me to read/follow from start/finish & never a dull moment. There were no grammar/typo errors, nor any repetitive or out of line sequence sentences. Lots of exciting scenarios, with several twists/turns & a great set of unique characters to keep track of. This could also make another great erotic suspense movie, or paid-per-view mini TV series. Steamy sexually hot & adventurous & exciting to the end. There is no doubt in my mind this is a very easy rating of 5 stars.

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Stella Alden (stellamarie) | 117 comments Mod
My favorite 5-star review was from Adri!! Adri Sinclair Funny story. I was 'tweeting' on Mother's day and saw this tweet that someone would review the next three people that contacted her. I tweeted. "ME Me ME oh me please me."

We have been best of virtual friends since then and I love her series as well.

I could NOT have asked for a higher bar to be set. WHAT A THRILLING RIDE!

I roared with laughter, I screamed with excitement, I growled and even shed a tear. I fell in love with the beauty of The Beast and his hankering lust. I absolutely ADORE Ann and her feisty yet naive ways. I HATED the bad guys no matter how briefly they appeared... And the King!

I admire your style about the more sensuous, lusty, steamy parts - all set out ever so naturally and poetically! SUPERB!

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Stella Alden (stellamarie) | 117 comments Mod
I got TWO lovely five star reviews today. WOO HOO!
The two main characters pulled me in. They are beautifully drawn and became real people in my mind. It's great to see a heroine who defies traditional roles. Ann is attractive, yes, but also mystical and alluring in a way not easily described. If anyone can tame a medieval knight, Lady Ann can. And Sir Marcus is a knight, able and willing.

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Jennifer Byars (jenbyars) | 8 comments I got my second five star review today. This is my first book out and I've got to tell you... It feels great!

could not put it down
By Linda Michaud on August 24, 2015
Format: Kindle Edition
Cannot wait for more from this author. It was great to have a strong female lead.

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Cindy Skaggs (cindyskaggs) Just received a new 5 star review on Amazon

Congratulations, Chantel!

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Cindy Skaggs (cindyskaggs) Jennifer wrote: "I got my second five star review today. This is my first book out and I've got to tell you... It feels great!

Congratulations, Jennifer!

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Cindy Skaggs (cindyskaggs) Stella wrote: "I got TWO lovely five star reviews today. WOO HOO!
Here's hoping for many more. Congratulations!

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Cindy Skaggs (cindyskaggs) Stella wrote: "My favorite 5-star review was from Adri!!"


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Cindy Skaggs (cindyskaggs) Belle wrote: "The One and More (The Only One, #2) by Belle Ami
New 5***** Review
A very awesome book cover
By Tony Parsons on August 18, 2015
Format: Kindle Edition
Adelia Bremen (ex-wife, mother, equestrian rider), & Mil..."

Nice review. Congrats!

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Cindy Skaggs (cindyskaggs) Untouchable

I got this lovely 5 star review (excerpt):

As an avid mafia romance reader, I am always excited to have the opportunity to review a book from this genre via NetGalley. Debut author, Cindy Skaggs did not disappoint. From her classy book cover to the intriguing book synopsis, she had me hooked right from the start. In Chapter One, you could literally feel the cool, collected, calculated yet desperate demeanor/actions of our determined strong heroine, Sophia Capri, as she attempted to secure the life and safety of her four year old son, Eli, the only way she could think of….take him and R-U-N!

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Stella Alden (stellamarie) | 117 comments Mod
Love it Cindy! Congrats!

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Chantel Seabrook (chantelseabrook) | 56 comments Mod
Just reached 50 reviews!

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Stella Alden (stellamarie) | 117 comments Mod
Wooo HOOO! Awesome Chantel!

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Stella Alden (stellamarie) | 117 comments Mod
Thanks Cassidy for the lovely Five Star Review!

Stayed Up Til 3am Reading This...Zombie Mode for Work On

i don't usually read medieval fiction, but this book pulled me in from page one. The writing is phenomenal, super descriptive and painting clear images in the reader's mind, but not purple prose-y or redundant. The two main voices are those of the two main characters: Lady Ann and Crusader Marcus. What I loved most about this novel was their journey together...

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Alex | 1 comments

^^ a link to a 5 star review (and discussion) I did on The Golden Dynasty by Kristen Ashley on youtube.

This is an adult fantasy romance that is basically fan fiction for anyone who loved Khal Drogo and Daenerys from Game of Thrones. It is amazing, could not put it down! Kristen Ashley is a new favourite author of mine and I implore for you to check it out.

(If fantasy is not your thing, Kristen Ashley has many more romance books that I'm sure any romance lover with adore, check her out!)

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Rita Ames | 3 comments I always find the self promotion thing a bit hard but I have had some great reviews for my Steamy Contemporary Romance - If The Shoe Fits - and one of them was from the lovely Chantel Seabrook too! So here it is and thank you Chantel for the 5stars. I would love it if some of my goodreads friends would read and enjoy it too.

Janie, manager of a shoe store, is an attractive, but very lonely woman. Late one night when she thinks she is alone, she finds herself expectantly in the arms of a handsome stranger.

Bryant, a successful businessman, has wanted Janie since their first rendezvous, but something has held him back...until now! But just when Bryant thinks he might just get the girl, tragedy strikes!

This is a very sexy, hot and steamy spin on the classic Cinderella story. Let me reiterate…very, very hot! Yet, unlike many of the steamy erotica books on the market, 'If the Shoe Fits' is full of romance, love and vulnerability.

If you're looking for a hot summer read check out 'If the Shoe Fits' by Rita Ames!

I would love any feedback. All the best. Rita

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A.M. Helen | 11 comments My new book Five Steps To The Harem is now on NetGalley for reviews and will be released on Halloween (31/10/2015). This is my second novel after my debut The Blue Rose. As all writers you’d love to get 5 star reviews - but its still wonderful knowing you have. I love that people connect with the characters I write.

Five Steps To The Harem by A.M. Helen

You can see some reviews here:

More info about my other works can be found on my website:

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Stella Alden (stellamarie) | 117 comments Mod

Author Stella Marie's debut novel 'How To Train Your Knight' definitely comes as a refreshing and relaxing feast to the minds of readers who are to explore a well plotted story based on the genre of romance during the Medieval Era of England in 1276 where Lady Ann, a widow is forced by the King into an arrange marriage with a Knight Marcus Blackwell also known as 'The Beast'.


How To Train Your Knight A Medieval Romance by Stella Marie Alden How To Train Your Knight: A Medieval Romance

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Stella Alden (stellamarie) | 117 comments Mod
How To Marry Your Wife Received a WONDERFUL well thought out 5 star review from a German fan!
Thank you so very much!

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David Sherwood | 5 comments Here is my most recent ***** on Amazon

By Chelsey marquardt on March 31, 2015
Format: Paperback
Darken French Road was a wonderful book. I love a book that I can feel what the characters felt. In Sherwood's words you can understand and feel what Amanda and Tom were feeling. At times it had me crying like a baby. Needed lots of tissues. As I was reading I started thinking it was going to have the ending like so many books do but the end surprised me. I wasn't that way at all. It was a perfect ending to a perfect book! Everyone should defiantly read it! Can't wait to read another one of his books!!

message 26: by Kathy (last edited Dec 26, 2015 01:38PM) (new)

Kathy Golden | 68 comments Here's the latest five-star review for Help Me Make It Through the Night (a free Christmas short story).

"Two tortured souls meet and help each other make it through what can be one of the loneliest nights of the year when you're alone. I thoroughly enjoyed this entertaining Christmas short story that I devoured in one sitting."

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Wayne | 2 comments Hi:
Glad to join group I'm planning a valentine poetry book.

My present publication an end of year review for everyone in wit has poems of Love and Romance and the last two persons gave me five star ratings:
Rosetta Probe
Amorous Amigo
Tribute to Darling Shirley Temple
The pieces are humorous, interesting them!

Happy New Year All!

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Rita Ames | 3 comments A Free short story collection - Yes they are hot stories but they are also full of romance, something that myself and Raven Delehanty believe is important. Not your usual erotica so why not give it a try as a gift from us this Christmas?

US -

UK -

Not your genre then see our other complete books in romance and Thriller genres.

Have a Merry Christmas and a prosperous and Happy New Year!

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Sandra Jackson (sjjackson) | 5 comments My favourite (so far) 5 star review came from Lillian's Book Blog

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Stella Alden (stellamarie) | 117 comments Mod
SOOO excited.
Diane Donovan from Midwest Book Review has just sent me the draft of her review of How To Marry Your Wife

Under Alden's hand, the sexual encounters reinforce and flavor events and the juxtaposition of battle scenes, romance, and the era's political overtones is exquisite.

You can read the whole review at

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Brenda Sedgwick (brendahsedgwick) | 3 comments Marriage, a Journey and a Dog. So far, people who read it love it. It is also in paperback and available worldwide.
By Susan D. on November 1, 2015
Format: Kindle Edition
This is a really good, well written, fantastic story. Natalie has been married to Gerry for 18 years, they have a teenage daughter Katie. Natalie's life is pretty average, she has a part time job as a bingo caller, a dog named Spike and two best friends. Greg cycles mostly in France, as a hobby. Natalie needs to go to France and collect him as he has a broken leg and bike. She takes her dog and gets lost on the roads in France. This is her time to live and she slowly realises that her life is not all it should be. We go on a journey with Natalie across France and Spain where everything in her life changes . I loved being on the journey with Natalie, it was entertaining, sentimental and thought provoking. 5*

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N.D. (ndjones) | 5 comments Of Fear and Faith Of Fear and Faith (Death and Destiny #1) by N.D. Jones got a great five star review from Readers' Favorite. I'm always so grateful when people take the time to read my work. More, it feels awesome when readers actually enjoy my work.

Reviewed by Tracy Slowiak for Readers' Favorite

Wow! In a great start to what promises to be a fantastic new series, Of Fear and Faith, the first book in the Death and Destiny Trilogy by author N.D. Jones, readers will be treated to a sexy read that is both exciting and full of all of the paranormal surprises that fans of this genre have come to love! Follow the story of the beautiful psychology professor, Sanura Williams, as she meets the very alluring special agent Assefa Berber. He's hunting a preternatural serial killer and needs her help. Her fear of an ancient prophecy makes her reluctant, but in the end, she assents and helps him. The couple battles some of the most dangerous creatures, the gods' first creation, and each step on their journey leads them closer to fulfilling the prophecy of becoming the Fire Witch and the Cat of Legend. But is that what Sanura wants? You'll have to read the book to find out.

I very much enjoyed Of Fear and Faith. Author N.D. Jones has done a great job at creating character that her readers will connect with quickly and will care about. Her story line has an instant hook and will keep readers obsessively reading from the start to the finish, unable to put the book down. In fact, the best piece of advice I have for readers, besides being sure to read Of Faith and Fear, is to set aside time to read the whole thing at once; you simply will not want to put it down. I am pleased to recommend this book, and will be eagerly waiting for author N.D. Jones' next book!

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N.D. (ndjones) | 5 comments Stella wrote: "SOOO excited.
Diane Donovan from Midwest Book Review has just sent me the draft of her review of How To Marry Your Wife

Under Alden's hand, the sexual encounters reinforce and fl..."

Very nice. Thanks for sharing.

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L.K. Kelley (lkkelley1) | 3 comments My Trilogy has received all 5 stars. All reviews are 100% real, and I never buy reviews nor do I buy followers which have reached over 18k on Twitter. I would much rather have FEWER book reviews, but 100% real than bought reviews.

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Michelle Gilliam (mlnuttgill) | 5 comments I am so excited! and Pumped. My very own unknown goodreads reader gave me a 5 Star!! Check it out!
EBOOK and PRINT came out today.

Roman Rescue Who Will Save The Hero? by Michelle Gilliam
Roman Rescue: Who Will Save The Hero?

Availiable NOW FREE in KINDLE unlimited. OR

LAST DAY OF FREE Print copy Giveaway


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Stella Alden (stellamarie) | 117 comments Mod
Just got the nicest review from a top 100 reviewer!!

Few authors could get away with an erotica affairs tied into the tropes of the Renaissance – the pope, the Borgia types, the philosopher doctors, etc - but Stella Marie makes that additive to the story. On her website (a great one!) she offers some of her philosophy for her stories about strong, savvy, sexy heroines; ‘How does a person like me throw back good karma into the world? I do it with my stories. When I started writing, I vowed I would write about strong heroines facing adversity, and overcoming. Why? Because I truly believe that we become what we think about. If we dream about having someone dominate us, that is no doubt what we will attract. I’m not saying don’t ever read those fun books, I’m suggesting to balance your reading. Dream about being strong.’ And with that bit of insight we can better understand why her books are such successes – great stories by a woman who cares. And the steam she creates will satisfy the most eager erotica admirers! Grady Harp, September 16
The Angel of SorianoThe Angel of Soriano

message 37: by Alexa (last edited Oct 27, 2016 05:09PM) (new)

Alexa Aston (goodreadscomalexa_aston) Alexa Aston here. I'm new to the group and kicking off my first series (after writing 9 standalone romances as Lauren Linwood).

The Knights of Honor takes place in 14th century England and features the de Montfort family.

If you enjoy medieval romance, give Word of Honor, the 1st book in the series, a try--it's only 99 cents!

Word of Honor (Knights of Honor Series Book 1) by Alexa Aston

message 38: by Kathy (new)

Kathy Golden | 68 comments Alexa wrote: "Alexa Aston here. I'm new to the group and kicking off my first series (after writing 9 standalone romances as Lauren Linwood).

The Knights of Honor takes place in 14th century England and featur..."

Hi, Alexa, I was wondering why you decided to write this book under a different name from your others.

message 39: by Alexa (new)

Alexa Aston (goodreadscomalexa_aston) I recently signed with Dragonblade Publishing. They wanted to work with me on branding. As Lauren Linwood, I've written medieval & western historicals and romantic suspense--so readers don't always know the kind of book they're picking up. Dragonblade wanted me to focus on my historicals with their house. They suggested a new pen name that would only write historicals, allowing Lauren to concentrate on contemporary romance.

I've signed on for a 6-book medieval series with them, The Knights of Honor. In the meantime, I've finished a new romantic suspense that I need to find a home for, and I'm working on a contemporary trilogy! Thanks for the question, Kathy.

message 40: by Susan (new)

Susan Daugherty | 5 comments I am so excited to announce that my novel Groupie has received over 90 Five Stars so far!
This truly means so much to authors as we pour our heart and soul into our books!

message 41: by Roberta (new)

Roberta Franklin (goodreadscomroberta_franklin) | 4 comments I got a 5 star review on Amazon for my first book!
The Professor and the Bird by Roberta Franklin

5.0 out of 5 stars
For those readers who like their romance handled with intelligence
Bymarjorianon January 12, 2017

The Professor and the Bird is a lovely book. It is a romance but it has other ingredients as well. At its heart is the story of Professor Nikos, an eminent Greek archaeologist, and Sally, the young Irish girl he meets quite by accident while conducting one of his excavations. These two from such different backgrounds find that they are made for each other. Their relationship as written by Ms Franklin is sexy, charming and humorous, and there are plenty of supporting characters on the Professor’s dig to provide additional interest.

Roberta Franklin has not chosen the archaeological dig as her backdrop by accident. She is clearly something of an expert on ancient history, but she wears her learning lightly and alongside the romance furnishes us with all sorts of fascinating early history of half forgotten peoples such as the Hittites and the dawning of the Indo-European languages which most of Europe, America and large parts of Asia still speak today. A clay fragment is found, and on it is written perhaps the earliest example of Indo-European yet discovered.

Ms Franklin seamlessly intertwines the romance and the fascinating historical backdrop and then brings in another twist. This clay fragment is unbelievably valuable, and while the archaeologists- Sally soon learns the ropes and indeed is instrumental in making the vital discovery- wish only to preserve and to extend the remit of human knowledge, there are those who wish to feather their own nests thereby. A gang of American adventurers get wind of the discovery and determine to make the clay fragment their own, and Ms Franklin’s tale moves up another notch.

Here is a new talent in the world of romantic fiction but one who I suspect is capable of writing in other genres as well. For those readers who like their romance handled with intelligence, charm and refreshingly different sexiness, and with enticing subplots which add to but never detract from the main story, this is the book for you. Roberta Franklin is a name you will be hearing of again. Let’s hope she’s already busy writing her follow-up book.

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David Sherwood | 5 comments Adding one of my five stars to the mix.
Darken French Road

Darken French Road was a wonderful book. I love a book that I can feel what the characters felt. In Sherwood's words, you can understand and feel what Amanda and Tom were feeling. At times it had me crying like a baby. Needed lots of tissues. As I was reading I started thinking it was going to have the ending like so many books do but the end surprised me. I wasn't that way at all. It was a perfect ending to a perfect book! Everyone should defiantly read it! Can't wait to read another one of his books!!

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Lynda Filler | 7 comments Have you ever been about to push "Publish!" and hesitated? Lie to Me: an exposé on sex for money was 'that' book. It's raw, sexy, and made squirm when I re-read and edited the book. Quite frankly, I was nervous. Then the reviews started coming in.:
Lie to Me: An Exposé on Sex for Money
"insanely captivating, entertaining and exciting. It's a spellbinding story that explores the psychology of sex in a way that defies Coelho’s Eleven Minutes." R. Dzemo 5 STARS
And then yesterday I came across this beautiful review. It touched me on many levels:

"One of the best parts of my job as a professional book reviewer is discovering new indie talent, but even more importantly watching that writing talent grow and mature over the years and the books. This is very much the case with this author, Lynda Filler. I had read some of her earlier books and although I enjoyed them and I had a feeling there was something special about her writing and her stories, it is only now, with her latest book, Lie To Me, that I can see that talent literally explode onto the page and excite me, as a reader.

Lie to Me, is a hard-hitting, powerful story about male prostitution in Mexico, as told through the eyes of Layla, an American writer who lives in Puerto Vallarta and writes, freelance for a magazine in the US, and also through the individual male prostitute's perspectives. Layla is fascinated by both the older men and women who come to Mexico looking for sex and the young, Mexican men who provide it for them, for a fee. What motivates them and how do they cope with the emotional attachments that so often invariably form? Layla also has her own personal demons and is convinced that love, especially with a young Mexican man, is not only silly, but counterproductive to her work. she loves the sex, but shuns the attachments, or at least tries desperately hard to do so.

Lie to Me is incredibly well written, tight, taut, descriptive, and everything I'd expect from a long-time, well-established, professional author. It thrills me to see the depth of the writing and the emotions Filler is now able to extract from her work. This is a wonderful story of an alternative lifestyle that may well be eye-opening for some, but fascinating nonetheless. For me, it gave me an insight into a world I knew existed, but like Filler, I guess I wondered how it all worked for the participants. I wonder no more and that is totally due to Filler's excellent work.

I would definitely recommend this read to anyone who has secretly yearned to escape the rat-race, if even for a short time and indulge in the pleasures and the exotic mystery of another race and culture. With Lies to Me, you can do that, without any attendant risk. A fantastic read and all credit to the author, Lynda Filler. I can't wait to see what she comes up with next. "
Grant Leishman

message 44: by Jessica (new)

Jessica Lauryn (httpwwwgoodreadscomjessicalauryn) | 5 comments My debut release, Dangerous Ally received a 5 Star Review from The Romance Reviews!

Review by CozyReader:

There are times that if you let go of the person that you love and that love is meant to be, it will return. That is what finally Lucas was able to figure out but is it too late?

Living life as a criminal. Does it really mean that you can't change your life in order to find love, peace and happiness? At the beginning of this story Lucas wanted everything, his criminal life and also the woman that was becoming more than his father's executive assistant. He knew that she was after the big story of "Project Gemstone" but there was something about her that made him actually laugh and be happy.

As time passed with her living in his mansion, he found himself not being able to be without her, until one night that she disappeared and there was no sign of her. He vowed to find her. He knew that his father had her but after being missing for three months it was hard not to believe she was alive.

Lilah believed that she would be able to compile her story on "Project Gemstone", a diamond smuggling ring that was operated by Lucas. She knew that he was as psychotic as his father "Raphael" but there was something about Lucas that made her trust him. As time passed in his mansion, she found herself caring for him, just the simple walks in the garden or skating out on the pond. She saw him differently. She was able to see that he was not what everyone made him seem to be, even her own family. Then one night after a Christmas Party and Lucas's father threatened her, she sought out Lucas and he actually comforted her and did not try to take advantage of her. Little by little, she found it difficult to write the story on Lucas and expose him for the monster he is. Then one morning she found him in bed with the maid and she finally found out that he was what everyone was telling her he was, but was it really what she thought?

Wow! DANGEROUS ALLY really had a true demented villain in "Raphael" that would do anything in order to get "Project Gemstone" from his son. I really hope that he pays for everything that he did to almost every single character in this book. He just gave me the creeps from the very beginning.

I really enjoyed this book; it was so hard to put it down. It had all the twisted plots that a good suspense book should have with just the right amount of passion and romance. It shows the reader that not all relationships are a walk in the part, there are times that even if they are meant to be together, it is best just to let them leave and if they return, you know that it was meant to be. Just like Lucas and Lilah. Pick up this book today and see what struggles they went through to finally be together. I can't wait for the next book to come out.

message 45: by Karen (new)

Karen A. Wyle (kawyle) | 22 comments Shakespeare's Taming of the Shrew may not be everyone's notion of a romance by contemporary standards, but I think Anne Tyler's retelling of it, Vinegar Girl, qualifies. Here's the five-star review I left for it:

message 46: by Caroline (new)

Caroline Walken (carolinewalken) | 8 comments Behind the Fan

This book has exceeded my wildest dreams! I based the story on an older woman I met while working as a nurses aid. Her undying love for her husband was unforgettable. Thirty years later, I spun it into this tale. Please check out Behind the Fan; Bronze Medalist in the 2018 Wishing Self Book Award for Independent Authors.

message 47: by Caroline (new)

Caroline Walken (carolinewalken) | 8 comments Nowhere on the Map

I love delving into the mind of my characters; in this book, we explore the deep roots of loss from childhood. Jon Banks is leaving Cincinnati; a place he considers home. He has no other options when he learns Aunt Fern, the woman who raised him has taken ill. Maggie Lewis loves the small town of Hawks Ridge; the small community has adopted her as one of their own. It is the only time she has felt that she belonged since her mother walked out of her life. Another sits in the darkness; struggling as his demons demand justice.

Pieces of an unsolved murder come together out of nowhere. As the vortex from the war within the man grows in intensity, it draws the others into the storm.

message 48: by Karen (new)

Karen A. Wyle (kawyle) | 22 comments Here's one of my favorite reviews of What Heals the Heart, from author Kathryn Blade.

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Neeraj Yadav (goodreadscomneeraj_yadav) | 5 comments My dear friends, as a part of their promotional campaign, Amazon has put a discount on '52 Seasons of Love' and now the book is available at Rs 15 only for a limited period. Please download the book on kindle if not already done. The book has 75 5 stars to its credit and has consistently ranked in top 100 and top 50 on kindle bestseller list. It is available for free on Kindle unlimited.

The novel is a tale of love of Shama, a Muslim girl and Kishan, a Hindu boy. It is a cute story of two love-stricken souls who are pure and innocent at heart. Their story is about innocent childhood love blooming as they grow to adulthood. Their love transcends the boundaries of society and religion.
An excerpt from the novel:
"What happened? Why both of you are so silent? Fought?" Salma lovingly enquired.
The twain looked at each other and then Kishan gathered his entire courage and said in a solemn tone-
"Auntie, I want to marry Shama when I am old enough."
"And I will build a house for Shama and you. We all will live happily in it," he swiftly added.
Salma was stunned for a few moments and then burst into a peal of never-ending laughter. She had laughed so heartily after many years. Her intestines ached because of endless laughter. Several minutes went by, and with great effort, she stopped herself from laughing any further.
"Shama, what, you have to say?" Shama blushed and covered her face with both her palms.
"So, both of you have already finalised everything," she remarked, barely suppressing her smile.
"Anyway, eat well. Then only you will grow up quickly and be old enough to get married," Salma kissed both of them affectionately.
"And it should be a secret between us. Your Abbu and Zahid should never know about it. Both of you. Okay."
Salma slowly veneered into deep thought while the children cheerfully ate.
"How innocent these two are! They are not aware that what they have dreamt of is next to impossible. There is an insurmountable wall of society and religion before them. But, as of now, let them weave a world of their dreams, I should not shatter their innocent love. They will gradually realise how farfetched their dream is," she said to herself.

What happens to Shama and Kishan when they grow up? Do their families and society accepts their union?

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Victoria K. Grace (victoriakgrace) | 6 comments My first 5 star review was from a UK customer! :-)

5.0 out of 5 stars A promising romance Novella from a debut author
Reviewed in the United Kingdom on 14 June 2020
I really enjoyed the romance in this story, a short and sweet novella.

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