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message 1: by R (new)

R Routh | 5 comments I'm looking for a CP for my 80k word women's fiction/new adult novel. I would love some detailed feedback on plot holes, characterization, etc. I'm not concerned about grammar/editing at the moment.

If you decide to read for me, I would love to return the favor and beta/CP for you too. I'm open to pretty much any genre other than hard core sci-fi and erotica. But my strengths and most read genres are mysteries, thrillers, chick lit, and women's fic.

The synopsis for my project looks a bit like:

Two weeks before her college graduation, Larkin Winters' boyfriend jumps to his death from the clock tower in the center of campus. Unable to cope with the loss, she walks away from a medical school acceptance and a promising future to sink into a minimum wage job and functional alcoholism. Her life maintains a tenuous status quo until she gets an invitation to her five year college reunion. At her therapist's insistence, she attends it to find a world completely different from the one she left behind. Her friends are unrecognizable, the campus foreign, but worst of all, some of her former classmates spread lies about her deceases boyfriend. When Larkin starts to investigate the rumors, she discovers that she might not have truly known the man she loved.

If you might be interested, drop me an e-mail. and we can try to exchange the first few chapters and see how we mesh. :)

message 2: by Brian (new)

Brian O'Connor | 4 comments Hello, R.
I have put out requests for beta readers for my 84K historical fiction novel and have had limited success. The best result was a swap with a woman who had also written an historical novel. I think we were able to help each other out quite a bit.
My book takes place between 1810-15 and tells the story of Napoleon's second marriage to the Austrian Archduchess Marie Louise. I happen to be a man, but I think that my readers will be for the most part female, as the story is definitely told through the eyes of the female protagonist as she comes to grips with her conflicted feelings towards her husband and her perilous position in European politics. Sounds pretty heavy but there is also quite a bit of humor and also what I would call romance elements. Plentya sex too!
Your project sounds very intriguing. if you are interested in a swap, let me know.

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