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I think I finally got it working!

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I'm cool with anything!

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That's fine! Do you have any characters or anything?

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I have a guy and a girl.

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Awesome! Where do you want to start plot wise?

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I like them all!! Do you want to pick?

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Okay umm. How about demon/angel?

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Is Demon alright?

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Idc you can choose.

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Yea of course!!

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My wifi is going in and out could you?

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What were we thinking for age?

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Okay!! Because some people have their angles really young!

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Yea a couple of people have had their Angels at like 12 or 13! I don't know!!

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I have no idea!! It was to me too! Anyways, I have my little character thing done!!
Amedrian Jay
Appears to be 20 but is thousands of years old
Snarky, protective, calculative
Grew up with a demon family. Has a sister named Wiley and a little brother named Hex.
Human form: Long black hair, bright blue eyes, pale, 6 ft. 5 in., lean muscles, red lips.

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Okay do you want to start?

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Yea haha sure

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Where did you want this to happen?

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Okay give me a sec!

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"How can it be this wet out here" Amedrian mutters to himself while walking to the train station. He bumbs into a couple on goers on his way to the train station and mumbles apologies to them. He's never been a people person and hates going to the station every morning. ((I'm sorry if this sucks I can't come up with anything else right now! :())

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Once Amedrian got on the train, he started scanning for the man he was here for. When his eyes come to rest upon a man in his late 30's with graying hair and a round plump face, he face takes on a devilish grin.

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Amedrian watches as a girl who is far too pretty to be a human go up to the man--Mr. Sanders Amedrian finally remembers his name--and wave at him. He immediately knows that she's Mr. Sanders guardian angel. He tries not to let the shock seep through his expression.

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When he seen that the girl has started talking to the man, Amedrian tries to get closer to hear. When he's gotten as close as he can he settles himself to listen. He fixes his gaze on a torn down poster on one if the walls.

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Amedrian finally figured out why she was talking to Mr. Sanders. She's his student. We are almost to our stop, which means it would have been close to Mr. Sanders death, but if she's with him then Amedrian can't complete his mission.

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Amedrian is at a loss about what to do. If he went to kill Sanders, there would surely be a fight between him and the angel. If he didn't, he'd risk being sent back to hell for not completing his mission. There was no way he was going back, so Sanders had to die.

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Amedrian inched a little closer to Sanders, if the angel wants a fight, then a fight is what she'll get.

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Amedriean was close enough to the angel to hear her mutter at him. He just sat there and smiled at her. He may not have Sanders now, but he will. He noticed that the train had stopped and got up, his smile grew slightly.

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Amedrian could practically smell her resentment. He knew his plan was going to work whether the angel knew it or not. He would have his blood. Amedrian started on his trek to the university.

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((Sorry I fell asleep))

Amedrian went into Sanders class. He soon found out that the mundane taught history classes. Amedrian thought everything coming out of his mouth was crap so he zoned out until his lesson was done. After people filed out of the room, he went up to Sanders.

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Amedrian pulled his arm out the angels reach. "I don't know what you're talking about, I'm just here to talk to the professor about his assignment." He says with a flashing smile.

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