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message 1: by I Smell Books (new)

I Smell Books - Join Our Newsletter (i_smell_books) | 110 comments Mod
Hi everyone! I thought this thread would be great for new goodreads users. This is where I would suggest we post all our questions about understanding goodreads. I know goodreads has their own help and feedback section but at times it can get overwhelming and intimidating . So, please post your questions here. This is a nonjudgmental group so post away!!

message 2: by I Smell Books (new)

I Smell Books - Join Our Newsletter (i_smell_books) | 110 comments Mod
How much stake do you put on the goodreads ratings and reviews? What's your point of view on this? Have you found complete bombs on high ratings and real gems on the low ones?

message 3: by Claire (new)

Claire | 7 comments The average star rating for a book isn't always useful, but I find scanning the reviews for the number of stars can be e.g a book with most reviews at 3 or 4 stars is more reliable than one with lots of 5 and 1 star reviews

message 4: by Laura (new)

Laura | 6 comments A lot of the time i don't read reviews before i read a book, i like to go into them not knowing, with fresh eyes. I will sometime check out star ratings to get an idea of what people thought.

message 5: by Yairy (new)

Yairy (Aisakura) | 2 comments I have found that goodreads reviews are pretty useful when it comes to making my mind up about a book. I FIND IF A BOOK HAS BALAnced reviews in the thre to four star range, it is by far the most useful kind over those with mostly low ratings, or those with a lot of five stars, but even in those i have found amazing reviews from people. It's always up to the reader i always say.

message 6: by Elisa (new)

Elisa Macias (eliseus) | 4 comments Yei!! I also do that because sometimes either you spoil yourself or you get more information than you would have needed to have an optimal reading experience!

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